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TOP 10 HR Management Books



Who. The A Method for Hiring – Smart Geoff, Street Randy

The authors show some real-life examples of why it is vital in HRM to consider the time of recruitment and what ineffective recruiting can turn out to be. For example, the salary of an unsuitable specialist can be 10-15 times more than the profit they bring to the company. To avoid this, the authors offer solutions from billionaires, TOP managers, and HR generalists.

How to Become a Great Boss – Jeffrey J. Fox

Successful recruitment depends on how HR processes are built; and whether there is a specific strategy for finding and developing staff. And also from a detailed written portrait of a potential employee, identifying KPIs (together with department heads) and other business factors. The author has collected in one book tips from top managers of American companies, their unusual, and sometimes even strange, cases with one goal – to help improve the process of hiring employees.

Talent Wins – Ram Charan

The book is valuable because it will allow you to understand what is meant by the concept of "employee potential." How to properly assess it, what parameters, and how to develop it. It will show how, with the help of effective personnel capabilities management, you can take the company to a new level and build a team that will constantly develop, and no one wants to leave it. 

Toyota Culture – Jeffrey Liker, Michael Hoseus

The book will show how a company striving for maximum automation of technical processes increases the involvement of people and helps them develop as individuals. The authors will also suggest how you can teach staff to immediately report problems and make people do their job not just well but perfectly. And all this can be realized thanks to a properly built corporate culture.

Work Rules! – Laszlo Bock 

Based on psychology and the latest developments in behavioral economics, examples from the experience of Google and some other successful companies, Laszlo Bock tells how to create a company where employees are valued and listened to and where they dream of working.

Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management – Michael Armstrong

People are a strategic resource that requires management, taking into account the current goals and objectives of the organization. The textbook on strategic employee management has become an indispensable tool for managers. Michael Armstrong offers proven techniques you can use. These tools are tailored to the needs of your company.

Remote: Office Not Required – Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

The founders of 37signals company managed to create a company that successfully employs people from all over the world. To become a part of their company it is enough to have a computer and Internet access. Well, and be talented, of course. In their new book, Jason and David show how companies and employees can effectively work remotely.

The HR Value Proposition – David Ulrich

According to the authors of this book, the most important thing in the work of the HR department is the result that ensures the creation of additional market value for the company. The approaches proposed in the book you can put into practice. The book will undoubtedly interest HR professionals who are striving for changes in their company by improving its HR service and raising their professional level. 


How Would You Move Mount Fuji? – William Poundstone

The problem-solving and puzzle-solving approach to Microsoft's job interviewing is now being adopted by many companies that want to identify the most creative candidates among the brightest. The book outlines this technique and offers more than thirty complex problems and puzzles. The book shows how, with the help of creative and analytical thinking, you can find answers to the most non-standard questions.

Gen Z @ Work – David Stillman

The book is about a central force in today's job market – Generation Z. It is the largest ever study co-authored with a member of Gen Z that observes Zoomers in the workplace. Generation Z is those who were born between 1995 and 2012. Gradually, they become the major labor force in the labor market. The study is about their features, significant differences from the "millennials" habits, motivation, views on career, and success.

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