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TOP 20 Google & Facebook PPC Books



Google & Facebook PPC Books

 Ultimate Guide to Google Ads — Perry Marshall

Google AdWords is the most powerful and highly customizable ad placement system in the world. It is also the most competitive — 3% of advertisers receive 50% of all traffic. It is possible to get into the top 2-5% if you take a more responsible approach to building your campaign and use advanced tools. With the help of this book, you will learn how to plan your advertising campaign in Google AdWords, choose the right keywords and create attractive advertisements, analyze various metrics of your campaign, and use advanced tools from Google.


Google Ads (AdWords) Workbook — Jason McDonald

In this latest edition of the book, you will learn everything, including the new AdWords interface, Google Search Network, Display Network, Shopping ads, and even YouTube advertising. After reading the book, you can advertise on Google without losing money. This edition contains worksheets, video tutorials and free AdWords tools for PPC advertising success. A book you should not miss!


Ask The PPC Manager — David Rothwell

Making PPC make money is just math, says the author. Know the underlying principles. It needs a skill you can learn. It will deliver sales and make money for you. You can repeat the system and scale your business growth. It’s what this new book teaches you. Apply the powerful PPC techniques and create self-managing ad campaigns to make money. Learn the insider strategy to build, measure, manage and scale your PPC campaigns. The book is written to make you easy to follow and transform your business to a new height.


Advanced Google AdWords — Brad Geddes

It is a comprehensive guide to the Google Adwords contextual advertising system. A beginner mastering contextual advertising on Google will become familiar with the history of AdWords, the psychology of Internet search, and the principles of writing keywords and advertisements. The professional will learn about advanced techniques, video and image ads, advertising aimed at mobile users, sophisticated geographic targeting techniques, and metrics analysis to measure the performance of their campaign.


Google Compliance Secrets — Dathen Fairley

Learn to achieve 10/10 search quality scores to raise your ad rankings, make your website Google compliant not to kill conversions, four site design secrets to avoid policy violations, writing sales copy that doesn’t mislead Claims Policy, making money and affiliate offers on the side Google will love, and more. Also learn how to reinstate if you got suspended or disapproved and return to Google's Good Graces.


Google AdWords for Beginners — John Scaglia

This book helps you start using Google advertising program to expand your brand and business, increase sales and revenue. The author teaches you pay-per-click advertising and YouTube advertising from expert insights. Learn how to start using the Google advertising program, types of ads, running your campaigns, the parameters you need to set in, tips to PPC success, free tools to use and reaching the right audience. Improve your skill, conversion rate and sales. If you are a beginner, this guide is for you.


Ponderings of a PPC Professional — Kirk Williams

There is no fixed step-by-step strategy when it comes to PPC success, according to the author. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads change constantly. So, in paid search marketing, you need just the key aspects. In this new book, Kirk discusses complex topics like attribution, audience targeting, automated bidding, agency pricing and more. Will you quit your current job and start a PPC consultancy? How to improve and grow your PPC account? Here, the author reveals his decade long experience to grow profits and revenue with search engine marketing.


Attribution Modelling in Google Ads and Facebook — Himanshu Sharma

According to the author, attribution modelling is the process of understanding the customer purchasing journey and determining the most effective marketing channels or campaigns. In this new edition, Himansu reveals how to implement attribution modelling in Google and Facebook advertising. The author strongly focuses on Google Ads and other tools like Google Analytics. Optimize your online performance through attribution modelling using the two advertising platforms. 


Google AdWords For Dummies — Howie Jacobson

Dummies Books are great. Again, this AdWords book is great for explaining AdWords for small businesses. The authors explain new tactics like remarketing, ad extensions, feeds for e-commerce, mobile advertising, advanced ad writing, and Google display network. This book is a must for you if you want to explore Google AdWords. This book has useful tips for maximizing your AdWords campaigns.


Mastering Google Adwords — Noah Gray

Using Google AdWords is essential when you need quick conversions and want to stand out in Google search results. It is the most popular PPC advertising solution when your site visibility is problematic even though you constantly focus on specific keywords, local traffic, and regular SEO strategies. How to do it cost-effectively? Read and master Google AdWords with this book!


Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising — Perry Marshall

Advertising expert Perry Marshall with his co-authors, in this latest edition, helps you to discover the target audience and get a 10 times return on your investment. Learn to use news feeds, videos, and branded content to maximize your ad ROI, create your custom audiences and use the Facebook Campaign Blueprint that can generate your first 100 conversions. Use Audience Network and Instagram. They can boost your ads. Leverage the Power of Pixel to track and retarget engaged users. They teach you how to maximize your campaigns and increase conversions on your website. A must-read for every social media marketer!


The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising — Jessica Ainsworth

Learn about Facebook ads and create impactful ads. The book is straightforward and provides easy to follow tips. It will take you to the next level and expand your reach to new possibilities. Know what Facebook advertising is and why you should do it. Capture the potential customers who left your website without completing the sale. Conduct lead generation campaigns to get qualified sales leads. Jessica Ainsworth has helped businesses reach into new pools of potential customers and this book guides readers to start successful Facebook ads just from the beginning.

Facebook Marketing for Business & Online Strategies — Christopher Allan Levy

The main purpose of this book is to make you immune from the possibility of losing money on your Facebook marketing and advertising. Inexperienced marketers invest their money in the hope they’d gain profits from their campaigns and at last get lost. If you don’t want it to happen to you, this guide is for you. The author explains how to set up a Facebook Business Manager and Ad account, apply the 3-step most profitable Facebook Ads strategy, plan your complete marketing ecosystem and much more.


FACEBOOK MARKETING SECRETS 2021 — Gary Godin, Allan Kennedy

What secrets are in this book? The right tools to manage your business properly! A powerful content strategy, the right mindset of investments and the secrets of Facebook advertising will turn your FB page into a passive income source. In this book, discover the right mindset of Facebook success, 7 rules to make your page effective, 6 best tools to automate your page, 8 steps to a winning ad campaign and other pro tips.


Facebook Marketing Advertising 2021 — Mark J Cook

Facebook can grow your business. Set up your business page, create an ideal customer profile and create your detailed marketing plan. The book will help you reach the next step. It guides you to choose your audience, set up your page theme, run ads and target your audience, create a sales funnel, set up Facebook Business Manager and more. A book with a true marketing concept!


Facebook Marketing Step by Step — Bryan Bren

Use Facebook ads, gather customer information and metrics and grow your business. The book helps you set up ad campaigns, sales funnels, target the desired audience and more. This guide teaches you how to start engaging with people, advice to use Facebook apps, create ads and use tools to make them effective, know Facebook marketing fundamentals, create engaging content, optimize content with SEO, enhance marketing strategies using contests, posts, sponsored stories and more.


Complete Facebook Advertising Guide — Chris J. Brodie

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook can be your huge traffic source and sales spot by running effective advertisements. But running ad campaigns effectively on Facebook is a difficult and tedious process. This guide helps you get into the right direction and save money from wasted ads. Learn in-depth lessons on ad guidelines, Facebook Pixel mastery, Facebook business accounts, types of ads and choosing the right one for your campaign, creating effective ad copy, etc.


Facebook Marketing For Dummies— Stephanie Diamond, John Haydon

Facebook is one of the most known social media platforms today. Taking this advantage, this new book from the Dummies series says, “Add Facebook to your marketing plan and watch your sales grow.” In this edition, the authors try to highlight the new tools and features of Facebook useful to marketers. Marketers can use Facebook strategies to establish social media presence, brand awareness campaigns, specific audience targeting along with other marketing strategies.


Facebook Marketing — Susan Hollister

If you want to improve visibility and traffic and want to advertise on Facebook for best results, this book explains the great strategies for you to follow. Develop a strong online presence and get the most out of Facebook with it. Reach millions of the hungriest people you want to offer your products and services using the fresh new techniques found in this guide. Minimize your efforts and expenses and maximize the results you want to achieve. Learn to optimize your Facebook Page, implement the best strategies to dramatically increase your presence, identify and target the right audience, engage, and keep them hungry for more.


Facebook Marketing for Small Business — Arnel Leyva

If you are a small business, Facebook can be your best friend to find new buyers, to promote your brand and to increase your site traffic. In this book, the author teaches you how to apply marketing techniques to Facebook users to convert them into sales. You’ll learn step-by-step marketing instructions and success stories in this book.


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