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All about Yandex Advertising Network



 Traffic arbitrage is a very broad area and includes dozens of traffic sources, from each of which you can get a constant profit.

One of the most permanent and best among them is the Yandex advertising network (YAN), which allows you to work with already warmed up potential customers and remind past buyers of yourself.

However, let's imagine that we have just started promoting our product and do not know at all what this affiliate system is like.

Next, we will discuss in detail what YAN is, what are its advantages over other affiliate programs, how to launch an advertising campaign with it and make money from it.

Yandex targeting - what is it?

Yandex targeting combines a huge number of advertising tools, including banners during the display of search queries, text and image ads when browsing sites and switching to applications that YAN cooperates with.

We all know how wide the company's ecosystem is and how big its customer base is, so it's worth talking in more detail about the principles of this system.

Here it is customary to distinguish between two types of promotion - a search campaign and promotion through YAN. The first option involves showing ads when a potential client searches for a product, which allows you to work with a hot audience looking for a profitable offer right now.

The second option is formed on the basis of the behavioral factor. If in recent days the user has been looking for information on some service, then in the next few hours or the next day you should expect an advertising banner with a similar theme. Such an audience will also be warmed up, but now they are not looking for an opportunity to buy the product that the banner offers, but they are thinking about it. Properly push the client to purchase and the profit is yours.

Of course, not everything is so simple here, and when targeting in Yandex, you need to take into account a number of nuances:

  1. The format is not suitable for urgent services. If you provide urgent medical care, help to process documents in a day or pull out a car on a tow truck, then these services are safely classified as “urgent” and will be much better entered through a search;

  2. Creativity is the engine of progress. It is on him that the effectiveness of advertising depends, because the first thing the user sees is a large image, which the eye in any case involuntarily wants to study. If you are interested in Creo, then it will come to reading the text part, and there it is not far from the click, and maybe even to the purchase of the advertised product;

  3. Variability is good. If before viewing your ad, the target audience has already seen the offers of competitors, then it is likely that the product will be purchased from them. On the other hand, if we are selling a new collection of sneakers that has several models, then it is worth offering several options at once. So the probability of buying at least one of them increases significantly.


Benefits of advertising in YAN

The main advantage of the advertising network is its incredible coverage of sites and audiences - Yandex already combines more than 40,000 sites and mobile applications, on which an average of 65 million users are active every day. However, these are not the only advantages of the site:

  1. Ad constructor. The company recently introduced a new technology - Smart Design. It allows you to assemble a completely ready-made advertisement from scratch, including text, links, creo, and a button - you just need to set the parameters of the target audience. Moreover, product additions have been added and now, along with the ad, users will be able to see the image and cost of the promoted product.

  2. Wide range of targeting options. Yandex provides hundreds of parameters for finding the very client who will definitely be interested in your product. In addition to the usual keywords, you can use retargeting, behavioral factor,s and geotargeting.

  3. Promotion will always be profitable. The system algorithms are configured in such a way that you just need to fill in the budget and indicate the number of expenses for the next week. Then she will set the rates for each type of promotion herself so that in the end the webmaster gets the maximum efficiency from the advertising campaign.

Earnings on traffic arbitration through YAN

Before setting up the advertising campaign itself, it is important to talk about ad formats, which we will discuss in the next block.

Ad formats

  1. The first and most common option is called the standard banner. This text-and-image ad, which is used to promote goods and services, can be in three variations: a fixed block, a non-fixed container, and a custom block, the maximum of which is one large banner, or 9 small Yandex.Direct ads.

  2. The second format of promotion is media advertising. It aims to introduce a person to a brand, get them interested in a new collection of products, and show something that will make the target audience click on the banner.

  3. The third option is the most technologically advanced and is associated with Smart Design technology - the ad itself will adapt to the design of the page on which it is promoted, it is enough to set the advertising parameters.

Last in place, but one of the first in importance is the option with a video format, which involves an adaptive video block with a size of 320x180 px.

Setting up an advertising campaign in YAN

First you need to set the avatar of the target audience. To do this, we go to Yandex.Metrics, where we set the goals of the advertising campaign - there are a lot of them, but in our example we will be configured to receive a large number of visits to a given site and view specific pages of it. At the same time, we indicate the name of the RK, the desired income and click "Add goal".

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You can check the appearance of a new goal in the corresponding section "Goals". When all the preparatory stages have been completed, we proceed to the advertising campaign.

On the main page of YAN, click the "Add" button, select "Campaign" and the type of advertisement, in our case it will be a text-graphic block. Specify a link to the site being promoted and select a traffic source (YAN), then link the previously created metric to the RK and proceed to setting key queries.

At the same time, we set the value of the conversion and determine what it is planned to spend the budget on. This can be some kind of targeted action, such as applying for a service, purchasing a product, subscribing to a newsletter, and so on, or simply going to a website.

If you choose a target action, then be sure to enable the "Pay for conversions" function so that the funds are withdrawn only when the action is completed.

A good option would be to set up the retargeting. For example, if a potential client has looked at about 2-3 pages of our site, then it is worth adding it to a special database and subsequently Yandex will show more ads from your company.

The next step is budget allocation. You need to choose an appropriate cost per conversion and a weekly budget. In this case, the invested amount must be at least 10 conversions per week.

Next, we set up the time of the promotion, where you need to specify the time zone, time and days of displaying banners. If you wish, you can not limit this moment at all, and we will get the maximum amount of coverage, while the budget will be spent much faster. It remains to fill in the contact information for your business, and the basis for the advertising campaign is set.

The following steps are the technical content of the promotion:

  1. We put down the GEO depending on the avatar of the target audience.

  2. Set the conditions for displaying ads:

  • Keywords and negative phrases. Both terms are clear to us, the only clarification is that a maximum of 200 phrases can be inserted;

  • Retargeting. As mentioned earlier, when a user performs certain actions, he is entered into the database and subsequently receives a new advertisement from Yandex. Here you need to set these actions.

  • CA interests. No more than 3 sets (10 interests for each) are set per ad, and all of them must be directly related to your product or service. For example, if we are talking about cosmetics, then the set should include beauty, health, and similar categories.

  • Product add-ons. We remind you that this feature can be very useful because it allows a potential customer to immediately see a photo of the product, its description, and its cost.

In addition to all that has been said, we will make a clarification on negative phrases. You need to write them very carefully because Yandex takes every word so seriously that it can mow down almost half of the sites with your potential customers. Therefore, it is worth inserting universal words that will allow you to exclude clearly unsuitable sites.

This completes the target audience setting and you can proceed to the last step - creating an ad and launching an advertising campaign. In our case, we choose the text-graphic format. We insert links to the site and those pages that the user should visit.

We set the ad text, where its title can be up to 56 characters, an additional name up to 30 characters, and the text itself up to 81 characters. The next step is creativity. If required, we also fill in a virtual business card to identify the company in Yandex. Maps, the cost of goods or services (you can enter the old and new prices if there are discounts).

It would be useful to add information about installments, free shipping, and other bonuses for a potential buyer. Be sure to use the Quick Links feature, which will take you straight to the product page. Before you complete the setup, you can see what the finished ad will look like. Up to 50 banners can be used for one RK.

This completes the setting of the advertising campaign - it remains to replenish the account with the required amount and wait for the end of moderation on the settings made and the created ads.

After the launch of the advertising campaign, do not forget to monitor the statistics and optimize promotion - exclude ineffective banners and try new strategies to identify the most profitable option.


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