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Most of the solvent audience nowadays moved to social networks. However, even despite this, other traffic sources are still relevant and often arbitrageurs underestimate their effectiveness in the market. One of these options is e-mail marketing, which allows you to work with almost any vertical and regularly attracts an envelope to the desired offer.

If earlier you have not had a chance to flood traffic through this source or you simply considered it not profitable enough for yourself, now we will dispel all doubts and tell you about what this direction is and how to work with it exclusively as a plus. 

E-mail marketing as a traffic source for arbitrage 

To get started, let's follow the basic terms of referral and talk about e-mail marketing in general. At its core, this source for the bay is not the most common, because communication between the client and the offer is configured by mailing lists.

From our own experience, we can say that not every person reads mail at all without a strong need for it, and sometimes your mailing list can even end up in spam, but any medal has a second side.

We will tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of such traffic later, but for now, we note that this method is not in vain used by large corporate giants in both commercial and non-commercial areas, is actively used by freelancers and just people who provide services of a different spectrum and want to increase its recognition.

There are a lot of options for using email marketing because you can use this idea both for direct sales, and just to warm up the target audience or increase brand awareness. And the versatility of the source is just one of its advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of a traffic arbitrage source

First of all, we note the basic features regarding users, which make the presented source a priority over other popular options.

Firstly, this is a convenient distribution of received letters using filters. If the user wishes, you can select certain companies in a separate folder, separate ordinary letters from mailing lists, and carry out other manipulations that will distinguish you from the general flow of information.

Secondly, the e-mail format itself allows you to send tables, graphs, and other additions to the regular text to a potential client, which allows you to better immerse yourself in the information field of the offer. The same messengers cannot offer this.

Thirdly, a clear display of letters and images in it. If a creative may not be viewed very well on social networks or all the same messengers due to non-adaptation to certain devices or simply poor image quality, then e-mail services automatically adapt the letter and image to the device and other client parameters, making the viewing as comfortable as possible.

We also note that E-mail marketing is easy to automate, and the process of going to the site can generally be made as fast and convenient as possible using buttons. All this together provides huge opportunities for segmental advertising, ROI from which sometimes exceeds 700%. 

In addition to the above, we also denote the other side of the coin, namely the minuses of the direction. The most obvious of these is skipping e-mails. If the client was not initially interested in the offer, then it is very unlikely to click on the ad and rather simply delete it or mistake it for spam. Also, E-mail marketing has a lot of competition, because we didn’t say in vain that even corporate giants are very active in using it.

All this clearly shows that it is more than possible to make money on the source, but you need to immediately get into the right target audience, warm it up and then offer to purchase such a desired offer. Of course, this is only a general concept of work, and if you are ready to delve into it, then we will tell you about everything in more detail.

How to earn money on traffic arbitrage through e-mail newsletters

Let's get down to business right away and in order to create a high-quality newsletter for a potential audience, you need to understand why we are distributing information about the product and what goal we want to achieve. An advertising campaign can be associated with warming up the target audience, converting ordinary users into customers, brand PR, or the formation of a permanent audience.

Depending on the chosen option, it is necessary to develop a schedule of mailings, their topics, and content, which will be presented to a potential client. However, first, let's define the type of advertising campaign:

1. Transition strategy. An idea that implies the transition of a heated audience into full-fledged clients.

2. Attracting customers. This is one of the universal ways to launch an advertising campaign. With its help, you can both attract new users for further work, and generate leads for already prepared clients - offer promotions for an offer, report on upcoming sales of the company, and other important events.

3. Greeting the user. The introductory part of the advertising funnel, briefly tells the person about the product and interests him for further study of the mailing list.

4. Target audience segmentation. A very useful type that allows you to divide one large audience into several narrower categories, which will allow you to find the best approach to the client and offer him the most suitable product.

5. Forwarding. A kind of retargeting, just from the direction of e-mail marketing, where we try to re-engage with customers who have not completed the target action after 30-90 days.

As you may have guessed, it is best to combine these strategies in one promotion. At first, we will tell the user about our product and involve him in this information field, then we will talk about the product in more detail and stimulate future sales, then we will segment the audience depending on its needs, and then it remains only to offer an advertising offer to a heated target audience. If someone does not use the offer, then we resort to a redirect strategy.

