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The Icarus Deception — Seth Godin

Everything in this book positions on a simple statement: our path is to be a man with a capital letter, to create and fly much higher than we thought we could. We have created a world in which you can fly higher than ever before, and the tragedy is that we got tricked into believing that we should fly as low as possible.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products — Nir Eyal 

The book tells how, by improving your products, you can make them irreplaceable. Drawing on years of research and extensive hands-on experience, Nir Eyal described the Hook Model: a four-step process that successful companies use to shape their consumer habits.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion — Robert Cialdini

It is classic business literature, a world bestseller, and a reference book for ambitious politicians, managers, advertisers, marketers, and everyone who wants to convince and achieve their goals.

The book's author, Ph.D. of psychology, has studied the principles of successful sales for many years. Based on his research, he wrote a guide to motivation and persuasion. Many respected periodicals hailed it as the best book on influence ever published.


How Brands Become Icons — Douglas B. Holt

Douglas B. Holt shows how iconic brands create "identity myths" that, through powerful symbolism, soothe collective anxieties resulting from acute social change. Holt warns that icons can't be built through conventional branding strategies, which focus on benefits, brand personalities, and emotional relationships. Instead, he calls for a deeper cultural perspective on traditional marketing themes like targeting, positioning, brand equity, and brand loyalty--and outlines a distinctive set of "cultural branding" principles that will radically alter how companies approach everything from marketing strategy to market research to hiring and training managers.

The Undoing Project—by Michael Lewis

This book is about the history of the formation of behavioral economic theory in the 1960s-1970s - the latest scientific direction at the intersection of psychology and economics. It looks like a literary record of the memoirs of Kahneman, the Nobel laureate in economics (unfortunately, Tversky did not live to see that). A valuable book for professional economists (at least because of many experiments descriptions). It is unlikely to be of interest to ordinary readers.

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking — Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell seeks to show that insight is a rather complex phenomenon. It is not as easy to explain on the fingers as it might seem. Indeed, not every person, and not even every philosopher or scientist, as it seems, will be able to explain what it is.  How does it happen that some ideas that seem extraordinary, ingenious and completely alien to themselves come into the person's consciousness at some unexpected time.

Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics — Richard Thaler

Richard Thaler, the Nobel laureate in economics, has thoroughly studied the emotions that drive the buyer and the difficulties he faced when deciding whether to buy, choose a mortgage or retirement fund. In his new book Thaler shares the results of his research about the psychology of influence.

Red Team — Micah Zenko

Red teaming. The concept is as old as the Devil's Advocate, the eleventh-century Vatican official charged with discrediting candidates for sainthood. Today, red teams are used widely in both the public and the private sector by those seeking to better understand the interests, intentions, and capabilities of institutional rivals.

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World — Robert Grant

The book is dedicated to those whom we used to call originals. Nonconformists who prefer not to adapt to the world, but to change this world for themselves.

Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of Business and an expert in management psychology, discusses how people with original minds can overcome groupthink and mutual responsibility. How to distinguish excessive optimism from reasonable risk - and, as a result, realize unusual ideas that can change the world.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On— Jonah Berger

If you've always wondered why certain stories or videos go viral, this book will not only provide an answer but also teach how to use these principles to create infectious content. The author offers some specific application techniques for creating messages or advertisements that people will willingly share.

Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary — Frank Luntz

Do you have what it takes? Win is an unprecedented examination of the art, science, and language of winning, and a must-have for people who want to understand and emulate the winners of today.


Shoe Dog— Phil Knight

Fifty years ago, a University of Oregon student and middle-distance runner, Phil Knight, borrowed $50 from his father. He began reselling sneakers from Japan. Today, Nike has a turnover of $ 30 billion. And a couple of Nikes can be found in everyone's closet - from the president to the teenager. Phil Knight is a man of mystery — he rarely gives interviews. This book is a confession about the company's creation that has made millions of people believe a dream can come true.

Top of Mind— John Hall

Business is never "just" business. It's always about relationships. It's always about a human connection. When you're viewed as a valuable, trustworthy partner, the opportunities are endless. Position yourself for success by establishing and developing content-driven relationships that keep you and your brand Top of Mind.

Outside Insight— Jørn Lyseggen

Drawing on practical examples of transformative, data-led decisions made by brands like Apple, Facebook, Barack Obama and many more, in Outside Insight, Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen illustrates the future of corporate decision-making and offers a detailed plan for business leaders to implement Outside Insight thinking into their company mindset and processes.

