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TOP 15 Branding Books



Unconscious Branding — Douglas Van Praet

The book tells you why it is vital to provide a quality product to the market and create comfort for a customer. People want not only to receive a product but also to share the values of the chosen brand. It explains, in detail, why one ad stays in memory forever while another does not bring any result. The book does not overload a reader with scientific terminology. Also, the data are supported by real-life examples for a better understanding.


Brand Aid: Taking Control of Your Reputation — Larry G. Linne, Patrick Sitkins

If you still don't understand why you need to work on your brand, be sure to read this book. Here, the authors are sorting out information about "to whom" and "for what purposes" it has to be done. They also give examples of brand creation.


Creative personal branding — Jürgen Salenbacher

The book is about how important it is to stand out in the crowd, reveal your creativity, and not remain faceless. The author advises on how to develop a visual identity both offline and online. How to define a mission and goal. The book is not only about branding but also about finding a way in life.


No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building by Direct Response —  Dan S Kennedy

This book is the perfect guide for aspiring businessmen and startups. The guidelines described in it can be used even on a limited budget. Kennedy, a famous coach, and multimillionaire teaches not to invest in ineffective promotion methods. The experience of such companies as Iron Tribe, Subway, Kodak, Intel, Orvis is considered as an example. The author roughly but truthfully opens his eyes to the world of branding, where money cannot solve all problems, and success depends on the company's ability to present its story to potential consumers.


How Brands Grow — Byron Sharp

Byron Sharp, director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Sciences at the University of South Australia, took a scientific approach to the brand. In his book, he tried to give weighty arguments proving that marketing consists of clear and understandable patterns and complex schemes are the fantasies of pseudo-marketers trying to enrich themselves by learning "new" ineffective techniques.


60-Minute Brand Strategist — Idris Mootee

Idris Muti is a successful marketer working with giants like PepsiCo, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson. Her experience is valuable. The author explains how a brand can increase the price tag on products and what needs to be done to create a business that can earn consumer trust. As readers confirm, it only takes one hour to read the book. There are many illustrations, quotes, diagrams, real examples, so the material is easy to understand and assimilate.


Career Warfare — David D'Alessandro

It is a perfect book for those who don't know what to rely on when building a personal brand. The author examines all the psychological aspects, shows how important it is to understand yourself and others. And only after that form a brand. In addition to the detailed 10 rules for building a personal brand, the book provides valuable advice on how to increase your competitiveness. How to neutralize enemies, what types of bosses are there, and how to interact with them to reach career heights. Thanks to the light syllable, the book is read in one breath.

The Brand You 50 — Tom Peters

It was Tom Peters who was the first to actively promote the idea of building a personal brand. The main idea of the book is to make yourself "I am a brand", and then your boss will not be able to direct your career. The author shares his position on difficulties, suggests that it is easier to relate to failures, gain freedom and move forward. Even though many truths are simple and have already been described many times, few people remember them when building a brand. Recommended for anyone who needs to put the order in their own lives before forming a personal brand.


The Power of Branding — Brian Tracy

A universal book covering both personal and corporate branding. Most of it is devoted to the step-by-step creation of a brand — from choosing a positioning strategy to maintaining an image. The author puts the reputation of the company in the first place, believing that it will help the brand to stay on the market. The material will be useful for managers, employees of branding agencies, and start-up companies aimed at conquering the market.

Brand Success — Matt Haig

There is no single formula for brand success. That is what Matt Haig is trying to convey in his book. Each company develops differently, so it is simply impossible to achieve the desired result with the same goals. The book mentions such giants as Adidas, Volkswagen, The Coca-Cola Company. Even though this is a guide with tips, you can glean a lot of helpful information from the book. The success stories of famous brands clearly show that everyone goes through ups and downs. But in each case, different strategies led to this.


Brand Aid — Brad VanAuken

This very helpful book was written by a master in his field. The author gives examples from his professional practice. The goal of the book is to introduce readers to ways to create a brand for a product that can stand out from the competition. It is a guide for anyone who wants to differentiate their brand in a crowded marketplace. A specific solution is offered for each problem.

Building Strong Brands — David A. Aaker

Literature unique in content describes the problems that companies may face when developing a brand. The author is a renowned American professor of brand management. The content of the book is the data obtained in the course of a long analysis of the brand's market.


4D BRANDING — Thomas Gad

4-D BRANDING offers a revolutionary 4-D model for understanding brand strengths and weaknesses. It can be used to create a new brand and analyze existing ones. The model allows companies to develop their own unique Brand Code or Brand Thinking Field, a unique corporate DNA, and then use it to manage every aspect of the business, from manufacturing innovation to recruiting.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind — Jack Trout, Al Ries

The concept of positioning is one of the most popular marketing theories these days. The book, first published in 1980, told about it, shocked the business world, and changed the rules of marketing forever. It became a global bestseller in many countries around the world. It is a reference book for marketing, advertising, and executive companies wishing to be the winners.


Competitive Branding — Torsten H. Nilson

The book examines such aspects that are relevant to the Russian economy as the specifics of creating trademarks and the specifics of their development in a competitive environment. The increase in the number of brands and the intensification of competition dictate special requirements for brands and branding. The book describes in detail and with examples how to make a brand strong, branding effective, and a business successful.


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