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TOP 15 Philosophy for Business Books



Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

It is a unique book: it tells about the key properties of people, systems, and a property that has not yet had a name. In a world where uncertainty reigns, one cannot wish for more than to be antifragile. That is to become better than before, to evolve, to develop when faced with the chaos of life. Taleb formulates simple rules that allow us to overcome fragility and act so that unpredictable uncertainty, this formidable and sudden Black Swan, does not harm us — and so that this rare and powerful bird will help us improve. To do this, we must, first of all, realize: we are by nature antifragile - and we must not allow anyone to deprive us of this wonderful property.

The Art of War — Sun Tzu

It is a classic guide to the strategy of behavior in conflicts of any level — from military operations to political debate and psychological rivalry, as well as the "Book five rings ”by Miyamoto Musashi, dedicated to the art of strategy. Acquaintance with these texts will allow the reader to gain the wisdom of the ages and win any war.

Blue Ocean Strategy — Kim W. Chan, Mauborgne Renee

We used to think that competition is a symbol of a healthy business. However, every year the competition becomes more and more intense, and the struggle for the liking of the consumer (and his wallet) becomes more and more bloody. The business ocean has turned red, and it is becoming harder to survive in it. The authors of the "Strategy" are sure that you need to step aside and think of something completely new. And then, in the calm waters of the Blue Ocean, your business will achieve the growth it wants. Jang Kim and Moborn offer detailed instructions on how to get a company out of competitive stress and create an entirely new business model.

Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy — Phil Barden

This book analyzes consumer behavior using modern decision science. The author talks about why people make purchases, what happens in the buyer's mind when he makes a decision, and how you can use the latest scientific knowledge in your marketing activities.

Unthinking: The Surprising Forces Behind What We Buy — Harry Beckwith

The book is about us and what drives our unconscious choice. As a rule, we make a purchase decision at the level of feelings, sometimes in a matter of seconds, and then we logically adjust the rationale to the decision made. We often buy even expensive things, guided by emotions and not sober calculation. By answering many unexpected questions, the book helps to understand how the masters of marketing skillfully manage our choices.

Atlas Shrugged — Ayn Rand

This book changes the worldview: it forms a holistic vision of the world and provides answers to questions about the meaning of human life and the social significance of entrepreneurship. According to opinion polls conducted in 1991 by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club in America, Atlas Shrugged is the second book after the Bible that has made a difference in the lives of American readers. The book hit The New York Times bestseller list three days after it went on sale and remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 21 weeks.

The Bed of Procrustes — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The essay was written three years after the publication of the famous "Black Swan" and is a kind of postscript to it. The reason for its creation was the outright hostility with which the world economic elite greeted the book. Fighting off malicious attacks from critics, Taleb simultaneously develops his idea of the role of chance and talks about how a modern person should behave to stay on his feet in our unstable world in any situation, literally and figuratively. The book also includes a collection of Taleb Nassim's aphorisms — a brilliant quintessence of his original ideas.

Brave New World — Oldos Huxley

"Brave New World" is an exquisite and witty dystopia about a genetically programmed "consumer society" in which the tragic story of the Savage — "Hamlet" of this world unfolds.

Marketing Essentials — Philip Kotler

The work provides a general description of marketing as a direction of economic activity. Its entire complex, its constituent elements, and also shows how to use marketing in a particular market situation, is presented in a generally accessible form. To facilitate the assimilation task, the author uses some specific examples, including goal setting in each chapter, and introduces a splash screen. The book contains numerous diagrams, tables, boxes containing additional examples.

Doing What Matters — James M. Kilts

How to define the main idea of a business? Which problem should you solve first? What should be a true leader? Finally, what if an outwardly successful company finds itself on the brink of an abyss? All these questions are answered by the book "Doing What Matters". James Kilts, a brilliant crisis management manager, summarized his 30 years of experience in rescuing brands and companies. Gillette, which was rapidly losing ground, changed after he came as CEO so much that the great Warren Buffett left the company's board of directors, saying that he was now calm about its future. Kilts was successful thanks to his principle - to pay attention only to the important, ruthlessly cutting off all unnecessary.

The Art of Strategy — Avinash K Dixit

It is a very successful book on game theory. It contains many examples of how game theory works every day, even if we are not aware of it. The book will help you better understand how decisions are made in situations of competition or cooperation. Since we participate in the "game" anyway, we better know its rules.

Mind Power into the 21st Century — John Kehoe

The author of this book, in solitude among the forests of the Canadian province of British Columbia, spent three years pondering the questions of the human brain. The ways to activate his unlimited resources, developed and combined by John Kehoe into a specific program, can change your life for the better, fill it with success and happiness.

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness — Jim Rohn

The book's author, a well-known advocate of business philosophy, offers seven unique strategies for success. By adopting them, you will be able to control your time and finances, learn to change and strive for knowledge, gain a charge of energy and a desire to achieve goals, surround yourself with winners.

The Virtue of Selfishness — Ayn Rand

It is a collection of articles written by the author in different years and united by one theme — the defense of the concept of "reasonable egoism" as the ethical basis of a free capitalist society. The author convincingly proves that only within the framework of a system that puts the rights of the individual and reason at the forefront. People can freely develop and find happiness without being enslaved by dictators, the state, and other people. It means that only such a system can be recognized as moral and corresponding to human nature.

The Choice — Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Eli Goldratt created and developed the famous theory of limitations. It is actively used by both organizations and individuals. In his latest book, the author offers us the latest methods of activating thinking and shows how effectively they are manifested in practice. The book is structured in the form of a dialogue between the author and his daughter, which provides specific examples and situations that reflect the interconnection of emotions, intuition, and logic, as well as explanations of how this affects our ability to think clearly and make decisions regarding personal and professional problems.


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