Designing Brand Identity — Alina Wheeler

This book is a complete and accessible guide to building a brand identity. It details all phases of this process, from business research and analysis to brand management. The book's author Alina Wheeler is one of the leading branding professionals. Her firm, the Rev Group, helps develop brand identity programs for Fortune 100 companies. The book is for executives and top managers striving to build a brand with a bright personality.

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane — Gucci Mane

For the first time, Gucci Mane tells his own story. The exciting life of a musician who has made an incredible journey to fame and personal renaissance. Gucci Mane began writing his memoirs in a federal high-security prison. Released in 2016, it has radically changed. He was sober, smiling, focused, and optimistic - a far cry from the Gucci Mane of yesteryear.

The Life of P. T. Barnum — P. T. Barnum

In this account of his life and work, written by the man himself and first published in 1855, P. T. Barnum creates an aura of excitement about himself and his enduring fame, confirming his reputation as the greatest impresario of all time and revealing the controversial decisions that helped him to his fortune.

Permission Marketing — Seth Godin

A book by Seth Godin, Vice President of Yahoo! Direct Marketing, shows how companies can turn a stranger into a friend and then turn them into a buyer. The essence of the method is that the consumer can be repeatedly involved in the marketing process. Marketing in an interactive world is a collaboration where the marketer helps the consumer buyer when the consumer assists the marketer to sell. The book is for marketing and advertising specialists, as well as students and teachers of economic universities.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind — Al Ries and Jack Trout

The concept of positioning is one of the most popular marketing theories these days. The book, first published in 1980, telling about it, shocked the business world and changed the rules of marketing forever. It became a global bestseller in many countries around the world. It is a reference book for marketing, advertising, and executives companies wishing to be the winners.


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds — Charles MacKay

Charles McKay's book is a collection of the most prominent delusions and follies of humanity: from pyramid schemes to religious psychoses. It has become a classic on mass manias, crowd behavior, and human stupidity.

Marketing Myopia — Theodore Levitt

Marketing myopia is an expression coined by Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School. It refers to the inability of an enterprise to see what is happening outside of its market, including its immediate competitors.

Building a StoryBrand — Donald Miller

One of the main components of the company's success is the correct delivery of information about yourself to partners and clients: mission, goods and services, competitive advantages, etc. Often huge funds are spent on impressive and good-looking but ineffective advertising campaigns. A few years ago, the author of the book revolutionized marketing by proposing the use of storytelling and the basics of classical drama to promote brands.

Growth Hacker Marketing — Ryan Holiday

The rules of the game for marketers have changed irreversibly, once and for all. Those who don't grasp it today risk being hopelessly outdated tomorrow, says Ryan Holiday, chief marketing officer for American Apparel and author of the international bestseller, Believe Me, I'm Lying! Next-generation megabrands such as Dropbox, Facebook, or Twitter have hacked the market with non-standard actions and found shortcuts to the consumer without spending a single dollar on traditional marketing. How to replicate their success? How can you explore your product's popularity? How do you turn your success into a virus?


The Content Code — Mark W. Schaefer 

The Content Code starts where your current marketing plan ends, and provides the launch code for next-level success. The book dives deeply into the true value of social media marketing and the steps companies need to enable to achieve measurable results.

The Membership Economy — Robbie Kellman Baxter

If you’ve ever used ZipCar, Amazon Prime, Spotify, NetFlix, Groupon, Weight Watchers, SurveyMonkey, United Mileage Plus, Pinterest, Twitter – you are part of The Membership Economy, an increasingly popular model that author Robbie Kellman Baxter sees as the inevitable result of technological advancements, social trends, and a generation in transition.

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers — Hal Elrod, Pat Petrini, Honoree Corder

You've consumed all the books on sales techniques, generating leads, and closing, but you aren't making the progress you'd hoped for. What if you could make a few simple changes to increase your income, reduce your stress, and send your fulfillment through the roof? Start the next chapter of your career with a system that's been time tested by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

2,000 Social Media Marketing Tricks — Invictus Media 

This book is for you if you’re looking to grow your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined possible. Using a step-by-step guide on how to utilize social media marketing will help you achieve your goals.

Email Marketing Rules — Chad S. White

Email Marketing Rules demystifies this vital channel, taking you step by step through 150 best practices, providing extensive tactical checklists, and giving you strategic frameworks for long-term success.

Sticky Branding — Jeremy Miller

Based on a decade of research into what makes companies successful, Sticky Branding’s 12.5 guiding principles are drawn from hundreds of interviews with CEOs and business owners who have excelled within their industries.

Choose — Ryan Levesque

If you've ever had the dream to start your own business, become your own boss, or do your own thing--but have been afraid to take the leap and screw up your already good life--this book is for you.







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