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 Over time, financial offers are gaining more and more popularity and more and more affiliates are trying to make money in this direction. At the same time, almost half of them encounter difficulties in traffic distribution and increased competition. It is really difficult to work here, but only for those who do not know the rules of this industry. The rest are earning right now with fin-pushes.

If you really want to start making money on the financial vertical, then we will help you and tell you in detail about the reason for the popularity of push notifications, methods for developing creative and advertising campaigns, give optimization tips, and a lot of other useful information. Go!

Push-arbitrage traffic - what is it?

The method of traffic distribution is push notifications, which are shown as a pop-up message on the phone or the same window on PC devices.

The technology is not innovative and has been used for a long time, but its simplicity allows you to achieve the desired efficiency in almost any vertical. The user just needs to click on one button, and the system will receive permission to send him a huge amount of spam, including the offers you need.

At the same time, push traffic arbitration does not differ much from regular ads, because we can also specify settings for GEO, traffic distribution platform, provider, and many other parameters in the same way. The only negative is the inability to detail the gender and demographics of a potential client.

Why did push notifications become so popular in the new year?

As we said, this is not a new technology that appeared more than three years ago. Nevertheless, now push notifications are reaching a new level and the main advantages of the idea are starting to play with completely new colors.

First of all, push notifications cannot be overlooked. This is a huge window, which can sometimes take up a quarter of a page, and even if you try very hard, you will not be able to miss the notification and in the end the user will still read its contents. Sometimes ads can mimic private messages, which draws even more attention.

Remarkably, advertising on social networks can be skipped, because the eye is already accustomed to separating objectionable content from the rest. This tactic will not work here, which distinguishes push notifications from the main methods of conducting an advertising campaign.

The second plus is the cost of the Republic of Kazakhstan. If somewhere the minimum entry threshold is 500.1000, or even all 2000 dollars, then it is much easier to start earning here, because the minimum cost per click will be about $0.003.

Well, and another advantage that no other source of traffic can compare with is the loyalty of moderation. While Facebook or Google Ads will block your campaign for the tenth time, and you mentally curse them, another arbitrator will already be successfully launched and will have time to approve the flooded traffic.

Also, push notifications are a unique way of promotion, because they are equally well suited for both mobile devices and desktops. Moreover, the first is much more important - we are behind smartphones throughout the day, and if push notifications cannot reach the client while working on a laptop, then this can be done during a trip to the subway, waiting for a taxi, gatherings in a cafe, and even before going to bed.

How to develop ad creatives for push notifications?

First, let's go through the standard components of an advertising creative when launching push notifications:

1. Title. Mostly up to 60 characters and is one of the main parts of the ad, because this is the first thing a potential client sees immediately after the creative.

2. Icon.

3. Description. It should be about 90 characters and can include emoticons, signs, and more - the main thing is to motivate the user to make a click.

4. Creo. The most important element, because the user will not even look at the ad if the main image does not interest him.

For a more complete understanding of good creative, we have made a small selection of different advertising campaigns and present it for analysis.


One of the most effective options in the financial vertical is to use the urgency trigger. Offer a potential client a good amount at low interest under the guise of a temporary promotion that will end in a few hours. Or, if we are talking about the opportunity to earn money, then you can talk about a temporary bonus for registration or free entry to a private community.


The second option is to tell the success story of a simple person who used to have a low-paying job, and now there are mountains of gold, and this is in just a few days. The trigger seems simple, but surprisingly it works very well, especially when a potential client is only a click away from the start of earning.


Every day we spend a huge amount of time in instant messengers and social networks. There we communicate with colleagues, friends and family, and therefore even just the sound of a new notification can completely divert attention in its direction. The message icon makes the same impression on the reader, and therefore well-placed advertising on the site will not pass by the user's attention.

The working scheme is a bundle, where something like “new message” is indicated in the title, and a brief description of the offer is indicated in the description:


We return to the issue of obtaining a profitable loan again, only this type of advertising creatives refers to users who want to get money in their hands and as quickly as possible.

The scheme here is standard - offer the client to receive money immediately after making a small application and then indicate the possible amount to receive. The specific figure may vary depending on the GEO. In Russia it can be 30,000 rubles, in the USA several thousand dollars, and so on - the difference is only in the average income of a resident of a particular state.


Another option for issuing a loan is to do without interest at all and offer the client to withdraw money in a few clicks. He does not need to do anything, just take the desired amount without returning interest - he only needs to repay the debt itself at a convenient time for him. Of course, it sounds quite fabulous, but you can promote the user not for such creatives, the main thing is to correctly present them.


One of the best creative options that allows you to reach a large audience flow, which may not even be interested in financial offers, is useful content.

There are many ideas for this category - a selection of fresh ways to earn money, an analysis of the latest news in the cryptocurrency area, promises of payments from the state, the opportunity to work in a new company where employees are urgently needed and stuff like that. In other words, you must imitate useful content even if it is not there.

Your task is to make clicks, and since users are always happy to absorb useful and potentially profitable content, the click-through rate of such an ad will be guaranteed to be high.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for promotion on the Internet and, starting from this, you can come up with some new creative or walk along an already trodden path. However, regardless of the choice made, do not forget about the optimization of the advertising campaign, because this is not in vain one of the most difficult areas and you always need to monitor the promotion and fix problems on the go.

We will talk about what kind of problems can arise and how they can be fixed in the next block.

Earnings on traffic arbitrage with push notifications - AC optimization

To begin with, it is important to understand that optimization should be timely, not permanent, and you don’t need to modify something immediately after the first conversions appear.

Wait for the first 20-50 leads, after which you can analyze the statistics, draw conclusions and change something for the better. As soon as we have reached this stage, then we need to break the optimization into groups. In our case, there are three of them - creo and landing, target parameters and traffic sources.

What's wrong with Creo?

Often, an advertising campaign begins either with a test flood of traffic to identify the most effective creative, or several banners are launched at once, and along the way, some of them are eliminated, and the maximum budget is poured into the remaining creatives.

If you followed the second option, then the time has come to disable non-converting links. Also, along with this, keep an eye on approaches to promotion in general, because sometimes even effective creatives burn out, but if a general approach has been developed, then all you have to do is replace one good banner with another - leads will again flow like a waterfall.

What's wrong with target?

First of all, you need to look at what type of devices will have the largest conversion - from smartphones or desktops. You can check this with the help of an advertising network through which push notifications flow.

Next, we are distributing by browsers. Chrome is often the most effective, and therefore we recommend using it as the golden mean.

What's wrong with traffic sources?

We collect data from previously installed trackers and analyze the most profitable sources of potential customers. If from some directions it did not come at all or came little, then it may be time to cut the budget for them.

Also at this stage, do not forget to form blacklists and whitelists. At the same time, only blacks should be used initially, since the second type of sheets can greatly cut traffic and take away even the target audience we need. If you wish, you can also pay attention to automatic programs for compiling lists, most often there you can also select additional options for their formation.

These were the most important optimization nuances, and as soon as each of the points has been checked, you can continue earning on traffic arbitrage and wait for a new flow of leads.


As you can see, push notifications are a very useful way to launch an advertising campaign - it does not require large budgets, and to break through solid competition, it is enough to choose a quality offer. At the same time, there are a lot of ideas for creating such ads. Choose any existing link or create something of your own, compose a converting title and you can start promotion. Comfortable, isn't it?

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