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Making money with traffic arbitrage



Hello, dear readers. Most likely, you have noticed how trends change with constant frequency. There are various factors behind this, such as economic, environmental, demographic, and other social changes. For example, the pandemic has forced some people to change their field of activity. Some of the usual means of earning money have become irrelevant in the current situation. Thus, a large number of people have quit their offline jobs and have gone looking for a better online life.

If these lines were read by people in the 90s or 00s, their understanding of what is happening in this article would be similar to science fiction novels. But modern society is developing and adapting faster. And, over time, they transformed from "I can't" to "I will find out how". The age of information technology was not long in coming, because today a person passes through tons of information every day, whether he wants it or not. And those capable of properly using this information in their favor may discover a lot of opportunities.

Such that, an ordinary janitor can build up a personal investment portfolio, which will make him a wealthy man in a few years. Don't believe me? Well, there are already many examples proving otherwise. Now is the time to forget about regular 9-5 jobs in the online world. And one of the fastest-growing areas of online earnings is traffic arbitrage. We propose to move from words to deeds and find out what it is.


What is traffic arbitrage?

In a nutshell, this is buying traffic at one price and reselling it at more favorable terms afterward. For instance, an advertiser who pays an affiliate $1 to sign up for a game. The task of the affiliate is to attract visitors interested in games. Affiliates need to send a unique link to the attracted audience to register in the game. Through this link, an advertiser will be able to track down and connect a lead and an affiliate.

In practice, we spend $10 to buy traffic to get 100 transitions. About 17 people out of 100 might make the necessary targeted actions (registration in the game). As a result, we invested $10 and received $17 from the advertiser.

The net profit in this scheme will be $7. Having invested $100 in traffic, you can get $170, recoup the investment, and put $70 in your pocket. This is generally referred to as traffic arbitrage. So the picture is like this: you bought traffic and redirected it somewhere else on more favorable terms for you.

Of course, no one will provide you with a ready-made scheme. Each of the steps you need to carefully study and analyze. And if you failed once, do not give up. This job requires patience and endurance.

Traffic arbitrage is not an easy way to make money, it can be long and thorny, but those who gain experience and do not retreat from failures come out on a good income. In general, as people say: “patience and work will grind everything.” To learn all the subtleties in traffic arbitrage, you need to start with small steps and gradually “gain momentum”.

The classic arbitrage model boils down to this scheme: there is an advertiser who pays you $1 for a specific action, you need to find people who are interested in the product of this advertiser. Then you have to find ways to motivate them to take the desired action to get this $1 in the end. Further, the wording is reduced to the following words: people who see your advertising offer are traffic, offer is an advertiser, lead is a targeted action from an advertiser, for which he is willing to pay.

As a result, it turns out that you need to start traffic to the offer to end up with a lead, for which the advertiser pays you. As you can see, not everything is as complicated as it might seem at first. And now I propose to move on and consider in more detail this type of activity of making money on the Internet.

I suggest you explore some of the traffic arbitrage terms that are actively used by everyone who works in this area. Let's start with the main thing — a person who deals with traffic arbitrage is called an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketer

An affiliate marketer is almost any person who has the knowledge and experience of buying traffic and then redirecting it to more favorable conditions. Roughly speaking, I purchased traffic of 1000 visitors for $10 and redirected it to an advertiser. The result of these actions would be the traffic converted to $17. As you remember from the example above, on this simple scheme we made $7 practically doing nothing. It may seem this is easy to do, but without experience and a certain level of knowledge, nothing will work for you. Therefore, knowledge and experience are power, and we move on to the study of the following interesting and unusual terms.

Affiliate network

Affiliate network, or in other words, CPA network stands for? as a third party that accepts advertisers who are willing to pay to sell or promote their services. On the other hand, the affiliate program attracts affiliate marketers and provides them with various technical data for them to successfully send their traffic to a specific advertiser within this affiliate network. As you can see, everyone benefits from this scheme.


Traffic arbitrage offer

The advertiser receives traffic to their goods or services, which is converted into sales of goods and services. The arbitrage specialist, in turn, gets the opportunity to redirect his traffic according to favorable conditions for him. An affiliate network brings an advertiser and an affiliate marketer together on one platform and allows interaction between them through itself.

Any CPA network gets its% of every successful lead made by an affiliate marketer. Therefore, in this scheme, everyone is satisfied: the affiliate has profitably converted his traffic, the advertiser has received the result he needs, and the partner network has fulfilled all the requirements and received its% for the work done.

You can write about the arbitration direction for a long time, therefore I propose to transfer the vector of attention to teaching this matter and understand what you need for this.

First of all, you need to understand that in addition to the knowledge gained, you need money for tests. You can't do without it, because tests are your experience. As you can see, everything is interconnected.

Next, we propose to consider the main verticals in traffic arbitrage so that you can understand for yourself what you like and where it will be easier to work. Let's face it, there are more than a dozen verticals, but we will describe the most basic ones. The main thing is to get or buy traffic and then convert it profitably. And in which vertical is up to you.


Verticals in traffic arbitrage

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the top verticals that gained their positions in 2021:

Nutra — is a vertical specializing in beauty and health. This vertical includes dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other products from this category. The vertical has stable payouts and belongs to the category of "white" verticals.

Gambling — is a vertical that operates in the betting niche and online casinos. It is one of the most profitable yet competitive verticals. This requires knowledge, large budgets for constant tests to find a profitable bundle.

Finance — is vertical for those who make money on financial offers. These offers include banking services, investments, securities, etc.

E-commerce — is a vertical that sells physical goods over the Internet. The scheme is pretty straightforward: you advertise a product and get a fixed payment for each sale.

Sweepstakes — are quite interesting verticals. The goal of any advertiser is to invite as many people as possible to participate in the drawing, for example, a new iPhone. You will need to pay a small amount to participate. The affiliate marketer gets paid for each lead attracted.

Adult — the vertical just closes the first step in Maslow's pyramid. The work is to sell access to photo and video content of explicit content marked "18+".

Dating — is a "lighter" vertical than the adult. In this vertical, traffic is poured into dating and romantic dating sites and apps. If a person fills out an application on the site, then you will receive a fixed accrual of funds within the affiliate program.

This article gives you an idea of what traffic arbitrage is and where to start. We hope that we managed to clearly state the main points and show that in this area not everything is as complicated as it looks at first glance. With due diligence, you can achieve great heights in a short time, working from anywhere in the world without fixed working hours. So why not give it a try? And we will gladly help you with your first and all subsequent launches.

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