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Paying for FB and Google Ads



Over time, it only becomes more difficult to drive traffic on popular platforms like FB or Google Ads - fewer and fewer traffic sources can be used without detours, and all that remains is to look for fewer legal options for launching an advertising campaign.

However, arbitrageurs are no strangers to this, and today we decided to help our partners with one of the problems that have arisen - replenishment of advertising cabinets through blocked sources. More specifically, let's talk about the most popular companies, namely Google and Facebook Ads. How to knit payments to these services without unnecessary problems? We understand further.

How do other TOP teams solve this issue?

Before dwelling on any specific option, let's discuss how other popular webmaster teams deal with the problem of replenishing advertising accounts.

Firstly, the most obvious and simple option is to enlist the support of other affiliates or just foreign citizens who can provide high-quality virtual machines for an adequate cost. This is not uncommon on various forums, but the option is not the best, because you never know when a particular seller will decide to scam and whether he can be trusted in general.

Secondly, you can use the services of already proven companies that continue to work with citizens from Russia and register bank cards with foreign BINs on favorable terms, making it easy to bypass restrictions on any traffic sources.

Thirdly, with a strong desire and distrust of the last two options, you can try to become a client of some foreign bank on your own. For example, issue a card in Kazakhstan, from where you can then withdraw money to Russian payments via WebMoney.

Well, as a fallback, many affiliates are waiting for updates from local payment systems. So, QIWI has been developing bank card packages with foreign BINs for its customers for a long time and soon promises to provide the first results of the work. Similar solutions are planned to be issued by Tinkoff and Alfa Bank. From Yandex, Sberbank and a number of other companies in general, help should not be expected in the coming months.

Based on the foregoing, we concluded that the most reliable at the moment is the second option. In the next block, we will provide a list of really reliable services for buying payment data and briefly go through each of them.

Verified platforms for replenishing advertising accounts on Facebook and Google Ads

For your convenience, below we will tell you what conditions of cooperation each company offers, whether it can be trusted and what other affiliates say about this or that service.


Now the site has become more popular than ever - a favorable price for the purchase of bank cards, a simplified procedure for registering payment data and the absence of any limits on issuing cards. All this makes the platform really interesting to work with, and we can recommend it with confidence.

More specifically, go through the terms of cooperation with it, then the cost of issuing one card will cost you about $ 3, in addition, you will have to pay about $ 3 more every month, but already for servicing virtual machines. As mentioned earlier, you can issue an unlimited number of them, and you don’t need to think long to register each one - although cards are issued for EU citizens, you just need to poke your finger into the sky and indicate the received address, no one bothers to invent personal information, because a passport Here they do not check and you can do whatever you want.

Remarkably, the issuer country is the United Kingdom, and therefore the probability of obtaining a block is extremely low. At the same time, payment data is of good quality and transactions up to 20,000 dollars or euros can be made on each card every month.


An equally popular payment service that does not require the user to pay for the maintenance of bank cards, but takes a hefty sum for issuing them. The cost of obtaining a virtual card varies depending on the selected GEO, but at the moment Belarus ($15), England ($20), Sweden ($30), the Netherlands ($90), Ireland ($90) and the USA ($40) are relevant ).

Like the previous version, here you can release an unlimited number of virtual machines, but for each affiliate, the platform offers its own individual working conditions, which must be agreed in advance with the manager in a telegram. Moreover, the number of cards available for issuance directly depends on your budget, because, in addition to paying for plastic, it is also important to replenish it with quite substantial amounts. In the case of Belarus, this is $100, for England - $500, for Sweden - $100, for the Netherlands - 500 euros, for Ireland - 100 euros, for the USA - $500. On the one hand, the tariffs are not the lowest, but on the other hand, it all depends on the volume of your bay, and for some, these are more than favorable conditions.

Zambulay is also ready to replace cards that will be blocked by Google or FB with new and fully working ones, and even with balance. However, according to the administration of the service, the need for this will rarely appear, because each issued card has a high trust and the probability of its blocking is very small.

Leading Card

A more versatile platform that allows you to release payment data through 12 GEOs at once, while each card will be linked not only to Google and Facebook, but also to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and a number of other foreign traffic sources. To start working with the company, you need to contact its representatives in instant messengers, go through the registration procedure and get your first card.

Despite the variety of GEOs, the cost of any of the proposed options is $6, along with this, be prepared to pay $5/month for servicing virtual machines. Their total number, by the way, is limited and cannot exceed 11 cards. Of the conditions, we also note a commission for replenishment in the amount of 4.2% and an additional bonus for Aivix partners - 3 free bank cards.

Gambling Pro Cards

Let's say right away that the option is more than working, but it is suitable only for a garter to the FB. As for the working conditions, they are very interesting here - the cost of issuing cards is zero, which means that you do not need to pay for the service. You can issue an unlimited number of virtual machines, but be prepared for a commission for the first replenishment in the amount of 10-15%.

Also, for work, you will need to add at least $ 150 to the balance, but this only applies to the first card, in the future $ 50 will be enough. At the same time, you can work out the budget with absolutely any vertical, but it is not recommended to use cards somewhere other than FB, and for such payment data they can simply be blocked, and therefore it is better to check everything with the manager before such experiments.

In addition, we note that cards blocked by Facebook are easily exchanged for new ones with a balance transfer, but in return they take 5% of the amount available on it.


One of the best payment systems for arbitrage teams that offers an unlimited number of bank cards with US BINs with completely free service and generally release of payment data. The only thing for cooperation with the company is to make turnovers from $40,000 per month.

On the other hand, if you work with Karta.IO partners, then the minimum threshold can be lowered and all this is discussed individually with the site manager. Otherwise, the service is really good and in addition to simple deposits and withdrawals, it allows you to organize the accounts of a whole team of webmasters.

For example, a team leader can independently set limits for each arbitrator, all of them will be able to issue virtual cards on their own, and each other's accounts will be closed from prying eyes. Even more convenient, statistics on all expenses are updated in real time and are very easy to follow.

We also provide a small list of payment systems that are scammers and simply take users' money for themselves – ePay Service, Paxum, Revolut, MajorFund. Remember that in the current situation, everyone is trying to grab at least a small piece of the benefit and if someone does it in honest ways, then the other half just scam people and do not consider it something wrong.

Be careful and check the information on them on arbitration forums or with your affiliate network manager before using unverified services.


Now in traffic arbitrage, the situation is not the easiest, when without restrictions it is impossible even to simply replenish the account of your advertising account in the desired traffic source. At the same time, you can adapt to everything, but this takes time and, as you can see, even a small gap was enough to find alternatives to the blocked options.

Today we have provided several ways to bypass Google Ads and Facebook account replenishment restrictions at once, use any of the presented options and you will be able to re-upload ads to the desired sources without any problems.




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