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Launching campaigns with VK



Advertising Guide in VK

Target advertising in social networks is a great source of traffic from which you can easily select the right target audience for specific projects. Just set up an advertising campaign and tens of millions of users will see your banners and, quite possibly, become customers, and thus bring profit to the webmaster. 

Although everything should be easy in theory, in reality, you need properly configure the RK depending on your budgets, GEO, promoting goods or services, and many other nuances. Below we will understand this question in more detail and tell you about each stage of promoting ads in Vkontakte. 

What is VK targeting?

The social network is very good at embedding ads in almost any part of the page, so they can placed in the feed of a potential client, in VKontakte groups, in dedicated blocks, in applications, and so on. The very same VK targeting can be in two forms - just text, or text + image. 

There are also two ways of promotion and it can be either official work through an advertising office or agreements with other content-makers who will place your posts on their wall or in social network groups. Both variants are universal, but an experienced arbitrageur always chooses an advertising account.

The problem with the first option is its unreliability - even if you can roughly determine the target audience by group subject, no one can guarantee how many bots, random subscribers or long-time inactive subscribers are in it. Statistics can request in advance, but it is unlikely to provide any guarantees.

In the case of a full-fledged advertising campaign, everything is much more convenient - it is possible to select specific people by age, GEO, interests, demographics, and dozens of other parameters. This is what allows targeting ads to reach potential customers, which significantly increases conversion rates. 

Also, according to Mediascope research, VKontakte has the most affluent audience between the ages of 12 and 64, and therefore it will perfectly come as the goods of the average price category, such as training courses, games, clothing, and so on. 

At the same time, problems can arise in the promotion of medical offers, real estate, highly specialized services that require separate approvals. It's not even about the success of the advertising campaign - just moderation will ask you for so many papers that getting approval from them will be simply impossible. 

How do I start arbitrating traffic in VK?  

Before setting up the advertising campaign itself, you need to clarify a few important nuances and prepare the site for the influx of users. This is what we will talk about in the next units.

Requirements for ad integrations

First of all ads must comply with the rules of spelling, it is forbidden to insert emoticons, pseudo-graphics in its text, as well as trying to mislead potential customers by writing false information about a product or service. Moderation actively monitors the compliance of the site to the subject that you are promoting. If you want to cheat the administration - is not difficult, because no one prevents you from putting a pad.

The content requirements are quite standard - no porn, cruelty, gender inequality, and the like. In technical terms, there are no special deviations from the usual parameters of the social network - in the image, the text should occupy no more than 50% of the area. If there were no problems with this, then now talk about ad formats, there are many of them, so touch upon the main ones:

1. Publication in the user feed. Payment is made solely for displays, and the entry itself may be published either on behalf of the community, or the community will be listed as the advertiser. Ads are showing on both the mobile and PC versions of the social network. 

2. Text and graphic block. On the one hand, the option is very popular, especially if it is a large banner that takes up half of your feed, but it is not without disadvantages - TGB is only available in the browser version. Payment is made either by views or clicks. Also, when promoting it, we recommend taking into account that under the post you can see the link that a person will get to after they click on it. 

In addition to the above, there are several formats of advertising record:

Publication with a button. The record includes a small image (from 537x240 px) and a button, which the webmaster chooses independently from the 10 proposed options. You can also use a text up to 220 characters long and a title up to 80 characters;

Carousel. There are similarities with the first item, only here these buttons can be from 3 to 10, where each requires its own image, text and perhaps a title up to 25 characters. What's nice, the types of buttons here are already 15 and each can embed a link;

Universal post. It can literally do all of the above and more. The main advantage is the size of the post and the ability to leave attachments in it, but no more than 10 pieces.

What should a website be like to drive traffic? 

The content restrictions are already clear - let move on to the technicalities. First, the site must have a user agreement and other warnings about data collection. Second, it must be free of pop-ups and blockers. Thirdly, redirects are not allow by the platform and therefore you need to either create a VK affiliate account to get a link on the domain, which will be approved by VKontakte, or use your own link assigned to a PP.

The cost of targeted advertising

The social network has chosen a clever tactic - you yourself set the rate per click or view and the higher it is, the greater the coverage can be achieve, but with each increase the profit of the arbitrator will decrease.

Let's say in advance that you should not rely on the recommended cost and an experienced webmaster can safely cut it by at least 3 times, while obtaining significant coverage. The ideal would be to test several strategies and select the most clickable of them, then copy it and drive traffic to your target audience.

When testing, don't forget to check no more than one parameter - first look for the perfect headline, then test the creative, then the commercial text, and so on. 

Earnings on arbitrage traffic in VK step-by-step.

It is necessary to start with the selection of a competent creative and a good text ad. Remember, we work with cold CA, who came to communicate, not to buy goods or use your services. Once the original offer has been thought up, then go to your account, go to the section "Advertising" and there we click on the button to create ads.

Any earnings on arbitrage traffic starts with setting up an advertising campaign, so you need to choose an advertising format, specify a link to our site using UTM-format, enter the text of the ad, choose the subject, set the age range and add the "18+" mark if necessary. Next, deal with the location of CA, you can choose GEO in two ways:

1. Select the cities and regions that should definitely participate in the campaign, and specify the exact opposite points where advertising must not be show.

2. Selecting locations on the map. We specify the point on the map, specifying the radius of expansion from 500 meters to 100 kilometers, when this entire area will be our CA. You can also specify whether we need customers from the group of working, living, or regularly visiting here. 

Next - we need to define the demographic parameters, namely gender, age, marital status, and so on. If necessary, feel free to choose several options, separate the text of the ad, for example, for women and men, as well as change the creative for the right situations. 

The next step is the interests of the potential client. This section is very broad and can include interests by social network activities, by communities your clients may be in, by education and workplace, by apps people visit. All of this forms the behavioral factor and allows you to compose the most accurate avatar of your CA. 

Additionally, you can specify the devices and operating systems the user should have, and then move on to the payment model. As mentioned earlier - it's payment for clicks, or for displays. 

Once you have clicked the 'Create ad' button, you will need to plan your budget. Do not forget about the tests, because otherwise you can waste the entire advertising budget in the early days of promotion. Then we go to the settings of advertising campaigns and change the status of our option to "Run", it remains to wait for the verification of the moderators, and the ad itself will start to move. 

Finally, we recommend that you think through the targeting parameters better and set only those limitations that are really need for the trade offer. For example, if the product is intend only for a female audience, then cutting the target audience will be justified, but otherwise you will simply lose some customers.

Also constantly monitor the ROK and if necessary do not forget to optimize it, because the social network includes a huge flow of users and you can tell at a glance which of the creative or commercial texts will hit it more. You need to constantly try something new, experiment and only then pour big budgets on the best of the options.


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