How to find your target audience

A significant part of the overall success depends on the correct definition of the desired target audience. To find it, try to answer questions about what product we are going to advertise, who and under what circumstances it may be of interest, and at what point it is already possible to make an offer more or less aggressively.

Already these small points will be enough to make an avatar of a typical customer of your product. When developing a description, be sure to take into account the age and financial situation of users, because not everyone will be interested in trading on the stock exchange and dreams of earning a million per minute, as is often offered in the financial vertical. 

As soon as it became clear who might be interested in the presented offer, then you can move on to segmenting the target audience. This stage is not mandatory, but it will help reduce the percentage of unsubscribes from the mailing list and increase the audience's interest in the content supplied, which will lead to a rapid increase in conversions and TA.

Basically, segmentation of the target audience is carried out either by demographic indicators or based on the life cycle of the client. The first implies age, gender, or GEO. Each of these parameters is worth working out because all of them have a serious impact on the effectiveness of the PC. In the case of the second method, all clients are usually divided into the following categories:

1. New arrivals. These users only learned about the product and subscribed to the newsletter after reading the welcome e-mail for the offer.

2. Potential clients. After reviewing the rest of the introductory e-mails and other useful information about the product, these people have become more active, but they are not yet sure whether to buy the product.

3. Engaged customers. This part of the target audience is somewhat similar to the previous group, only these users have already used the offer, but they did it relatively rarely and, with proper advertising, they can bring even more profit to the affiliate.

4. Loyal customers. This target audience not only used the company's services but also did it often enough to offer them various discounts, interactives, and other profitable offers, leaving the motivation to make a purchase in the future.

5. Inactive. These people planned to make a purchase but did not complete their registration. Only retargeting and a longer repeated PR campaign can save this situation in order to return at least part of the lost audience.

What type of e-mail letters to choose

To make good money on traffic arbitrage, you need to choose your own unique approach for each offer, and E-mail marketing is also ready to offer a wide variety of options for any advertisement. In this block, let's highlight the main types of e-mails that can be used in promotion

1. Announcements. These are short letters that inform the client about upcoming promotions or sales, or just important events regarding the offer that can motivate him to buy.

2. Information letters. The option is somewhat similar to the previous one, but here we present detailed information about the product or even the product catalog from the company.

3. Triggers. The idea is relevant for those users who have already used the services of the company before. For example, if a client previously ordered training courses in some industry from the financial vertical, then you can offer him other equally useful materials from the same category.

4. Transactional emails. Notify the customer that the order has been paid for and is in the process of being delivered. This also includes checks and receipts for the offer - all of this increases the credibility of the company and makes its interaction with the user more convenient.

5. Promotional. These emails talk purely about the offer and directly offer to purchase it. The only thing is, try not to agitate the client too aggressively for the purchase, it is important for us to interest him and make him understand the benefits of purchasing the product.

All these options can be divided into two general categories - regular and automatic letters. The first option relates directly to e-mail marketing and aims to interest the client and help generate leads. The second option is performed by the server automatically in response to some user actions, which, as we have already said, increases confidence in the company and motivates you not to forget about it in the future.

What else needs to be considered for a good profit

 Finally, we would like to give some useful tips for getting a good ROI, and maximum earnings from traffic arbitrage.

First, when forming the base for mailing, try to independently look for clients for further development. Buying ready-made options often do not bring the desired result, but the search for your audience can occur by receiving subscriptions through the form on the landing page, exchanging subscriptions for a discount, or agreeing to receive promotional mailings during registration. These people can definitely become your clients, and with proper skill, it will not be very difficult to collect them, and the result will meet your expectations.

Secondly, at the stage of composing the letter, try to choose an explosive short headline, and break the mailing body into several logical blocks for easier reading. Don't forget to add pictures or even put text right in the image.

Thirdly, never forget about the analysis and optimization of an advertising campaign - view the number of subscriptions for the required time periods, monitor unsubscribes, and, in general, the response of the audience to different types of letters.

If you can withstand all of the above at the proper level, then you can be sure that the increase in customers and income from them will pay for any work done.



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