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Voice Search



hat is it and why is the future of traffic arbitrage need this technology?

Every year more and more interesting technological additions appear in traffic arbitrage. New ways to interact with the audience, new traffic sources and triggers to attract customers. An example of the latter is the growing popularity of Voice Search.

A quick and universal voice search easily finds the goods the user needs, and mobile devices themselves are only becoming more relevant for arbitration. Let's understand what Voice Search is and how this technology will help your advertising campaign.

Voice Search Features

The main advantage of voice search we have already mentioned above is the speed of data processing. Firstly, you can contact the assistant even without unlocking the phone, turning on the browser, waiting for it to load, and entering a request from the keyboard. Everything is done in a second with a couple of words. Secondly, even a purely physical person can say 3-4 times more words at one time than write the same text.

All this led to a logical outcome - almost every large company has its own voice assistant. Google, Yandex, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Mail.ru, and so on - now more than half of all Internet users use voice search capabilities. So, according to a study by the analytical company Bright Local, more than 70% of people have already started using Voice Search, and 46% prefer it daily to entering a query in the address bar.

Moreover, if initially, it was just a nice addition for search engines and their users, then gradually the changes got to traffic arbitrage. For example, Google is much more willing to promote sites that are adapted to voice search and considers them the most convenient to use.

Thus, although not all webmasters have managed to adapt to these changes, it is worth doing it now, before a large proportion of targeted traffic has been captured by other affiliates.


Which sites require optimization for Voice Search?

If desired, using the voice assistant, the client can ask absolutely any request and receive a relevant answer. However, most people use it when searching: 

• "Places nearby";

• For laying a route somewhere;

• To view the current exchange rate;

• To buy tickets for movies or other events.

In other words, so far, voice search is most relevant for the business industry, with the help of it people find the places and organizations they need. On the other hand, if you correctly adapt Voice Search to your offer, then artificial intelligence can freely show the webmaster's site in the search results.

For example, if we were talking about the sale of cosmetics in Moscow and adapted our landing page to this topic, then the user could freely say the phrase “buy cosmetics in Moscow” and get our site in the first lines of search results. That is, this is a banal adjustment of an advertising campaign to contextual advertising and keywords.

What is even more interesting is the introduction of voice search technology to the site itself. If you take the same online cosmetics store, then there will certainly be creams for skin care or hands or the whole body at once, hair care products, and so on. Such variety can confuse the buyer when he came for one specific product. In the case of a voice search, it is enough to say the name of the product and get the entire range of the store for this request.


How to optimize your website for voice search?

Let's start with more general requirements that apply to all voice assistants.

Mandatory requirements

First of all, optimize the site as a whole:

1. It should not freeze and load in a few seconds.

2. It is important to structure the content so that it is convenient for the user to navigate the page and immediately select only what he needs.

3. Work through the XML map. It is useless for the client, but very important for search robots. With its help, they will be able to understand the features of the site and quickly index all its pages in the search.

4. Adapt the platform for mobile traffic. It would be foolish to work with voice search, which is used for smartphones if your site is not adapted for them.

5. Micromarking. It will be equally useful for both artificial intelligence and the user. With its help, snippets will look more complete, which means that Voice Search will recommend such a site for viewing more often.

6. As new technologies appear, try to add them to the pages. For example, Turbo pages or AMPs from Google would be good designs. Both of these options perfectly speed up the loading of the site, and if you use light pages from Yandex, then it won’t take even one second at all.

7. Create an FAQ section. Usually, it includes small, but important questions for customers, which they ask the voice assistant. If these phrases are on your site, then it is quite clear where the AI will direct the user.

Second, work on your domain's Ahrefs ranking - it should be as high as possible. To do this, you can at least add an SSL certificate and initially use reliable hosting services with a good reputation.

The third point - try to increase the awareness of the promoted offer and the advertiser's company as a whole. All this affects the virality of the offer. You can increase it in several ways, for example, in addition to promoting a product through contextual advertising, additionally, try launching an advertising campaign on social networks.

The fourth point - not to forget about keywords. Even if we are talking about some very popular direction, it is important that the site comes across in the top 3 or top 5 of the search results for the most important keys for your offer. A competent study of the semantic core can help in this, but keep in mind that it is necessary to include not only high-frequency queries in it.

As such, the frequency for Voice Search is generally of little importance, because here the keys are adapted specifically for voice search. That is, if Wordstat shows 10 impressions for one request, and 1000 for another, then the first one can still have a higher priority since it will be better suited for the voice assistant.

Well, as an addition, we recommend that you work out page snippets as best as possible. It is for them that voice search most often checks the compliance of your platform with user requests.

Additional requirements

In addition to the standard functionality that all voice assistants have, each artificial intelligence is endowed with its own additional features. If you can adapt to them, then this will be an extra bonus for an advertising campaign. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Alice. Knows how to joke and accurately answer even the most provocative questions.

2. Google assistant. Can simultaneously process requests from 30 different languages, set reminders, and plan routes.

3. Siri. It can work not only with the search but also with the client's phone as a whole, managing applications.

Voice Search Tools for website optimization 

In addition to manually processing traffic and setting up your platform, be sure to try the useful tools presented in this block.

The first group of these includes services for analyzing requests - Yandex Wordstatand Google Ads Scheduler. For subsequent segmentation of keys for the desired offer or audience, you should use Ahrefs or Answer the public. Both options include a lot of filters, ranging from banal sorting by relevance to an assessment of the difficulty of revealing specific keys on the page.



The next group of services is necessary for a webmaster if he does not know what questions to fill in the FAQ section - Buzzsumo and Яндекс Кью. Here, ordinary people ask quite ordinary questions about the goods they are interested in and not only. With their help, you will understand what your target audience thinks about and what doubts they face before buying.

Services for evaluating the quality of site adaptation. Even if you are sure that everything is fine with the landing, it would be useful to see how the site looks on different devices, whether it still has any problems, and so on. This can be done using the Responsive Design Checker, Pr-CY.

In addition to the previous category, we recommend checking the site loading speed, which allows you to do PageSpeed Insights and Speed Scorecard from Google.

Well, the last group of auxiliary software is services for working out a sitemap. First, you can use XML-sitemaps or MySitemap Generator to easily create an XML sitemap. Secondly, for work, you can try a marker from Google, which transmits information to search robots about the current structure of the site.

As you can see, a lot of things need to be done to optimize pages for voice search, but in this section, we have presented a maximum of auxiliary services. All of them are free and perfectly perform the task assigned to them, so use them and significantly simplify your work.


At the moment, Voice Search technology is just beginning to enter the advertising market but has already managed to make a lot of noise. Without a doubt, we can say that in a few years it will form the basis of future traffic arbitration and will be used everywhere.

If at this time you want to get a sea of traffic with minimal effort, then we recommend that you now gradually adapt advertising to voice assistants. In today's material, we told in detail how to do this and what programs are best used to optimize the site.

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