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Affiliate Marketing

Despite low Internet speeds in Indonesia, 73.7% of the country's population - 205 million people are active Internet users. Check out this article and learn more about this GEO.

Internet marketing is gaining popularity today, thanks to the many tools to promote advertising. We decided that this topic is very relevant and will be of your interest too.

Costa Rica is characterized by a monolithic ethnic composition of the population. It follows that the interests, customs and other things of almost the entire population are similar. It can facilitate the segmentation of the audience when setting up your advertising campaigns.

In this article, we describe the advantages of various services that can be used to create virtual cards or where to apply for other payment instruments.

Taiwan is an island nation located near China. Taiwan is a unique place. For example, you can come across a lot of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. Here we talk about life, mentality, business, and many interesting facts about this GEO 

Many people think that to start working in affiliate marketing as a solo webmaster requires one to have substantial initial capital is a must. Is it so? We explain and debunk this myth in this article.

For most of us, Turkey is where we like to spend our vacations. However, some of us see this country as a great traffic source. Is this the case? 

This topic is for newcomers who have been working with us recently. We tell you what you can and should do to prevent your accounts from getting banned so often.

Lithuania is a small Baltic state. Despite the influence of the USSR, which left a significant mark on the history of this country, today Lithuania is actively moving towards technological development and prosperity.

Wow! Huawei Ads is growing fast. The platform is a perfect competitor to Google and FB ads as more webmasters switch to TikTok to drive traffic. Check out what it can offer.

This GEO can be very profitable due to the large numbers of expats coming from all over the world. It gives a lot of freedom for affiliates to target different groups of people.

Many of us use mail, and affiliates know about it. By engaging in e-mail newsletters, you can attract high-quality leads without crazy investments in advertising.

The mentality of Latvians is very similar to Scandinavian. Therefore, if you have experience with Scandinavian GEOs, then you should not have any difficulties with Latvia. Read about other features of this nation here.

Flat broke? Learn how you can fix it by earning on traffic arbitrage with no budget at all

Singapore is jokingly referred to as the "country of fines". There are fines for singing, chewing gum, and more. But that's not all Singapore is famous for. Find out more!

Active investments in fixed national assets make this GEO one of the most economically developed among other Asian countries. Find more interesting facts about the Philippines 

Almost every affiliate marketer starts with teasers because it is a simple tool that does not require large budgets. Learn more here!

Today, Greece is going through difficult times due to the unstable economy. However, this GEO is still promising to run traffic here.

We expand your horizons in the world of traffic arbitrage. Installs are one of the easiest ways to run traffic. Learn lots of things about the benefits of this vertical and helpful tips for beginners.

In this article, you will learn about many aspects that affect the quality of attracting leads, which you need to keep in mind to significantly reduce the number of "trash leads" and thereby increase your earnings.

List of affiliate services starting from cloacking to trackers. Our partners can use these services with special conditions. The details of each offer are described in this post. Enjoy.

The capital of Panama, Panama City, resembles Miami more than the typical capital of any other Latin American country. Find out more about this GEO

Our next GEO is Azerbaijan. Lots of helpful information about this country that you didn't know. Understanding how life works in this country will help you get more conversions and quality leads.

Want to get started on Instagram but don't know how? There are several ways to drive traffic on this social network, and we will tell you in detail about each of them!

In this article, we will analyze how people live in Hungary. Learn about their character and what is important to them. See activity on the Internet and how many Hungarian cheesecakes get eaten per year. Hungary is a Central European country with developed infrastructure and a good education level.

By 2021 the Serbian advertising market has grown by 19.5%, which put this GEO in 3rd place in Europe. What else do you know about this small Balkan country? If nothing, then read this article.

The best HR specialists will tell you how you can improve the performance of your business by choosing the right people.

myTarget developed by Group combines several large social networks, which gives greater audience coverage, and therefore more traffic. How to work with it - read this article

Bulgaria is actively developing, gradually becoming one of the most attractive hubs for many international IT companies due to its pleasant climate, freedom of enterprise, and security. Learn more about life and business in this country.

