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MyTarget is an advertising platform for setting up targeted advertising in VK, OK, My World and a number of other projects owned by Mail.Ru Group.

The system rarely flashes in the information field, but at the same time it is not inferior in functionality to the same FB advertising account, and somewhere even bypasses it due to innovative methods of traffic distribution to the audience. Let's get to know them in more detail, as well as discuss the features of working on the site and launch our first advertising campaign together.

Targeting features in MyTarget

Targeted advertising from MyTarget is based on audience segments provided by the Data Management Platform (DMP). This is the widest array of data about users, their interests, GEO and other important points, which allows you to specify targeting settings in more detail and get an increased response from the target audience.

At the same time, the internal algorithms of the platform are no less interesting. For example, if promotion is planned to be carried out through social networks, then for an increased percentage of conversion, you can specify user requests that they will make outside of social networks.

We also separately highlight the function of product feeds - an algorithm for automatically compiling text-graphic advertisements. It is enough just to set an array of data in the form of text and a suitable creative, after which the system itself will build logical chains and offer advertising to the user.

Otherwise, we already know all the functions - the ability to choose communities from VK and OK as target audience, select GEOs not only by the names of settlements but also mark a radius suitable for advertising promotion. There are also minor conveniences, such as the ability to save the target audience and use it for further advertising.

Advertising promotion formats for making money on traffic arbitrage

The MyTarget platform is ready to offer us 7 ways to tell the audience about your product or service.

Slides – “Carousel

Content is shown in the mobile and desktop versions of Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Yula. The webmaster can set up to show up to six slides, which is great for promoting online stores.

Audio advertising

Recently, the option has become very popular, because. almost every service and social network with music has introduced audio advertising with a free subscription. Advertising promotion is issued according to the CPM model for 1000 listening to integration by 75% or more.

The requirements are extremely simple - the length of the video is no more than 30 seconds, no less than 15 seconds and a multiplicity of 5. Currently, you can promote using audio through OK, VK, My World and through the Boom application.


Another cross-platform ad type that combines all video formats. The banner consists of a commercial and a native block where you can describe the product in detail. You can also add a title, a button to go to the site, or a logo there. There are three types of traffic distribution:

1. In-stream. In regular commercials before they are played on the social networks OK and Vkontakte, as well as the MyTarget network and some other Mail.ru sites.

2.In-page. Placement of native ads in the feed or specially selected ad units.

3.In-banner. Creo is placed as a banner and shown to a potential client.

If you wish, you can try to distribute gray and black traffic through the cloaca, blacklists or whitelists, as well as other standard methods.

Multi-format publishing

A standard and one of the most effective types of promotion that adapts to social media pages and pops up as a banner in the feed or next to it. Additionally, the arbitrator is given the opportunity to add a button with a call, after clicking on which, a transition to the desired page of the site takes place.

In terms of text design, the ad should consist of a title of no more than 25 characters and the campaign itself of approximately 90 characters. Next, we select Creo and artificial intelligence itself will distribute traffic to the target audience. You just have to pay for leads, which in this case are either clicks, or impressions, or installation of the application in the case of launching RK for smartphones. The latter will cost more, but will definitely pay for itself with proper selection of the target audience.


A good opportunity to make money on traffic arbitrage and wide coverage. When this option is selected, the webmaster presents the user with a video clip of up to 30 seconds, which can be shown on any of the social networks of the traffic source.

Before starting the launch, consider several important nuances that boil down to one rule - it is forbidden to mislead the user. Of course, there are loopholes everywhere, but be careful when using them.

Video posting

The advertising campaign is launched both on mobile devices and in the PC version of Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. You can promote in this way hidden posts with videos inside, which are usually played before watching videos on social networks, or integrations of similar content in one ad.

If desired, the webmaster can choose to show videos to each user only once. Moreover, if a potential client sees it on the phone, then repeated impressions to the same person, but from a computer, should not occur.

Premium network

This is an improved multi-format that allows you to advertise only sites that belong to the Mail.ru Group and external resources, and you can choose placements up to the domain.

A distinctive feature of the promotion is, first of all, the choice of sites for placing an advertising campaign, it is much wider and allows you to choose the site that will attract the largest number of users. Moreover, payment is made for real impressions, that is, money is withdrawn only if at least 50% of the advertising offer is viewed, or a video is viewed from one second.

Also, for this option, you will need to choose a creative with a resolution from 256x256 to 1080x607, depending on the desired location of the advertising integration.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for launching the RK, and regardless of the theme and your wishes for promotion, a suitable option can definitely be found. As soon as you select the type you need, you can proceed to setting up an account in MyTarget, which we will discuss in more detail in the next block.

How to start traffic arbitrage in MyTarget

After creating an account to launch the first advertising campaign, you need to go to the "Campaigns" section and after confirming the desire to create an advertising campaign, we are given a choice of promotion object. It is wide here and at your discretion, you can start advertising mobile applications, online stores, groups, sites, and so on.

As an example, we will consider the promotion of the site. In this case, before choosing banners, you need to enter the site address. Next, we work with the ad format. We set it with the following parameters:

• Type: multi-format integration;

• Traffic source: premium audience network;

• We use a carousel, banners in social networks and services, full-screen videos and pre-rolls as promotion methods. In your case, the options and their number may differ.

An important clarification - if you want to promote in VK, then be sure to choose the pre-roll format, because this is the only option that implies access to this social network.

Next, you need to upload your creatives or create something new in a special constructor, after which the algorithms will independently carry out UTM markup and you can proceed to setting up the target audience.

As we said earlier, this is one of the key features of traffic arbitrage in MyTarget. First, think about whether you have ready-made segments of the target audience, and if so, they can be uploaded to the site and used for your advertising campaign. If they are not there, then the features of traffic distribution can be worked out on the go.

Among the target settings, you can choose the gender and age of the target audience, profession, employment level, education, approximate earnings, the presence of children or a significant other, the availability of Internet networks, and much more. All this allows you to hit a potential client as accurately as possible and get a confirmed lead.

After setting up the features of the target audience, you need to decide on the regularity of displaying ads. Everything is clear here, but keep in mind that when working with several GEOs, you need to adapt to the local time. Also, separate restrictions on the display time can be made on holidays.

The last step in setting up a campaign is the promotion payment model. There are only two options - either these are clicks or impressions. In some cases, it is possible to pay for the performance of other targeted actions. We adjust the coverage and select the appropriate payment rate, then you can save the settings and click on "Create a campaign", after which you need to wait a while.

As soon as the ads are moderated (usually it takes from several hours to one day), the traffic will begin to flood and the first leads will go. If some of the site rules are not met, the moderators will say this in a response letter and return the RK for revision. When you fix everything you need, then after re-checking the campaign will be approved.

Also, just in case, we recall the importance of analysis and optimization of promotion. No matter how good the creatives and enticing slogans are, not all of them can reach the audience, and therefore you need to monitor the statistics and remove ineffective banners, replacing them with something else or injecting more traffic into existing options.

As for the analysis of the results, it was not in vain that we previously mentioned UTM tags, which allow you to analyze the arrival of potential customers from different traffic sources, see the duration of their stay on the site, perform targeted actions, and much more.

In other words, try to be attentive to the advertising campaign, think carefully about the creos and slogans to attract the audience, test new GEOs, gain more and more coverage and do not forget to constantly improve the RK - this is the only way to achieve a good conversion rate and confirmed leads.

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