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Chosen category: Working with FaceBook

Starting working solo with FB, Google Ads, TikTok



Traffic arbitrage is a very popular direction, where a huge number of people want to start making money. At the same time, in order to deliver advertising to a large target audience and work with high-quality offers, you need to have very good skills in working with them. More importantly, even for an ordinary start in the advertising direction, you need to have a solid budget, and at this point that many novice webmasters stop, believing that they will not be able to pull out the required amounts.

In fact, everything is much simpler and almost anyone can fly into arbitration. We figured out the issue in more detail and further, we will tell you what is the minimum amount you can start flooding traffic on various sources and which directions you will have to spend the most on. Let's get started!

The total cost of running an advertising campaign

The biggest expense for you will be startup consumables and software. In fact, the entire shopping list will consist of these items, but all of them can be grouped into categories - some will definitely have to be purchased and used in the Republic of Kazakhstan, some are required at will or depend on specific offers. However, today we are analyzing work with a financial vertical, where you will definitely need to purchase a cesspool and trackers.

The first one is always used for gray and black offers because otherwise, almost no traffic source will let you through. In fact, this software divides the user flow into two groups, where the first is our entire target audience, and the second is the moderators. The first group gets acquainted with the real offer, and the second gets to a pre-prepared landing page with a white offer. Thus, the moderator thinks that there is nothing forbidden in the advertising campaign and lets it through.

As for good cloak options, here are a few of them:

1. Adspect. A multifunctional service that allows you not only to cloak traffic from any source but also helps you track lead generation, as well as filter bots from real customers in the mainstream. The cost of using the software will be $300 per month.

2. IM CLO. The site focuses solely on hiding the real content of the advertising campaign from the moderators, but it does it very skillfully. The best machine learning algorithms, integration with WordPress, iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Webview, as well as loading content using a redirect, without it, or via an iframe - all this beauty is available to you for $100/month.

3. CLOAK IT. The platform is considered the most popular and best in the CIS, and this is not just. Firstly, the whole system is installed on the server/hosting by the company's technical specialist. Secondly, the software can also please with advanced functionality - the index.php generator from the admin panel, mass deletion of domains, sorting landings by date, breaking through transit pages, and much more. The user gets all this for $330 and not a cent more. Yes, yes, this is not monthly, but a lifetime tariff!

The second mandatory point is trackers. They are needed after the campaign to analyze the collected statistics. Only in this way can one say for sure where and what mistakes were made, so as not to repeat them in the future.

This time we will present a couple of free programs that are not inferior in functionality to their paid counterparts:

1. CPA Tracker. A multifunctional system for tracking users during an advertising campaign. Allows you to create a system of rules for targeting different categories of traffic, OS and referral sources. It also allows you to sort statistics by the target audience by GEO up to the region, mobile networks, IP addresses, and many other filters.

2. PeerClick. An even more interesting option is able to track more than 30 indicators in the ad campaign at the same time, notice and notify the user about the presence of bots in the traffic flow, as well as A/B testing, optimization, and launch of even the largest ad campaigns. What is even more pleasant, the statistics can be observed in real-time, because they are updated every 2 seconds.

3. Zeustrack. Combines both a tracker and a cesspool at the same time. In terms of functionality, the service allows you to track and distribute traffic, filter it from bots and moderators, it is also possible to quickly create white pages for prohibited offers, manage and save landing pages, as well as teamwork with the distribution of responsibilities. 

All of the above services were selected taking into account solo arbitrage, and therefore even free options will have enough opportunities to satisfy all the needs of a novice webmaster. Next, let's move on to specific traffic sources.



Since this is a social network, it will certainly require the most expenses for consumables from the affiliate. The annoying moderation, which constantly needs something from you, also increases the budget. However, there is a way out of the situation and we present you the most compressed budget for the upload on FB.


Ideally, you could create creatives yourself, but not everyone has sufficient skills to work in Photoshop, and when launching solo advertising campaigns, not every webmaster can manage to do everything at once. In this scenario, it would be much more profitable to ask a designer to create a high-quality creative, and this can be done through any freelance exchange. The same Kwork offers a lot of good specialists for only 500 rubles.

Fan page

If you do not want to bother with blocking accounts, then you can use the Fan page for flooding, which already has a certain subscriber base, and can also be included in the list for flooding traffic. Such pages cost from 400 rubles and can be purchased at SocialHunter, 3A-FB, SaleGroupsand a number of other equally popular services.