Perhaps one of the most suitable options for beginners with a small budget. We tell you how to drive from push notifications, how you can make money on it, and what you need to start.

Despite natural disasters and a high level of crime, most Guatemalans have access to the Internet, which they actively use. Read this article to know how best to set up the RK.

We have already talked about setting up campaigns on other popular advertising platforms. Naturally, we could not bypass VK ads. Here you can successfully attract leads by setting the advertising campaign to a millionth audience

El Salvador is a country in Central America, where, like volcanoes, revolutions and wars do not cease. But this does not prevent people from living and using the Internet. This article will help you set up an advertising campaign.

Working with YAN, many arbitrators achieve excellent results. Do you want to know how? Then read this article ASAP

For several months, TikTok has been at the top of the list of the most popular platforms, confidently overtaking Google and Facebook. Catching up with trends? Then read how to fill in TikTok.

India is located in the southern part of Asia. The country that gave us chess, algebra with geometry, and Bollywood. Come and find out a lot more about this GEO

All about native advertising! Learn about how to run traffic with native ads, how to choose an offer and many more.

Find out many interesting things about this sunny GEO located right on the equator.

Your productivity depends on the environment in which you work. Create your dream office with these books.

Studying the nuances and the differences of the two biggest ad platforms. Which one do you prefer? 

What do you know about Colombia besides the fact that it is the birthplace of Pablo Escobar? We are sure that not so much. Let's broaden your horizons!

When the weekend or vacation is no longer helping to restore motivation to work, it is worth thinking about burnout and the problems of excessive stress. There are good books that will help you find answers to questions about how to live and what to do.

Ten facts about New Zealand to help you customize your ad campaign. Find out how Kiwis live in this island state.

With the help of data analysis technologies, you will know how to use your resources in your work. 

SEO is one of the ways to make money in arbitrage, which does not imply the cost of attracting traffic. If you have no advertising budget, then this article is for you.

Inexpensive and very profitable advertising. Chile is famous for its excellent wine and approvals, where the share of confirmed applications reaches 50%.

Unique articles "TOP-10 facts about the country", created for those who want to start running crypto traffic but do not know which country to start from

Japan, despite its geographical position and relief features, is considered one of the most developed countries in the world! Everything you need to know about this amazing place on Earth is in this article.

There are many cool techniques here on how to awaken your creativity. Learn how to find a unique approach to solving a wide variety of problems!

This material is about the most popular sources suitable for the financial vertical and their nuances. This article will help you decide what to start running traffic with

The homeland of Joulupukki is 65% forested, but this does not prevent it from being a country with one of the best Internet coverage in the world. Find out many more interesting things about this country.

Here you will learn how to manage to do everything in 24 hours and not die. Having proper time allocation will increase your productivity and allow you to devote more time to yourself.

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. But what else do you know about this country? For a more precise ad campaign setting, read these 10 interesting facts.

Knowledge of programming languages is an essential skill today. It will be especially helpful for those who work with traffic arbitrage. Build professional websites and landing pages based on the knowledge from these books.

Sweden, which gave us IKEA and Volvo, is one of the most comfortable countries to live in Europe. Read 10 more facts about how life works there.

Managing a team, building long-term strategies to grow your business, and being a leader whom people are ready to follow and be inspired — all this is hard work. With the help of these books, you can learn how to achieve these goals.


Informative conferences, business meetups, cool parties — all this will be waiting for us in 2022! Here is all the relevant information about upcoming events. Don't miss your chance to have a great time with Aivix!

Here you will find a lot of useful information about the country included in the Tier-1 GEO. Use it to customize your advertising campaigns.

The Aivix team prepared this article for all those who have heard about traffic arbitrage but do not yet have a clear idea of how it works. We have described the basic concepts, the scheme of work, and what verticals there are, using clear examples.

Here you will find the most up-to-date SEO literature from leading experts in the field. The selection includes materials for both beginners and experienced SEO specialists.

Hello, future billionaires!

