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Top 10 facts about Chile




1. Geography and population in Chile

2. Official language in Chile

3. Currency in Chile

4. Internet in Chile

5. Economic development in Chile

6. Job in Chile

7. Working days and holidays in Chile

8. Chilean mentality

9. Advertising in Chile

10. Cryptocurrency in Chile

1. Geography and population in Chile

Chile is the southernmost country in the world, just 900 km from Antarctica. Chile occupies a narrow strip of land in South America with a length of 4.5 thousand kilometers along the western coast, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Chile, with a length of 4,270 kilometers, is the second-longest country in the world, behind Brazil, which is only 95 kilometers longer.

The capital of Chile is the city of Santiago. It was founded by the Spanish conquistadors in 1541. The population of the capital is 5.4 million people, which is 36% of the country's population.

Chile has 1-time zone, so all cities in the country have the same time. UTC: -03:00.

General information about Chile:

Area: 750,000 km2

Population: 18,000,000

Capital: Santiago

International Direct Dial Code: +56

Top-level domain/ TLD: .cl

Spoken language: Spanish

2. Official language in Chile

The official language of Chile is Spanish, which is used in all government institutions and laws. 14 million from 18 million people consider Spanish to be their native language.

3. Currency in Chile

The Chilean peso (sign: $; code: CLP) is the currency of the Republic of Chile. One Chilean peso is equivalent to 100 centavos.

1 USD = 735.20 CLP at the exchange rate on 03/09/2021.

4. Internet in Chile

According to them, the fastest landline Internet in all of South America is in Chile. Its speed is 97.74/ 42.44 Mbps.
The second place was taken by Brazil 53.20 Mbit /s, and in third place Uruguay 47.13 Mbit/s.

Chile is considered one of the most prosperous economies in South America and the most stable country in the region. It ranks first in Latin America in the field of human development, globalization and competitiveness. With a population of no more than 17 million people, 49% or 8.4 million users use the Internet, 96% of which are Facebook users.

This is good news for Internet marketers and companies engaged in lead generation*, because CPC (cost per click) on Facebook Chile is only $0.31, which means that most Chileans can be served ads with a relatively small budget. The Facebook activity also tends to be more interactive, as Chilean Facebook users spend more time on the site than average Facebook visitors, spending an average of 33 minutes per visit on the site.

According to ComScore, Chileans spend 29% of their online time on social bookmarking sites.


5. Economic development in Chile

    • Chile has a leading position in the world in terms of the number of signed agreements, providing duty-free or preferential access of Chilean goods to the markets of countries, which account for 86% of global GDP.
    • Chile has a robust service sector with a share of 61.5% of GDP, although this percentage is less than countries like Japan (73%), USA (78%), UK (80%) and even Brazil (71%), largest economy in Latin America. Over the past 35 years, Chile's services sector has averaged 60% of the country's GDP.
    • Chile has a healthy economy, stable democracy, sound fiscal and monetary policies, transparency, and macroeconomic stability.
    • Chile has the highest quality service in comparison with other Latin American states, and the crime rate in the country is the lowest.


6. Job in Chile

Maximum PO - 7500$
Average PO - 3000$

Average salary of various professions:

  • Banker - $2600
  • HR Manager - $2600
  • Sales Manager - $3200
  • Energy - $ 3900
  • Lawyer - 6600$

7. Working days and holidays in Chile

Chile ranks 2nd of the most hardworking countries in the world.

The average annual number of working hours - 2102. About 16% of Chileans work more than 50 hours a week. Chileans work approximately 300 hours more per year than the average American. The only condition is that they must have 24 hours off a week. People try to give their best and get good money for it.

Mañana. Chilean time is similar to Italian time. Here, if you made an appointment and did not clearly indicate the time, then you will meet “mañana” or “tomorrow”, and most likely in a week, and even more likely never. Being limited geographically, locals do not like to limit themselves in time.

