What is a facebook pixel?

What is a facebook pixel?

To start with, the Facebook Pixel is an extremely important tool for successfully making profit on Facebook arbitrage.

FB Pixel is a tool for optimizing ads, retargeting settings, and track conversions. It allows you to show your ads to concrete people - visitors to your landing page.


For instance, you can customize a pixel for such audience:

-       everyone who has been on the site in the last xx-xxx days, 180 max;

-       everyone who has clicked on certain pages on your site;

-       everyone who has  added a product to the cart and not make a purchase yet;

-       the most active users in terms who spent most of the time on the site; 

-       mobile devices’ users.

 Also, all these categories can be combined with each other as you like.




Place a FB pixel and sett up tracking in the ad manager to find out the actions of visitors on your site. You can track all types of conversions on any device and find out the cost of CPA. Also, you will see any actions of people with your page at Facebook reports.




You can enable the "Optimize for conversions" option in the ad campaign settings. Network monitors all the actions of users on your site, and automatically shows ads to the similar users. The accuracy of the algorithm depends on the number of conversions.


Facebook Pixel is a very convenient and irreplaceable tool to increase the conversion in Facebook arbitration.

Due to the collection of data on the actions of visitors, you can make the most accurate information about audience and increase your profits.

At the moment, the 2 most common methods of setting up a FB pixel in Aivix:

1) Install a pixel on your safepage (works for integration through the tracking Link)

2) Install a pixel on our Landing page (during working on the API and landing to your hosting)

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