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Finding Facebook user accounts



Today we're going to discuss everything related to finding Facebook user accounts.

 Where You are going to buy?  How not to fall for the tricks of scammers and how to constantly have a large database of traffic accounts?


1. There’s no any superstore or a supertrader

 This means that the market for Facebook accounts is quite unstable.

 For example, there is a trader on the market that lead-up an accounts; a person with a bunch of user accounts to sell; a good online store without flanker. But other day he could be no longer in deal and sell all the accounts.  To tell the truth, preparing user accounts is not the easiest process. We don’t see any reason to sell user accounts, but it is better to learn how to sell properly and earn 10 times more than selling user accounts.  Therefore, you will never have a single place where you can always take user accounts.


2. Be careful and don't trust scammers

There is a strong need for user accounts in the market.  That’s why, there are a bunch of people who have an advertising account that already running, the card is linked as a gift and a bunch of other bonuses offering user accounts for a dime. Just give them money.  It is important to understand that ordinary user accounts do not cost $ 5-10, usually the amount of money for an user account can go beyond $ 50. If you are suddenly trying to sell some lit user accounts, with created fanpages, business managers, a link card as a gift, and all this is only for  $ 5 with an advance payment - you can obviously know, these are scammers. Again, there is a thing to check user accounts before buying.  A good seller will always check your account for an active BM. Check the seller's information: google his Telegram login, his phone number, reviews about him, because there are a lot of scammers on the market.


3. The process of searching for accounts is quite tough

The process of collecting a database of account traders is very long and demanding diligence.  In order to have good seller, it is important to attend conferences, meet-ups, etc. Sellers come across in chats in Telegram. Despite that, does it worth trust everyone you met?  Finding valid user accounts is a unique skill that requires being focused and accuracy.  There will always be a user accounts gap, but if you work in a team or with a reliable affiliate program, then the chance of finding qualified traders increases several times.


Here are some tips for finding accounts:

 1. Search on Google for the request “buy facebook accounts”, look for new stores opening

 2. Constantly write to the Telegram chats about arbitration to tell what you want to buy;

 3. attend industry events, conferences - there are account sellers that often could give You business cards;

 4.Visit arbitrage traffic niche forums like the “Fb Killa” one, there’s plenty of sellers like that.

5. Don’t forget to find user accounts from your friends, take user accounts a for rent, ask them to bring their friends and give their user account - by the way, it’s also works well.

 So in 1-2 months you will have a pool of providers, and they will fully satisfy your user account demands.



 Remember that the most important thing in Facebook traffic arbitrage is finding user accounts, it usually pays off.

 Even from the very beginning , you can find user accounts in just a couple of days, and highly increase your income from traffic arbitrage.

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