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Traffic sources you should not work with in 2022



Traffic arbitrage is a very ambiguous direction for making money, where some updates are constantly taking place, and it is important to have time to adapt. Trends change, converting links too, new sources appear, and old ones cease to bring their former profit. And it is the last point that will be discussed now.

Why does a source become dead and which advertising platforms should not work with in 2022?

Why do sources stop converting? 

At first glance, it seems that the source is always converting. Otherwise, most likely, the problem will be in the creative, the landing page, or in the whole bundle at once, and if you wish, you can squeeze 100-300% ROI from the platform. However, few understand that even 50% for some sources will already be a success.

The reason for this is the following problematic points:

1. Banner blindness. A prime example of this is social media. The promotional posts here themselves are not much different from the usual ones and sometimes merge into the content flow. Moreover, taking into account the fact that the target audience sees tons of advertising every day, it is infrequent that advertising integration reaches the client at all and whistles past without being noticed.

2. Rigid moderation. Again, if we talk about social networks, then in order to level the point above, you have to make creatives bright, explosive, which the platform moderation does not always like. In this case, there is an eternal struggle and long-term preparation for the banal launch of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Competition. This criterion is more indirect, but still. Often, top arbitrage teams have already gained a foothold on certain sources, which take almost the entire piece of the pie into their wallet. They know local trends and know how to navigate them, and therefore it is quite difficult to resist them.

4. Auxiliary services for blocking ads. For example, push notifications can often be blocked using built-in browser add-ons.

What traffic sources you should not work with in 2022?

Well, now let's get to more specific examples and analyze each of them in detail.


On the one hand, this social network is one of the easiest for the bay. Here you don’t need to bother with farming accounts, creating a business account, and the like, for which many do not like FB or Insta.

At the same time, moderation here is manual, and absolutely always, which means that trust and white offers will not help you quickly promote your profile. Also, in some places, there is a very strange moderation.

For example, if some kind of creative went down due to user complaints, then you will have to re-pass it through the moderators several times so that they accept the ad that already passes according to all the rules. Moreover, such constant checks increase the likelihood of burning the cesspool, which will lead to a ban on the entire profile.

As for the second option with the bay through the public, it lost its relevance even earlier. Almost no community will undertake to advertise gray/black offers, and even white ones often have their own requirements. And we have not yet talked about whether public advertising will pay back the costs at all.

In other words, advertising here is most profitable with information products and essay offers. To achieve an envelope in other areas, you will have to try hard.

Push ads

Although a few years ago, push notifications were great for audiences and brought webmasters more than a worthy envelope, now the situation has become noticeably more complicated. Firstly, a lot of auxiliary software appeared, which literally did not let ads through to the user.

Secondly, the browsers themselves have complicated the procedure for subscribing to push notifications, but on the contrary, they have made it easier to unsubscribe. The third reason is related to bots, which have been divorced a lot in recent months. Yes, they can be blacklisted, but it will take more than one hundred dollars and whether it is worth it is a good question.

On the other hand, these problems mainly concern classic push notifications. On the same in-page pushes or calendar ROI, it works very well and you can really drive traffic here. 


Even such a legendary source is gradually losing its relevance, mainly due to strange decisions on the part of the company itself.

Firstly, moderation in recent years has sunk to some completely illogical level. If the advertising campaign did not pass in the morning, then it can freely pass in the evening from the same advertising account.

Secondly, the stakes in many verticals have become very high and it is possible to achieve profit only when receiving individual terms of cooperation on an offer from the advertiser.

For example, if we talk about nutra, then the cost of a click here is in the range of 9-12 rubles, which, to put it mildly, is a bit high.


It cannot be said that the source is losing relevance since the platform has never been particularly popular with webmasters. First of all, because of the effectiveness of such advertising.

In more detail, you can run an advertising company on Twitter in a free or paid format. The first option involves registering a large number of accounts, distributing the necessary hashtags, reposting your own posts, and so on.

The second option implies, respectively, paid targeted advertising, which has functionality similar to Facebook.

With such opportunities, problems with the envelope should not have arisen, but the fact is that the audience itself is not very disposed to advertising here. Further complicating the situation are high rates, which range from 50 cents to 2 bucks per click. 


First of all, the source is not particularly popular due to the lack of the ability to automate the process with free earnings and the lack of sense in paid advertising.

The first point implies the impossibility of using bots for spam, as was the case, for example, with Twitter. Basically, meaningful answers to questions are needed here, and a link can only be sewn into the profile header, where they may not go at all.

As for paid targeted advertising, it is rarely possible to achieve effectiveness from it due to:

1. Narrow GEOs. Here, most of the users are from India, some from the US, and even fewer people from Canada, Australia, and European countries.

2. Features of the audience. People here do not trust any leftist sites and are much more willing to switch to the platforms of large marketplaces.

3. Rigid moderation. It takes place in manual mode, and if in social networks the problem is solved by cloaking, then here it’s even a pity to spend money on it.


Previously, it was a top source of free traffic, from which you could freely receive thousands of clicks to the site. It was enough just to place more pins and wait for their envelope.

Gradually, the moderation of pictures began to tighten, and in 2022 it turned into something awkward. Bans are caught even by clean accounts that do not post any kind of ban. With this state of affairs, you can get up to 500 clicks on the link per day, which will definitely not pay off the efforts invested. 

Bigo Live

Another free source of traffic that gradually, and then completely, began to lose relevance since 2017. Initially, it was a great platform for mass following, where with 500-1000 subscriptions to a profile, you could get several full-fledged leads.

After some time, the administration introduced restrictions on subscriptions and it was forbidden to subscribe to more than 10,000 accounts. Then there were bans for links in the chat, attempts to transfer the client to another platform for further communication, and so on.

Now the source has completely outlived itself and covered almost all the loopholes for making money.


The last traffic source for today, which is unique in this collection. He has not lost his relevance and will continue to be more alive than all the living. The point is rather that this is the most difficult source of traffic, almost of all possible ones.

Making successful cases here is obtained mainly by large arbitration teams with a multi-thousand-dollar budget. The rest of the guys sag hard in terms of money because here you really need to spend a lot of money on consumables, account promotion, and the advertising campaign itself. But we have not yet talked about the intricacies of moderation and the problematic aspects of this site.

In general, to achieve a good envelope here, you need to try very hard in all plans. 


The sources presented in today's material are not recommended to use, and this is especially true for traffic arbitration beginners. It is likely that specialists in their field will be able to generate profits for certain offers and verticals, but if we consider the platforms presented above as a whole, then they have too many problematic moments.

All of them make the source hardly suitable for work and whether it is worth trying to launch an advertising campaign in it - decide for yourself.

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