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Advertising in streaming services



For a long time, social networks were practically monopolists in the blogosphere and occupied almost the entire flow of attention and traffic. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. are all giant corporations with billions of followers.

However, as time passes, people's views change, new platforms appear, and now streaming services are almost on the same level as social networks. We will talk today in more detail and analyze how to arbitrate traffic through a new source. Go!

Industry Features

Let's start with the fact that the newly minted traffic industry only continues to develop, gain an audience, and open advertising channels. At the moment there is enough space for every affiliate.

Another issue is that the competition is high in any case, especially if you go to some Netflix. This also affects the cheapness of traffic, you will have to invest significantly.

Also, the success of an advertising campaign is greatly influenced by targeting settings. Your creatives should be localized for the required GEO, and the display time should be adapted to the time that is comfortable for the potential client. Do not forget that all the same, streaming services involve watching TV shows and movies. A person does this in his free time from work and other affairs - most often in the evening. This especially works for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Do not be afraid to upload several advertising campaigns for different audiences at once. For example, you can first upload push notifications to the entire volume of the audience in order to feel the effectiveness of the offer, and then segment the target audience for different requirements.

By the way, since we are talking about offers, there are basically two varieties of them. The first involves paying for the installation of the application, and the second for purchasing a subscription. Naturally, the second option will bring the webmaster much more profit and you can get from 10 to 25 USD from one client. At the same time, they pay $ 2-3 for installation.

Well, one more thing - we didn’t say about push notifications earlier in vain. Together with the popunder, these are now the most converting formats in the industry of streaming services. Why this is so is easy to understand with a clear example.

Since we are mainly talking about showing movies, in the case of push notifications, it will be easy to attract the user's attention with a new series of a popular series or a new part of a legendary movie. It is enough to show the first 20-30 seconds of the film and you will already have a lot of people who want to watch them.

In the case of the popunder, the principle is about the same, only here the attention is focused on the posters. Even a static, but spectacular image of good quality will definitely attract the user's attention, and he will want to study the advertising offer in more detail.

Of course, such an effect will only come from a good creative in conjunction with a well-designed landing page. It’s better to invite the audience with sentences like “Watch the new episodes of [series name] on [platform name]” or “Watch the new part of [movie name] for free in good quality.”

You can also advertise an offer in a more native format. For example, create a selection of films and attach links to them, for example, to Netflix. Great selections to watch over the weekend.

Analysis of specific traffic sources

When we have analyzed the general features of streaming services, we can proceed to the analysis of specific options and this will be the most popular platform for watching movies today.


Initially, the platform was positioned as an exclusively paid service for watching movies and TV shows without ads. Even the smallest integrations were not possible here, but 2022 has not been an easy year for many companies.

Netflix is no exception, and the streaming service’s stock is now, to put it mildly, in a declining state, indicators in terms of the number of target audiences are falling, and profits are being burned on a huge scale. This simply could not be ignored, and as a result, Netflix decided to change its advertising policy.

Now an ordinary user can purchase not only a full-fledged paid subscription but also its cheaper counterpart. Thus, people will pay less money to watch quality movies, while sometimes they will see ad integrations. Of course, the cost of traffic, as well as competition, is crazy here, but we can say with confidence that with proper work, everything will pay off at times. To increase the chances of a high ROI, follow these recommendations:

1. Adjust the advertising campaign to your target action. Although there are only two of them, if you want to attract app installs, then such an advertising campaign should be aimed at quantity, not quality. In the case of subscription purchases, you need to pay attention to quality, and even if there are not so many leads, you will still pay off.

2. Focus on bonuses and promotions. Netflix is constantly giving away promotional codes, giving discounts on subscription purchases, or allowing you to try the streaming platform in a test format. Focus on this and the likelihood of generating a lead will increase significantly.

3. Follow the premieres and the whole world of the film industry. For example, according to statistics, during the most famous film festivals (Sundance, Cannes and Berlin), there are serious traffic surges and audience activity rises by more than 40%. A good increase in profits occurs during high-profile premieres. People want to be the first to see her as soon as possible and are far from always ready to go to the cinema for this. This is where streaming platforms come in.

And finally, we recommend not to forget about retargeting. The very direction of traffic arbitrage on streaming services is new and it is not yet possible to immediately understand what the target audience wants and how to draw their attention to the offer. Therefore, try, test, launch more advertising campaigns and gradually find the key to success.

The same can be said for other streaming services. Yes, they will differ in their interface and capabilities, but the launch principle is the same. The same trial period, the same discounts, almost the same audience.

The only important thing is to pay attention to the direction of the platform as a whole. For example, if Netflix is ready to offer films and series of foreign production, then the Start platform includes mainly Russian projects. IVI or Okko online cinemas generally offer any films of your choice and this is also a kind of unique advantage of the services - use it.


Is it worth it now to start pouring into streaming services? Definitely - the industry has great potential and there is still room for new webmasters. We recommend using this chance and at least trying to launch an advertising campaign here. High rates and good coverage are guaranteed.

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