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Lead generation for beginners: step-by-step guide



Traffic arbitrage is a systematic, marketing process, the key goal is to attract new customers. Without understanding how advertising works, it is impossible to learn how to earn. Sales are definitely important. But, it is much more important to learn how to sell. To do this, you need to know a few simple things: who is your buyer, what does he want, and can you solve his problems. But, the main question is: how to generate a client flow to your advertising platforms. In this article, we will talk about lead generation, look at the modern buyer way, and create an effective lead generation strategy.

What is Lead Generation?

In simple terms, lead generation is the search for new customers, studying their behavior, attracting them to your advertising platforms, and bringing them to purchase. Lead generation is the bridge that connects marketing and sales through strategy. This is the base without which is impossible to plan an effective advertising campaign.


A simple example: You are engaged in the Gambling vertical and take on the offer of a new poker room. Your goal: to bring the client to download the application. Before you start advertising, you work out an action plan:

• develop a creative;

• study clients in the GEO you have chosen;

• see which of the social networks is more popular in your country;

• form the target audience;

• look at competitors and only then launch the first bundle.

The whole process that you have completed before the launch is called the lead generation strategy. The more effective this strategy, the more likely it is to make a profit.


Why does lead generation need traffic arbitrage?

What is a profit made up of? There are many factors, but if we simplify, we get a simple formula: margin multiplied by the number of buyers. We cannot influence the margin. It depends on the offer, cost per click (with targeted advertising), the relevance of the product, etc. But the number of buyers is determined by the efficiency of lead generation.

If you study the client correctly, draw up the right advertising strategy and make sales consistent, then the profit will grow multiple. The huge advantage of lead generation in this very sequence. You spend time selecting lead generation tools only once. And then, these tools will work for you. We recommend starting to study marketing with lead generation. This is the foundation without which there will be no funnels, no traffic, and no sales.


Lead generation strategy

In essence, the lead generation strategy is the collection and integration of all advertising tools, customer knowledge, creatives, targets, and platforms to generate leads. The whole range of marketing tools that you use or can use will be the basis of lead generation. But, only on the condition that these tools will work for the main goal: attracting customers. So, first of all, you need to draw up a strategy for the leadgen.

Determine target action

What is the purpose of the offer? What action should be taken by a potential client? Leave a request, subscribe to an email newsletter, or subscribe to social networks? The success of the entire strategy depends on how accurately you determine the direct target action.

Form an advertising campaign

Now we will create an advertising campaign together using the example of selling children's clothing.

1. First, choose an offer. We have it, so we skip this item;

2. Determine GEO, analyze customers, segment them, and prepare a landing page.

3. We study competitors, see how they are moving forward, and what bundles they catch leads with. This can be done using SPY services;


4. We prepare advertising platforms in accordance with the selected GEO. Imagine that we will sell clothes in Kazakhstan. For this, we need Facebook and Google. If we were working with an offer in Russia, we would replace the platforms on Vkontakte and Yandex.

5. Set up ads and start testing bundles. 

Testing creatives

Lead generation is not only research, it is also experiments. Even if the goal is set correctly, the product is in demand, and you have an advertising budget, the plan can be ruined by a non-converting creative. Creatives should always be tested using split tests.

Split test - comparison of two instruments under the same conditions. We select 2 creatives and launch parallel advertising campaigns on them. Such tests help evaluate the company, they show the most effective option.

Creating a Capture Script

You may have mistakenly thought that lead generation depends on the advertising company. This is not true. Well, the client saw your ad, and followed the website. And how to keep it? How to bring to purchase? Capture scripts help answer these questions. There may be several of them:

• Intrusive banners that display feedback on the window;

• Limited offers, discounts, and special conditions;

• Catchy headings, site structure that covers objections;

• A gift for a targeted action (sign and get a book).

We generate a report after the advertising campaign and segment customers.

Customer data needs to be collected and stored in one place. It is important not only to collect contacts but also to divide buyers into categories:

• Cold - not ready to buy from us at the moment;

• Warm - have used a free product, but haven't paid money yet;

• Hot - ready to make a purchase/are in the process of making a purchase;

• Loyal - bought once, but do not buy again;

• Constant - made 2 or more purchases.

Lead route in 2022: Lead generation with Client’s eyes

It would be nice for affiliates and entrepreneurs to live in the 2000s. To sell, it was enough to launch advertising on TV and radio, to advertise in the newspaper. Lead generation began at the moment when a person found out about a product by chance. Why? The people had no choice. Now there is this choice, so-called “banner blindness” is forming among potential buyers.


