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Solo vs team traffic arbitrage



Traffic arbitrage is a complex advertising area. Basically, the problem is how much to consider when launching an advertising campaign. That is why many webmasters began to unite into full-fledged teams and distribute the entire workload to several people.

On the other hand, in 2022 there are still people who work with traffic alone. Is it still more profitable than teamwork? We decided to give it more details and tell you everything about it!


Advantages and disadvantages of solo arbitrage

First of all, we will discuss the negative aspects of working alone. In fact, there is only one minus and that is you. Firstly, when you launch the PC, only you are responsible for the success of profit.

Secondly, when working with any offer, you need to constantly generate new ideas, and try to come up with something unusual and interesting for your target audience. One person may simply not have enough time and creativity for this, and there will be no one to shift the task to. 

Well, the third point - be prepared for colossal processing both in physical and in time and money costs. In the case of the first, you need to understand that even farming accounts/ buying them or compiling promotional text components - all this takes a very long time. Yes, you can enlist the help of a third-party programmer, designer, copywriter, and so on, but how much more effective and profitable is this option than creating a team and immediately including these people in it?

On the other hand, there are still positive aspects to working solo:

1. Independence from anyone's opinion. You make all the decisions by yourself, and even if you want to take a risk, no one will object.

2. Ability to work remotely. Of course, when working in a team, you can also easily fill in remotely. However, it is often office work that is indicated in vacancies. There is complete freedom of action here.

3. The amount of profit depends only on the webmaster himself. There is no need to share with anyone or be afraid that someone in the team will make a mistake and thus reduce the desired level of earnings.

Advantages and disadvantages of team arbitrage 

Let's say right away, although it is usually customary to call this a team, sometimes 100 or 120 people can be involved in traffic arbitration. This is quite normal and everyone here has a role to play. Basically, the team consists of the arbitration specialist himself, a copywriter, designer, programmer, and layout designer. Sometimes this list can be supplemented, for example, by assistants for the execution of small but necessary assignments.

This whole system is perfectly debugged and everyone works only on the component of traffic arbitration that they should work on. This is the main advantage of working in a team - everyone gets the desired amount of earnings and at the same time does not plow 12 hours a day.

We also note the moment with collective responsibility. If you are not involved in working with a budget or are not included in the management team, then even if the advertising campaign will drain a lot of money, then you will not lose anything from this. Your salary, in general, can be fixed and not depend on the success of the profit.

And even if you are not the last person in the team and have access to the advertising budget, in case of failure, the minus is divided among all employees who also have this access. By the way, this is only a small part of the benefits of arbitrage in a team. Let's take a look at the other benefits:

1. You don't need to be a pro to start. Many teams are formed literally from beginners in the advertising direction. This is due to the fact that it is easier for many managers to train someone to fit their requirements than to look for a professional who will do everything differently.

2. Here everyone minds his own business. Indirectly, we described this point above. There are team leads, and buyers, and programmers, and many others - everyone is doing their own thing and knows how to do their job efficiently.

3. No drain restrictions. Yes, you will not be able to make risky trades until you discuss everything with the rest of the team, but you can fill in as many accounts as you like for any budget.

4. You will not need to think through bundles and look for offers. This point applies to ordinary employees in the team. Usually, the team leader is engaged in the search for goods for advertising and bundles.

5. Constant career growth. If you wish, you can always learn and engage, for example, not only in design but also in farming accounts. Moreover, over time, you will gain experience, you will begin to better understand the field, and will be able to freely grow into the same team lead.

On the other hand, there are a couple of drawbacks to such cooperation. For example, to form a full-fledged arbitration team, sometimes you have to try hard.

Well, even if you do not create your own team, then the question is how to join an existing one.

How to start working in an arbitration team

Even if you have no experience, there is still a place in the team. The most important thing is to have the following qualities:

1. Be honest with the team. Be honest about what you are capable of, what skills you have, whether training is required, how much time you are willing to devote to work, and so on. All this will greatly simplify communication in the team and make the performance of your duties more comfortable.

2. Fast learner. Again, nothing supernatural is required of you. Just roughly estimate how much time you are willing to devote to learning.

3. Ambition and initiative. As you understand, there are always a lot of people who want to earn big money. However, only the candidate who truly burns with his work will be taken to the team. Offers new ideas, and wants to develop and improve those skills that he already possesses.

4. Responsibility. Quite often, the employees in the team have a free work schedule and they only do things when there are some tasks for this. At the same time, it is important to have time to do them on time, not to postpone the requests of the manager, and this will definitely be appreciated.

5. Attention to detail. When preparing advertising banners or landing pages, when working with a target audience or farming accounts, everything has its own nuances. It is important to take them into account.


Let's assume that we definitely have the necessary qualities. Where to go in this case, where to look for vacancies?

First of all, this can be done through job search resources and various telegram channels for job search. Although these are ordinary job aggregators, you should not think that traffic arbitrage is very different from them. This is exactly the same job, and if you enter the phrase "Arbitrator" in the search, then you can easily find dozens or even hundreds of interesting options for both junior and senior positions. 

Let's say right away that even with a small number of requirements, you should not count on your acceptance into the team the first time. If you have no experience but have a desire to learn, then there is a high probability that you will have to go through 20-30 companies before being invited for an interview.

Have you got your first meeting proposal? Congratulations - fast learning is already useful here because most often even a beginner needs to have a basic knowledge at least in general about traffic arbitrage. It is tested either in the format of oral communication or through a small test.

If you have successfully passed this stage, then before being accepted into the team, there is still something left - an internship. For about a week you will work in a test format, after which you are finally accepted for a working position, or you receive feedback on what needs to be corrected in your knowledge before getting a job.


Is it possible to create your own affiliate team?

Absolutely every webmaster is capable of this. Another question is how much success you will achieve. Let's start with the most important thing - define your own role in the work.

Perhaps you are best at farming accounts or understanding the intricacies of the target audience, you are good at writing the promotional offer itself, or something else. Focus on this, and the rest will need to be distributed among other team members.

Speaking of which, the second step is to directly assemble the team. It is unlikely that you will immediately be able to make a multi-million-dollar company, but at the first stages of development you need to find at least four pros:

1. Landing layout designer. Proficient in layout (Html, CSS, Javascript, PHP). His tasks will include the very creation of a landing page for the requirements of an advertising campaign.

2. Designer. Creates creatives and often interacts with programmers to develop landing page designs.

3. Technician. His responsibilities include preparing for traffic arbitration. That is, setting up trackers, connecting sites to traffic analytics systems, finding suitable accounts for the bay, and so on.

4. Gulf specialist. He works with all consumables, uploads ads to the target audience and, if possible, looks for new converting bundles.

If you find at least these people in your team, then it already has every chance of success. The rest depends on the competent organization of the workflow.


As you can see, regardless of whether you work in a solo or arbitrage team, you can effectively upload ads and get a good profit from it. The question is worth more in the distribution of risks, work volume, and time. Choose for yourself what is your priority and make a conclusion based on this.


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