How to unblock facebook account?

How to unblock facebook account?

Facebook bans are the biggest problem for all webmasters who sell traffic from this source. Each of them think about finding a magic tool that will allow them to forget about ban forever. Usually, after being banned, you appeal against the account block through a standard form.


After that, you receive a response from the Facebook support, in which they give a deduction of your account - ban or unblock.

The new “Account Quality” panel allows you to request review for specific campaigns and ads that violate the rules multiple times.


With this update from Facebook, webmasters could find an useful loophole. At first, you submit your ad for review through the new "Account Quality" tool as usual. If your account has been banned with it,you can have the opportunity to appeal the block in a common form.

But even if your account is permanently blocked, you can now submit your ad again for review using this new tool.

At the end, you will again have the opportunity to request an unlock through the form.


Well, You could say that repeated appeals are ineffective.Widely, it is, but in this way you can repeatedly appeal against the ban, it means that the likelihood of chance also increases couple of times.

 If your ad has small violations, this approach will certainly pay off, allowing you to save on user accounts.

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