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Omnichannel marketing



Omnichannel marketing is a new strategy for working with traffic arbitrage. This seemingly complex term is easy to imagine as a regular smartphone. With the help of one, we make dozens of calls every day, communicate with friends on social networks, exchange SMS, or play games.

All of this is done with a single device, and omnichannel marketing is about the same. Here, with the help of various traffic sources, combined as if into one advertising chain, the client receives a complete description of the brand and its products. This is much more effective than a regular advertising funnel, and today we will tell you how to correctly apply the presented strategy in your advertising campaign and what is its main benefit for a webmaster.

Why should you try omnichannel marketing? 

First of all, omnichannel marketing allows you to increase the activity of the target audience, which leads to much more interest in offers and faster lead generation. Advertising agencies Omnisend and ClickZ have already managed to prove these facts.

Their study showed that working with the target audience using several traffic sources at once increases the loyalty of the target audience to the offer and the brand as a whole by about 90%. As a result, a potential client begins to interact with the company more willingly, and the overall frequency of purchases even in one advertising campaign increases up to 250%.

Well, like a cherry on the cake, the presented approach is ideally combined with retargeting. This fact has already been proven by Google, noting that the lifetime value of customers attracted by an omnichannel strategy is 30% higher than customers received by a standard promotion model.

How to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy?

To begin with, let's give a little advice - think about what tools you can use to automate the process of generating leads. We live in the era of technology and many routine actions can be replaced entirely by artificial intelligence.

For example, if you plan to work with email newsletters, then it is much more efficient to give the task of sending emails to a bot. If you plan to communicate with the target audience, then you can again simplify this process with the help of chatbots.

As for the practical connection of technology with marketing, one of KoMarketing's studies showed that 43% of top companies use from 6 to 10 digital marketing tools in their promotion. At the same time, many note the difficulty of finding such tools, because it is important that they not only meet the quality requirements but also meet the needs of the audience.

Should a webmaster bother with their search? Undoubtedly, this will increase the profitability of the advertising campaign at least twice.

Stage 2. Acquaintance with the audience

Regardless of the form in which traffic arbitrage will be presented, it is important for us to select and segment the target audience. Try to learn as much as possible about it and build an approximate portrait of a potential client.

Above the latter, focus the most attention and, if possible, create several such portraits at once. According to statistics, 3-4 idealized personas that personify our audience bring companies 90% of sales. 

Also, do not forget about one of the main principles of marketing - your future strategy depends on the actions of a potential client. Not vice versa.

Stage 3. Segmentation of traffic sources 

Since omnichannel marketing involves the use of a large number of traffic sources at once, it is important for us to choose which of them will bring the most effective campaigns. Often these are the options with which the audience interacts most willingly.

As soon as you cope with the task, you need to establish methods of communication with the target audience. In total, there are a lot of ideas - to present an offer in the form of a special offer or promotion, just try to talk about the product, arrange a contest, or slowly warm up the target audience with associations, leaving the details of the offer a secret until the last. Analyze which strategy will bring the most conversion and act on it.

Step 4: Map the customer experience

Of course, the potential client knows how to search for information about products, and if they find your offer interesting enough, then they will definitely want to learn as much as possible about it before buying. So that unpleasant details about the company do not come up during this search, it is better to lay out the user's information route in advance.

A large number of sources easily allow you to do this and show the audience only the information that they need to see.

Stage 5. Don't forget about analytics 

Finally, once you've completed your first omnichannel campaign, be sure to analyze the results. See how successfully the sources were linked, and how well the audience was matched and interacted with them.

Also, pay attention to the arbitrage automation tools used in the promotion and track their effectiveness, and the profit received relative to the costs.


Thus, an omnichannel marketing strategy is the best way to immerse a potential customer in a brand atmosphere. With its help, the target audience will go the full way through all the company's traffic sources and will be able to find out the maximum positive aspects of the offer.

What is even more pleasant, it is up to the affiliate directly to choose this path from acquaintance to purchase. You decide which audience you will work with and what information about the product should be shown to them. All this approach together gives an incredibly high-profit rate, and we can definitely recommend it for work.

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