Accounts to upload

If you wish, you can farm accounts on your own, but it is unlikely that a beginner in traffic arbitrage will be able to do this. If you make a mistake at any stage of preparing a profile, then this already seriously increases the likelihood of blocking, and therefore whether it is worth the risk is more of a rhetorical question.

As for the purchase of ready-made profiles, there are 3 types of them - farmed with the help of programs, registered and filled out manually, and past the ban on advertising. The first two options cost around 20-250 rubles, while the third category of accounts is more trusted and therefore costs around 500-1200 rubles. You can buy all this stuff at AccsMarket, BuyAcc, Install-SHOPand so on.

Anti detect Browser

Facebook allows you to work with only one advertising account, and if the opposite is noticed, then all your profiles will be blocked, and the budget for the Republic of Kazakhstan can be considered drained. At the same time, it is not the best solution to shoot at least some real data, and the anti-detect browser does an excellent job of hiding information about the affiliate. Of the good options, we can recommend HydraHeaders and SWITCH - they are completely free and do their job no worse than paid services.


In fact, proxies perform the same function as anti-detect browsers, but are still required to be purchased, because necessary for some software and help to better avoid the anti-fraud system. The average cost of a proxy varies from 3 to 1200 rubles - the cheaper the proxies are purchased, the worse their quality, the less they will live, and the higher the probability of account blocking.


If we consider the minimum cost of a set for flooding traffic, then it will cost a novice webmaster about 1800 rubles. At the same time, a lot here depends on the volume of advertising, because the previously mentioned figure is more relevant for a small advertising campaign. In the case of large coverage and several ads at once, be prepared to spend up to 25,000 rubles without taking into account the traffic budget.


Google Ads

In terms of moderation, working with this traffic source is even more difficult, and therefore any little thing can lead to blocking the entire chain of your accounts at once. In other words, this is the case when you need to choose quality, not cheapness, and we took this criterion into account when creating the selection.


Although the principle of farming profiles here remains exactly the same as on Facebook, the cost of accounts for Google is much more expensive, which is reflected in the quality of the resulting accounts. On average, you will spend from 1500 rubles on one profile and you can buy high-quality consumables on Lolz.Guru


There are also slight differences from FB here, and they consist in the fact that it is much better to use not regular proxies, but mobile proxy servers. We immediately warn you that although their quality is at a very high level, you will have to pay decently for it - from 1000 rubles a week. If the budget does not allow to stretch to such volumes, then it is quite possible to use the same proxies as for the previous traffic source.

Among good proxy servers, we can recommend you YouProxy, FineProxy, MobileProxy.


When analyzing Google Ads, we considered only 2 categories of costs, but this does not mean at all that the expenses end here, because we simply did not re-analyze creatives and other similar nuances that were considered regarding FB. As for the budget, the minimum for working with Google is 7,000 rubles.


One of the most popular traffic sources in 2022, which has surpassed almost all of its competitors in such a short time. This is where you can easily adapt the offer to the financial vertical, but for such a good traffic flow, be prepared to pay a decent budget.

Agent accounts

Many novice webmasters try to upload offers through regular accounts or come up with a variety of ways to bypass moderation and other restrictions that distinguish agent accounts from all other types of profiles. As you understand, this is not worth doing, because it will not bring the proper profit and will simply waste your budget.

As for the purchase of normal agent accounts, they can only be purchased in closed arbitration chats and their cost is very high - at least $ 300-500 for the advertising balance + up to 20% of the profit. Someone even asks to pay $1,000 for an advertising account, and they still have buyers.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to get an agent account for free in exchange for a percentage of the profits. Most affiliate programs working with TikTok offer such a profitable offer to their affiliates.

Video footage

Let us remind you again that if you wish, you can try to shoot a good creative yourself and not spend a single ruble on video materials, but if you don’t have the time/desire/strength/skills for this, then you can contact freelance exchanges, where these services will cost 500-5000 rubles.


As a result, TikTok is the most expensive source of traffic even if we buy an exceptionally good agent account. It costs at least 20,000 rubles to lay here. At the same time, we can be glad that a cloaca, a proxy, and an anti-detect browser are not needed in this traffic source, which can significantly cut your costs.


As you can see, even for a beginner in traffic arbitrage there is a place this does not require a super-large million dollar budget. If we summarize the statistics for the three traffic sources analyzed today, then $400-500 will be enough for gray and black offers, as well as about $200 for white advertising offers.

Over time, you will be able to optimize even this budget. Gain experience, launch advertising campaigns and experiment with the target audience, traffic volume, and verticals. This way you will definitely achieve the desired success.

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