Banner blindness is a marketing term for information overload on the internet. Users come across so many ads that they stop paying attention to them. Now, a potential buyer needs to be hooked, surprised and intrigued. Without the “emotion” trigger, there will be no sale. Like lead generation, this is what the new reality looks like.

The lead route determines the lead generation process itself. It differs between cold and warm clients. First, let's look at how the "cold" ones make a purchase decision:

1. A person has a problem;

2. He begins to study it. Consults with friends reads forums and social networks;

3. Additional sources are added to the study: reviews, search for alternative solutions;

4. During the search, a person sees information on the Internet. For example, an advertisement;

5. His reaction depends on the information studied earlier and the criteria that he formed as a result of the study;

6. He studies the product on the site. If it meets its criteria, the purchase will take place.

For warm, loyal, and potential buyers, this route is shorter:


How to Set Up Sequential Lead Generation Using a Sales Funnel

We studied the client's route, learned about the importance of lead generation, made a strategy, and tested it on the first advertising campaign. We have learned how to attract customers. Now - you need to make sales consistent. In simple words, start the lead generation itself.

Setting up a sales funnel is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to generate customers. A sales funnel is a scenario of long-term interaction with a client until the moment a transaction is made. First, on a life example: imagine a guy liked a girl. He starts courting her, sending messages, perhaps giving her a gift. His target action is to invite her on a date. After several contacts, the girl agrees, and the funnel is considered completed.


Let's look at a marketing example. Imagine you have your own dance school. You are opening a new branch and your task is to attract new students to it. How would a sales funnel look like in this case:

1. You launch an advertisement in Contact;

2. A potential client sees an ad and goes to your group;

3. For several days she reads posts, looks at your coaches and other students, and gets used to you;

4. After a selling post about a free lesson, she goes to the site;

5. Structured information on the site covers her objections, and she signs up for a free training session;

6. At training, she is offered to buy a subscription right now, at a 50% discount

7. The limited offer was able to hook her, she agrees and becomes your client.

And now let's look at the main tools for creating an effective, lead-generating funnel.

Website or Landing

First of all, you need to work on the site. This is the calling card of your business. The site should be structured, close objections, and involve. Ideally, the website is the main point of contact. Having entered it, a potential client should have the thought “Yes! I want to shop here!”


What blocks are needed on the website to order to perform the below tasks:


• The first screen is the main offer. Task: describe pain, catch attention, and evoke emotion. 70% of all online sales depend on the first screen;

• Product Description - a detailed description of the product. Prices, specifications, showing photo and video content. No "call us and we'll tell you how much it costs." The site should cover all questions that may arise about the product.

• Advantages of the product - the answer to the question "why you need to buy from you, and not from competitors!"

• Limited offer - gift, promotion, personal discount. Everything that will help stimulate the purchase right now.

• Feedback form, contacts - remember the phrase "I'm hard to find, easy to lose, and impossible to forget?" It's not about business. You should be easy to find. Very easy.

Chain of letters, mailing 

An important element of the sales funnels is that help to “warm-up” the client. It should be thoughtful, easy, and logical. According to statistics, before the sale, 8 touches must pass between the client and the seller. You can save resources by mailing. Tips for an efficient chain:

• Personalization. Address the client by name, no "hey friend!"

• Develop TOV. This is brand language. Slang, brand phrases, and communication style that your company will use when communicating with customers. The chain of letters must be organized according to TOV

• Every letter should have a purpose. Ask the question “Why am I writing this?”, “What is the business benefit from the fact that the client reads this right now?”

Do not sell directly! Start a soft, native sale at least on the fifth message!

Social networks

Maintaining and designing social networks should be fully consistent with your sales funnel and organically fit into it! Typically, a potential customer follows a company because they want to learn more about the "brand personality". With the help of storytelling, interesting live stories and people, you can make personal sales. The client gets acquainted with your "face", makes contact, and begins to trust you. But remember that any content, even the most vital and funny, must serve some purpose. Manage social networks systematically.


The sales funnel starts with advertising. This is the first and main element of lead generation. Do not forget about strategy, study competitors, keep content up-to-date and experiment with creatives. Advertising is changeable. It requires analytics. To run effectively, you must love reports and spreadsheets. Even if you consider yourself a creative person, you have thousands of ideas and scenarios in your head, do not put your user experience above marketing goals. This is the main mistake of all beginners!

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