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TOP 10 Creativity books



Accidental Genius — Mark Levy

When it comes to generating ideas, we often hold ourselves back. Each of us has an inner censor who is called upon to endlessly polish our thoughts so that we do not look stupid in the eyes of others. But what if we are faced with hard problems where traditional solutions lead us to a dead-end? How to get out of the stupor and find a non-trivial solution? Mark Levy offers a simple but very effective technique — freewriting. He has used it over the years for solving business problems, generating ideas, writing articles, and even books. 

Creativity — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Mihai Csikszentmihalyi seeks the answer to what makes a creative person creative. Destiny, genes, work, society? He studies the life path of outstanding people: poets, biologists, physicists, politicians, artists, and businessmen. Based on his famous theory of flow, he explains the creative process. This book takes creativity on a scientific basis. Why does creativity need to be cultivated? Why is it so necessary for every person and society as a whole? And how to make the life of an individual richer? Through creativity. 

Art Of Creative Thinking — Rod Judkins

Applying creative thinking to non-creative areas can provide tremendous benefits. Areas such as accounting, insurance, finance, banking, academia, capital construction, mass production, or any other “serious” industry can be ideal places to inject creativity. Moreover, it is in them that, contrary to generally accepted ideas, the use of a creative approach often turns out to be very effective. The famous English artist, designer, educator, and business consultant on creative thinking, Rod Judkins, analyzes and summarizes many examples of the formation of geniuses. His rich creative experience convincingly shows that everything great is understandable and achievable. The book offers a set of simple yet effective tools to help representatives of different professions unleash their growth potential and find unexpected solutions to everyday problems.

The Modern Day Spotter's Guide — Richard Horne

Become the most creative person in your environment! It's time to open your eyes! With our daily planner, you will quickly develop your attention and imagination. Many fascinating details are hiding around you. You just need to see them! Take a good look around! Where there used to be monotony, now there is intrigue — sights and unusual images that cause delight, surprise, and entertainment, which can paint every day with bright colors. Remember, life is in the details — don't let them pass by you.

The Systems Thinking Playbook — Linda Booth Sweene, Dennis Meadows

The book contains practical exercises and games that allow you better understand the features of human thinking, teach you to see how the world works, interact with it, teach teamwork, and form a creative approach to performing any tasks.

Creativity Rules — Tina Seelig

World bestselling author and Stanford professor Tina Seelig has been teaching students how to develop entrepreneurial thinking creatively. In her book, she shares her knowledge and life experiences. She gives inspiring examples and practical advice on how to turn dreams into reality.

Readers will learn about the four stages of the inventive cycle:

  • Imagination (the ability to imagine things that do not yet exist)
  • Creativity (using imagination to solve problems)
  • Innovation (using creativity to develop unique solutions)
  • Entrepreneurship (introducing innovation into life)

Sequentially moving from one stage to another, you can come up with an attractive idea and, on its basis, create something more complex and significant.

How To Get To Great Ideas — Dave Birss

Dave Birss, who has led the creative departments of the UK's top ad agencies (Poke, OgilvyOne, and McCann Worldgroup), presents an effective tool to help you generate the best ideas by optimizing all available thought resources. This book is for one and all, regardless of education level, position held in any company.

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity — Tina Seelig

Today it is hard to compete and achieve success without innovation and creating unconventional solutions. Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not a gift from above given to the chosen one at birth. It is a skill that anyone can develop.

The Shape of Ideas — Grant Snider

What do the ideas look like, and where do they come from? How to grab a thought by the tail and force yourself to create? Also, how to hit the wall correctly? How to survive for a freelancer, what to do if one door closes and the other does not open. How to ask questions to get an unexpected answer and dozens of others with humor, self-irony, and ease? Grant Snyder reveals in his short comics all these secrets.

Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. A Handbook of Methods — Martin Tomisch, Madeleine Borthwick

The book offers a complete set of 60 techniques applicable to any innovative project. This is a flexible, interactive course for anyone interested in learning the techniques of design thinking. For each method, the book contains simple exercises, as well as ready-made templates and tools, case studies, and design problems. The book's user-friendly structure allows beginners to learn about design thinking methods in their way. And for a practicing designer, the book will become an excellent desktop assistant.


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