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All about native advertising



For many novice affiliate marketers, native advertising is another incomprehensible term on which to make money, but it is not entirely clear how to do it. In fact, everything is much simpler and this type of traffic does not differ from a regular advertising campaign, with the exception of deeper points, which we would like to talk about in this article.

What is native advertising?

Literally, the term means natural advertising, and by the name, you can understand that its task is to organically integrate into the page where they want to put it. This approach allows you not to annoy the user with advertisements and receive clicks only from those potential customers who are really interested in the product.

We will also make an important clarification regarding the uniqueness of the format because it is:

1. Not "Jeans", where the nature of advertising is deliberately hidden from users.

2. Not product placement, where the site visitor can also be deceived or misled for the benefit of the webmaster's income.

3. Not brand journalism, where everything is more or less honest, but the advertising campaign is carried out directly by the company and the propagation of campaigns takes place through its internal channels, such as profiles on social networks.

Thus, a native is always as honest with users as possible and is placed on third-party resources - these are two fundamental criteria. The definition is extremely simple, but to start earning this will not be enough, because there are several types of native advertising and which of them is responsible for what - we will analyze further.

Types of income from native advertising in traffic arbitrage

To begin with, let's discuss sponsored content published on request in blogs, social networks, and other platforms where you can find a suitable target audience. The main feature of the format is the user's awareness of the advertising nature of the material due to the presence of a corresponding mark. However, this does not interfere with finding new customers, because a colorful creo and an enticing headline will easily interest the reader, and this may not be an advertising text, but an interesting informational article that will force the user to study the product deeper and possibly purchase it in the future.

The second option also belongs to the category of affiliate materials marked with advertising content, but the message becomes more explicit because there is an open recommendation of a product or service. The principle here is similar to social networks because the user's interest depends on how to present this or that idea to him.

The third way to make money in traffic arbitrage on a native means posts in the news feed, taking into account targeting, thereby allowing you to target a specific audience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Native Ads

The market for native ads is considered new and not fully developed, but this does not prevent you from earning decent money from such ads right now. First of all, it boasts the following advantages:

• Flexibility of the format. In the last section, we mentioned three types of campaigning, and from this, we can conclude that information posts, instructions, life hacks, photos and videos - all of this can be easily integrated into almost any platform;

• Audience loyalty. Firstly, due to the usefulness of the content, it is interesting for the audience to read the publication, which allows the potential client not only to learn new things, but also to be interested in you. Secondly, if these are tips or just cognitive facts, then why not share them with your circle of contacts, and at the same time increase your coverage;

• Multichannel. The traffic can be launched anywhere, from a blog about cosmetics to mobile applications on IOS or Android;

• Reduced chance of blocking. For example, AdBlock will not be able to prohibit material from being shown. this is not a banner.

In addition to many advantages, the native also has its disadvantages. The cost of impressions is of paramount importance, because natural advertising requires a significant investment, and the numbers are constantly changing depending on your partners. Also, such an RK requires a longer study, because for each selected resource you need to fill in unique and fully adapted information for it.

Along with this, it is important to understand that the difficulties of a webmaster await only at the very beginning, because, according to research by IPG & Sharethrough, 52% of users consider native to be better than advertising banners, and 33% are happy to repost it on social networks. In other words, it all depends on how competently the advertisement will be worked out before its publication.

How to choose an affiliate program for an offer?

Although the direction is considered new, during this time dozens of native networks have opened, let's discuss what criteria should be used to select them:

1. GEO. Some sites show increased conversion in the English-speaking segment, some in the Asian region, and some will be great for Russia.

2. Setting up the target. The most advanced networks offer a webmaster a wide list of criteria from age, gender, individual interests of users, and can even help determine the target audience and effectively launch a campaign using machine learning.

3. Traffic restrictions. The logic is similar to the first point, because not any site will be able to accept 18+ content, gambling or crypto, and therefore, before the start of cooperation, both the traffic source and the webmaster's requests are moderated.

4. Advertising budget. Even if you have found an affiliate program for your offer, then do not forget that each service works in its own price segment. Someone offers only pay per click, and someone is ready to present a fan of possibilities from CPS, CPL, CPC, CPI, and so on, some platforms require a minimum of $ 500 in a deposit, and for some, $ 100 is enough.

Thus, each campaign runs in its own way, but the uniform principle of matching the opportunities that the native network provides and the budget that you have at your disposal always remains in effect.

List of popular native networks

Let's briefly tell you about those platforms that provide fairly advanced tools for beginners with minimal costs and which you can trust.


One of the most popular affiliate networks due to the wide opportunities and relatively low threshold for cooperation. The business card of the company is automated advertising campaign with constant monitoring of users and gradual optimization of the target.

The platform can also boast about the presence of CPM, CPC or revshar payment, while at the same time, you will need to invest at least $ 100 in the RK. The main traffic sources are India, Morocco, the United States of America and Egypt.


A medium option that is generally suitable for beginners. The platform drives traffic across California, Australia, the UK and the US, charging you $ 3 per 1,000 impressions and only providing CPM as a payment model. The undoubted advantage of the site is the period of its work, because the company has been running an advertising business since 2008.


The main advantage of the service is its adaptability to any GEO, which can be entered with a minimum deposit of $ 100. Among the opportunities provided to the webmaster, it is worth mentioning account managers, targeting regarding the language, operating system, interests of a potential client, and even a range of IP addresses. The average cost per click will cost you $ 0.08.

The downside of the site is the limited traffic model - only CPMV is available.

Case study in practice

Take a semi-intimate dating site with Asian girls as an example. In the initial data, we have $ 930 of the budget, the weekly campaign period and the direction of traffic for the United States. The choice of the latter criterion was obvious due to the payment of $ 5.3 for each registration.

The prepared landing page was quite standard - it included a registration form and charming girls nearby, the creative was prepared in the same format and perfectly converted:

The advertising campaign itself was split into two stages, where the first test was pay-per-click. With a total cost of $ 50, we managed to get a net profit of $ 8, which was enough to understand that the advertising campaign is going in the right direction and can be scaled.

This happened at the second stage of the advertising campaign, where we switched to CPM payments with targeting zones. The sites that did not bring profit were gradually turned off, and as a result, there were 8 of them, two of which brought about 80% of the conversion. Costs here were $ 884, and the net profit was $ 455. According to the results of the advertising campaign, earnings per week turned out to be $ 463.


Using an illustrative example, we were convinced of the effectiveness of native advertising, but in order to make the profit even more, in the end we will give several recommendations for the correct conduct of an advertising campaign:

1. Pre-landings are awesome. Do not try to deceive the user and immediately after the first link direct him to an advertising page selling goods or ordering services. Since useful information was promised, then the link should lead to it. At the same time, this does not mean at all that you will simply waste time and energy on such manipulations. In the block with an article, you can tell about the history of the company, the process of production or the formation of you and your team as professionals in their field.

2. Pay for impressions is not cool. Rarely does a webmaster manage to get a high CTR for impressions. Even clicks are often used as the first stage of a campaign, and here we are talking about regular impressions.

3. Avoid aggressive campaigning. It is not for nothing that this is a natural advertisement, because it should be as invisible as possible, otherwise a completely advertising article may receive the desired clicks, but the conversion rate is unlikely to be high. All the advantages of the native will immediately be lost, and you will simply waste your budget.

These tips are essential when launching native traffic. Use them as well as past guidelines for choosing a network, and remember to take advantage of the top referral benefits highlighted at the beginning.

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