Day off. Just like in France, in Chile Sunday is a day off for everyone except the large shopping centers. Drinking coffee or sitting with friends in a cafe will not work, because everything is closed. The city seems to be dying out, all people most often sit at home. The Chileans call Sunday “Boredom Day”.

Official holidays and weekends in Chile:

  • January 1st - New Year
  • March-April - Good Friday and Easter
  • May 1st - Labor Day
  • May 21st - Day of Glory (Day of the Navy)
  • May 23rd - Corpus Christi Day
  • June 29 - Day of Saints Peter and Paul
  • August 15 - Assumption
  • September 5-6 - National Unity Day (Reconciliation Day)
  • September 18 - Independence Day
  • September 19 - Army Day
  • October 12 - Dia de la Rasa (America's Discovery Day, Columbus Day)
  • November 1st - All Saints Day
  • December 8 - Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
  • December 25 - Christmas

8.  Chilean mentality

 Chileans are, firstly, hot Latin Americans, and secondly, they are the descendants of the Spaniards, with their passionate tango and bullfighting (by the way, this cruel entertainment is not exist there). It is fair to say that Chile is at the end of the earth. On the one hand, the country is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and on the other, it is tightly closed by the Andes. This isolation from the entire civilized world has done its job.

They have an insular mentality. They travel only in their own country. 90% of Chileans did not leave the country. Moreover, they are not interested in what is happening outside their world. Their world is Chile. Such is the limitation, as if there is a limit, a ceiling of desires. There is no spontaneity in them. Everything is planned and predictable. Life goes on a knurled rut, from which no one even desires.

What topics of conversation should you avoid? Do not criticize any aspect of Chile, even if your Chilean comrades make such remarks. Better not to mention the countries surrounding Chile - Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. There is a lot of competition between them. Do not discuss human rights violations and the Araucarian Indians.

The main characteristics of the Chilean mentality:

  • Hot temperament
  • Lovingness
  • Patriotism(!)
  • Complete lack of interest in other people's lives
  • The word “yes” means “no”
  • Strong family ties
  • Servants are not a luxury, but another item of expenditure
  • Feminism
  • Country of poets
  • Fighting for their rights

9. Advertising in Chile

The research found that 8 in 10 (83%) Chileans have made online purchases in the past 6 months. Compared to the last measurement last year it is an increase of 10 points (73%).

Interesting research findings suggest that while millennials and centennials are the driving forces behind this buying behavior, it is the older groups that are more likely to be on the sidelines of e-commerce. For example, people aged 55 to 64 increased their declared purchase by 28% compared to 2018, while people aged 65 and over increased by 21%.

In terms of the main characteristics of e-commerce mentioned by Chileans, the most notable ones are: convenience (75% of those surveyed), the ability to compare products and prices (50%), time savings (44.5%) and access to the best prices (36%). The indicator of the ability to find products that are not in regular stores also receives a corresponding percentage of mentions (30%).

Another relevant research data showed that 58% of users of online sites always read the comments that other people leave about products. The above reflects the importance of user experience when purchasing an article and what they can share in the comments.

KFC – “It’s finger-lickin' good”

These images show everyday objects where appear mouths after fingers can touch them, in order to taste a little KFC chicken (Work of Lamano Studio in Chile).


10. Cryptocurrency in Chile

Felipe Lappine, Finnish Minister of the Chilean Government, has entered the bill on the regulation of digital currencies and other financial technologies. Instead of the same rules, the law considers different approaches to regulating existing business models.

The industry of the South American country is actively developing, and, as in most countries of the world, Chile has not developed the proper rules for regulating ethics. The Minister emphasized that the new rules will help to eradicate illegal activities with the use of digital currencies.

Chileans will have to pay taxes on profits from cryptocurrency trading. The country's Internal Revenue Service (SII) has added a cryptocurrency section to the form that Chileans must complete annually. Apparently, amendments to taxation began in 2019, since last year cryptocurrencies were not taxed.


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