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Neural networks in traffic arbitrage



Neural networks are a set of smart algorithms that have been programmed to work in a certain area and launched into independent navigation. Such technologies are used in medicine, marketing, the military industry, and even in traffic arbitration.

Neural networks are constantly learning and are getting better at their task. However, what exactly is artificial intelligence capable of in traffic arbitration and what tasks should it cope with?

Work of artificial intelligence in general

Let's start with two difficult concepts. Creating a neural network is not an easy process in itself, and it can be based on one of two fundamental concepts. The first implies a semiotic model of a neural network. That is, such AI will copy the model of human behavior and try to be like him. This can be used, for example, to communicate with customers on behalf of the company.

In the case when artificial intelligence has to do some work and do it perfectly, the biological format of the neural network is suitable. In this case, it will use natural evolutionary algorithms and will constantly develop, and improve its skills based on her experience.

And although at first glance it seems complicated, almost any software used in traffic arbitration uses neural networks. So, the Blueshift company conducted an analysis and found that 43% of webmasters use artificial intelligence to scale an advertising campaign, and every fifth webmaster uses it to optimize promotion. Many uses AI in targeting.

We will give even more examples in the next section, but already from the foregoing, it is clear that over time, almost every affiliate marketer will use neural networks in his work. They greatly simplify the task for marketers, allow you to automate routine processes, and reduce the cost of advertising.

 Neural networks use in traffic arbitration

You can use artificial intelligence in digital marketing in any vertical. At a minimum, to analyze the interests of users and select the most converting audience. A good example of this is Facebook or contextual advertising.

In both of these options, we are dealing with a billionth target audience, which at first glance is unrealistic to divide, because each client is unique. However, boundaries are gradually revealed by age, interests, GEO, work, or marital status. Hundreds of options to choose from, and now we have a completely ready-made group of clients.

Neural networks also help to communicate with users, collect data from them and process them. We are talking about chat bots, the creation of which is now available for free in just a few minutes. An instant response to the most common questions helps the webmaster save time, and the user is satisfied that his request was processed quickly.

Another good use case for AI is working with creatives. Firstly, many services are already working that help to compose the image the user needs according to the description. Sometimes such software produces something illegible, but do not be discouraged - bots learn and every time they give better and better results.

One of the most successful results so far has been found in the ruDALL-E service, which, upon a simple voice request, is able to draw a masterpiece.

Secondly, many people know services to improve the quality of Creos. Neural networks also work here, which analyze the image and can improve its quality, change the picture and do whatever you want.

Best neural networks for traffic arbitrage

First of all, we can recommend Yalm 100B for use. This is a development from Yandex, which includes more than 100 billion parameters and allows, based on a minimum of data, to present to the webmaster, for example, a full description of the product.

The second tool is LogoJoy. Based on a short text description, this neural network will help you create a simple and beautiful logo for every taste and color. The following options are presented as a whole list:


Prisma. A shareware service that helps to rework and unify original creatives while maintaining style. The option perfectly saves time on creating creative and can simply be useful for cloaking;


WaveNet. The neural network is able to simulate a realistic human voice and help the webmaster, for example, record a video creative. The development was presented by Google, and it has already managed to show itself well in the market;


Let’s Enhance. One of the dozens of services for improving creatives, which allows you to get rid of artifacts on the image in a few seconds;


Segmentstream. Based on machine learning, it allows you to study your advertising campaign, and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. After the analysis, artificial intelligence will suggest what needs to be fixed in order to get rid of the traffic drop or, in general, increase the profitability of the RK;


This Person Doesn’t Exist. Using this neural network, you can create a portrait of a person who does not exist. Sounds weird at first, but it's perfect for creatives with people's faces. Since this person never existed, there is no one to complain about the use of a face in advertising if something happens;


GeneratedPhotos. The option is similar to the previous site to many, only here you can choose a model at a specific angle of inclination, with a certain emotion and other custom parameters;


Pantomime. Allows you to make a full-fledged animation from an ordinary portrait photo. Saves maximum time on creating high-quality creatives;


Ostagram. Allows you to create one creative from several images at once. With proper use, the webmaster will be able to pass any moderation by masking prohibited content and using cool illusions;

CleanupPictures. Removes the objects indicated on the image in just a second. Saves a maximum of time and always gives only a high-quality result;


Unscreen. The service is somewhat similar to the previous neural network, only here the main emphasis is on working with the background. It can be quickly selected, deleted, or replaced, but keep in mind that now AI only works with the video format;


Traff.ink. In the shortest possible time, it allows you to check whether the IP used for the bay is pale yellow, whether it is worth replacing it or you can leave it;


Shmalala. Earlier we said that chatbots are increasingly being used to communicate with customers. This is one of the clearest examples of this. The Telegram bot can easily communicate with people, collect the necessary data about the user and simplify communication with the target audience during the launch of an advertising campaign;


Uizard.io. Development is more suitable for programmers who want to speed up the development of landing pages. It is enough for the neural network to feed the prototype of your site, and then it will begin to turn it into code that can immediately be used in work;


PortraitPRO Body 2. Ideal for before/after creatives. The neural network includes many functions for working with the human body in a photo. Change the shape of the head, arms, legs, body proportions, and much more - you can even retouch the skin. If you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the training materials;


Clarifai. The product can be set to recognize certain objects in the photo. The neural network is completely custom and is programmed, for example, to recognize faces, specific things, breeds of dogs, cars, and so on. Everything depends on your wishes.



As you can see, neural networks are already actively used in traffic arbitration and greatly simplify the workflow. Some of them are paid, some are free, and some are still being tested and continue to be developed. 

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure - artificial intelligence should be used in marketing, and with it, you will not only save time and effort but also money.

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