We have prepared for the article the TOP 10 FACTS of GEO - who wants to get more results from advertising campaigns.

These philosophy books will help you understand how to build a relationship with a client, what strategies to use in certain circumstances, and how to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

A large% of conversions from registrations to deposit can be triggered by the following factors.

Your brand reputation is directly related to the success of your business. Even if you are working alone, you must understand that you are the brand. Learn how to properly build your branding strategy so that customers come to you and not your competitors!

First of all, your financial literacy and well-being begin with an understanding of the basic principles of the global economy. Why demand cannot exist without supply, and vice versa, what is the Prisoner's Dilemma, and much more you will learn from these very #UsefulBooks.

Learn more about GEO and how some facts can affect the advertising campaign in this location.

Money should work — it is a known fact. There are many ways to make your money work, but perhaps the most reliable one is investing in stocks and shares. Therefore, we have added some books on trading for both complete newbies and experienced agents.

We have prepared an article with basic facts about Germany that will help you to setting up your ads.

Example: Between 2020 and 2021, the number of internet users in Germany increased by 1.0 million (+ 1.3%). The Internet user’s activity rate in Germany in January 2021 was 94.0%.

To conduct a successful advertising campaign, it is necessary to take into account all its parameters. These are both the creation of creatives and their placement.

All these characteristics are crucial for getting the desired result from an advertising campaign: population mentality, spoken language, working days, and so forth.

Dreaming of starting your own business and forgetting about the 5/2 schedule, but you don't know where to start? We have prepared books that will give you confidence and motivation. Also, you will learn how to create a business model for your future.

Here you’ll know all the details and nuances of targeting ads on the most popular advertising platforms! This digest is for both complete newises and experienced PPC specialists.

To become a successful affiliate marketer and make tons of money on deposits, you must be a pro in advertising. And to become a pro in advertising, you must read these books.

If you don't know how to build trust with your colleagues, how to become more productive, and why your clients do not take you seriously, then you should pay attention to this article.

If you have some extra money you don’t know what to do with, this article might give you a couple of ideas on how you can make it work for you.  

In it, you will find the top 20 books on how you can increase your earnings by investing in bonds, stocks and options.



In this article, we have collected even more books on the topic of marketing for you. Get 30 best papers from experts in a variety of business sectors to broaden your horizons. These books are the quickest way to level up to a professional marketer.

This article is about the most significant marketing books you need to read ASAP. You’ll find lots of information on how to create and promote your own brand. Read about famous marketers and their path to success. Finally, learn some managerial techniques to become a more efficient executive.

Friends, we are seeing there are more and more scammers appearing daily. They PM us and our partners, posing as advertisers, affiliate programs, lead generators, etc. Therefore, we wrote this article, which will be handy even to those who think nobody could fool them. So, here is a list of some traffic arbitrage scam schemes

Dive into these books and learn the basics of affiliate marketing. You'll know what opportunities and challenges are there on your way to becoming a successful affiliate. Advanced affiliates can refresh their memory on the fundamental rules of the game or learn something new too.

In this article, we have collected the 30 most significant books on how to improve your selling skills.

You’ll learn how a customer thinks, their needs and wants. You’ll know what you, as a seller, can do to make them buy your product. 

Ireland occupies a leading position in the TOP GEO by envelope, therefore this country is popular among our partners. How effectively work with men who wear kilts and make one of the best whiskey? For this, we have prepared an article in the BLOG, where we talk about the peculiarities of the mentality of the population. Meanwhile, we took cold ale and will save ourselves from the heat! Go to BLOG and read the article

t's time to test the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark is a post-industrial country with a high level of development. The Danish economy is a modern market system that includes a high-tech economy, modern small and large industrial enterprises, extensive government support measures, a high standard of living, as well as a high dependence on foreign trade.

Key terms in affiliate marketing. The Aivix team tried and collected the largest vocabulary of affiliate marketing terms “Affiliate Marketing from A to Z”...

Driving traffic to financial offers in Belgium today. A large % of conversions from registrations to deposits can be triggered by the following factors, for example: 1) Set up precisely targeted advertising by taking into account the GEO mentality 2) Indicate at what time of the day to advertise by knowing the public holidays of a given country 3) Find out which color schemes cannot be used 4) Use the national language

Let's talk in more detail about GEO and how some facts can affect the advertising campaign in this location, consider: 1️⃣ Language. What % of the population speaks this language? 2️⃣ Local holidays. For example, May 5 is the day of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. Use this knowledge to your advantage. 3️⃣ Time zone GMT +01:00/ +02:00 and also working hours. 4️⃣ Economic situation of the population. 5️⃣ Features of the local mentality for this location.

🗺What’s the fastest growing country in terms of crypto-offers in Africa? This is South Africa. We are going to tell the TOP 10 facts about this region. Check it out! Africa is 3 times larger than Europe. Don't underestimate such a colossal market. In the field of affiliate marketing, everything is changing very quickly! The African continent in current form provides ample opportunities for traffic arbitrage and, most importantly, with less financial risk. And the profit can be higher. Often much more!

Asian traffic has many subtleties, fortunately, you are reading this article right now and it means that most of the difficulties will not touch you. Pouring traffic to the bourgeois without knowing the basics of the mentality of the country guarantees a drain on the budget and a loss of time. Misunderstanding the culture and characteristics of this GEO can make your advertising campaign unsuccessful.

Are you looking for an affiliate program with new offers, big bids and high approval? Aivix is a leading partner network dedicated to maximize partner’s results. Every Wednesday we are going to tell you how to make an effective advertising campaign with different GEOs. Today we talk about Romania. Romania is a country full of surprises: The richest country in Europe in terms of resources The largest civil administration building in the world The most mysterious region - Transylvania: land of Dracula, vampires and werewolves The most beautiful and pompous cemeteries in the world The most profitable GEO for a number of our partners ...

Hello, future Millionaires! Simple, accessible and understandable articles about the TOP 10 GEO FACTS are suitable even for those who do not understand this direction at all and want to start from scratch. What features of GEO can affect the advertising campaign: 📝 Consider holidays 📝 Define languages for advertising campaign 📝 Remember working hours 📝 Knowledge about the level of wealth of the population 📝 Consider all traffic sources and how they are used

Each day newbies come to us to achieve results. Our managers make every effort working for you. Because your result = our result. In order to save your time, we decided to collect information about GEO where you can stream and get the maximum! Mexico is a huge state in the south of North America with eternal summer. What kind of people live there, what do they love, what do they laugh at? You will find all this in our article as well as the prospects for the development of financial offers in Mexico today.

Let's optimize your traffic! How to drive traffic in Peru to get the most out of it? By the history it was a country where llamas and alpacas live, where the Incas ruled, a tribe from the Cusco valley. Today Latin America has a very good potential for the development of crypto-verticals, crypto and financial offers rule here. Research results have shown that lately financial offers are in great demand among Latin Americans. Also, traffic is purchased very cheaply.

The country of kangaroos, koalas and surfers or how people live in the other hemisphere of the earth. According to the latest statistics, Australians, regardless of age, are actively using the Internet. Web and affiliate marketers are very interested in such progressive population and many tend to work with this particular country. We have collected TOP 10 facts about Australia, where we described in details all the individual characteristics of the national mentality, for your effective setup of an advertising campaign.

Nowadays advertising is intertwined with the culture of the country, which exerts its influence. Each country strives to preserve its cultural identity, which is clearly appeared in advertising. In this article we’ll make an analyze of the peculiarities of the UK population and tell you where you should pay attention to build your advertising campaign properly

Aivix - is the top affiliate program with a large number of financial offers on topics from direct advertisers. For more than four years, we have been working in this vertical. During this time, we have optimized all the points that are necessary for the high-quality work of each arbitrageur.

We have been working with the financial...

In the financial vertical, the audience that you need to target when launching your advertising...

After registering in our affiliate program, each new partner is contacted by their personal manager...

We work with direct advertisers who have their own CC (native) all over the world.

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