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TOP 30 Marketing Books Vol.2



 List of marketing books 2

Content Machine — Dan Norris

Since the purpose of content marketing is to build a great business, Content Machine focuses heavily on how to create a high growth business off the back of your content. Author Dan Norris shares his story about how he grew his WordPress support business from scratch to over $1m AUD annual run rate in 2 years, spending only $181.23 on advertising.

The Marketing Blueprint — Jules Marcoux

Forget the old marketing textbooks that spew endless theories at you, without tangible examples to use them in. Whether your goal is to grow one of your side projects into a marketable business, to improve the revenues of your current brand, or to better the brand of the company you work for, The Marketing Blueprint is what you need.


The One-Minute Presentation — Keith Schreiter

When we can give our entire business presentation in less than one minute, many good things happen. We save time, not only for ourselves, but for our prospects. That makes two people happy. Plus, this gives us the flexibility to give our presentation anywhere, at any time, in any circumstances. And finally, all the sales tension disappears from our prospects when they know our presentation will take only one minute.

Data-Driven Marketing — Mark Jeffery

Mark Jeffrey explains in detail how to measure marketing performance using 15 key metrics. Using examples from the practice of international companies, he consistently and clearly shows the principles of working with data and provides a universal system for evaluating marketing activities.


The Long Tail — Chris Anderson

This book is the result of nearly two years of research and communication with businesspeople and academics. In this study, Chris Anderson presents a thorough analysis of sales and data usage for the companies working in the "long tail" markets from Netflix to eBay.


Buyology — Martin Lindstrom

Read this book carefully if you'd like to understand how crucial brand logos are and how effective advertising affects the subconscious. Learn about how major world religions influence purchasing behavior. What is the effect of restrictions and health warnings, and whether sexual innuendo is justified in advertising?


Storytelling with Data — Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

This book will teach you the basics of data visualization; and how to effectively interact with it. You will discover the power of storytelling and a way to make data a key point in your story.

This Is Marketing — Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a marketing guru, entrepreneur, ex-CEO of marketing at Yahoo!. In his new book, he reflects on how modern marketing works. By reading this book, you will learn how to see through the client's eyes. Find how to make yourself interesting. Finally, gain the trust of the target audience. The book will tell you why marketers are beneficial to the world when they sell.

The Anatomy of Buzz — Emanuel Rosen

It is one of the most practical books on word of mouth and viral marketing. It has fun and engaging stories and compelling research results. The balance between theory and its practical application gives readers everything they need to fuel, stimulate and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using the principles of word of mouth online and offline. While working with the book, you can begin to apply the proposed methods and earn money!


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing — Al Ries, Jack Trout

What are Leadership and Exclusive Laws? What is the most efficient way to expand the assortment? What can you sacrifice and what to put at the forefront in conquering the market? How to create a rush demand and calculate the commercial success of a new project? The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is a unique book that answers these and many other questions.


Social Media Success for Every Brand — Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Social Media Success for Every Brand does not require the reader to be familiar with Building a StoryBrand but provides enough foundation to prepare the reader for practical success with their social media content. Together with the StoryBrand Framework, Claire’s SHARE model will help boost customer engagement and grow the organization’s brand awareness and revenues.


Superfans — Pat Flynn

Whether you're a shy YouTuber just starting out, or the leader of a Fortune 500 company, your superfans are out there waiting for you to connect with them. You just need to create that journey, to pave the yellow-brick road that will guide them surely and steadily to superfandom.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook — Gary Vaynerchuk

Bestselling author and social media expert — Gary Vaynerchuk — provides invaluable advice on how to connect with customers and stay ahead of the competition. The best elements of previous books and innovative ideas are combined in his new book, showing which strategies to use in marketing through social media and media.


One Million Followers — Brendan Kane

Are the ideas and tools that work for promoting celebrity accounts suitable for those starting from scratch? Will a person who has never appeared on television, movies, or the media be able to collect millions of subscribers around the world? To test this, Brendan experimented - he tried to promote his account. In less than a month, he already had over a million subscribers from over a hundred countries.

The Seven Levels of Communication — Michael J. Maher

Michael Maher is the most recommended realtor in North America. He created a movement called the Generosity Generation and wrote an unusual business book dedicated to his late father. The unexpected advice sounds like "give up all types of advertising" to succeed. But the results that Michael Maher himself achieved through the use of these principles are impressive: in his third year in the real estate industry, he earned more than $ 1 million.


Stories That Stick — Kindra Hall

A clear framework of ideals and a concise set of actions for you to take complete control of your own story, utilizing the principles behind the world’s most effective business storytelling strategies.


The 1-Page Marketing Plan — Allan Dib

Allan Dib, an organizer of many successful startups, business coach, and innovative marketer, offers a new approach to practical marketing that allows you to quickly and easily create a marketing plan. It takes up one page. The nine points of this plan reflect the three main stages of the marketing process - before, during, and after. A one-page marketing plan will drive growth and development. This book breaks all the stereotypes!


Good to Great — Jim Collins 

A research team led by Jim Collins is looking at the factors and conditions required for the good-to-great transition and its mechanisms. The authors believe that the consistent implementation of the ideas and concepts outlined in the book will help almost any organization improve its activities and achieve truly outstanding results.


Made to Stick — Chip Heath, Dan Heath

Why do some ideas live while others die as soon as they are born? And how to raise the chances of survival of an important insight? The Heath brothers took these questions seriously and dissected the ideas that "stuck" in this book. They managed not only to collect interesting cases but also to come up with a number of ways that increase the chance of survival and distribution of an idea. After reading this book - exciting and provocative - you will become a different way of communicating your ideas to the world. The book is for everyone who wants to "infect" the masses with their concept.


How to Make Sh*t Happen — Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen's way of managing his life has helped him build relationships with his wife and children after divorce, start several companies from scratch, speak in front of an audience of thousands and pump six cubes of abs. His system works in four areas: improves fitness, relationships, intelligence, and results at work. And if earlier, as Sean says, life tossed him like a seed inside a turned-on blender, now he controls life, following his plan.


500 Social Media Marketing Tips — Andrew Macarthy

Struggling With Social Media Marketing? Few likes on your company's Facebook page? Not seeing social media ROI? Unsure how to make the most of social media marketing, or even where to start? 500 Social Media Marketing Tips can help!


80/20 Sales and Marketing — Perry Marshall

The 80/20 Principle is an undeniable law of nature, and it makes it number one in the organization of any business. Want to deal with any issue in any situation with ease? Learn the 80/20 principle and earn more without the extra effort!


The Thank You Economy — Gary Vaynerchuk

The author of the "thank you" economy concept advises: as in the good old days, when the store owner personally knew each customer, all his family members, and their preferences, companies need to establish trusting relationships with their customers on social networks, become their friends and advisors, and tell them to thank you and in the process of communication unobtrusively advertise your product or service. Social media has become a powerful force, so you need to take advantage of the enormous profit opportunities it offers.


Content Inc. — Joe Pulizzi

The book answers the following questions: how to define business goals and allocate resources for content marketing; how to fit a full-fledged CM function into the general marketing of a company; how to evaluate the efficiency and establish reporting for different levels of management.


Influencer — Brittany Hennessy

Every one of your favorite influencers started with zero followers and had to make a lot of mistakes to get where they are today--earning more money each year than their parents made in the last decade. But to become a top creator, you need to understand the strategies behind the Insta-ready lifestyle.


Lean Analytics — Alistair Croll, Ben Yoskovitz

Lean Analytics offers tips on how to build your successful startup. Analytics is an important, if not the major, tool in the hands of a manager. But how do you learn how to use this tool? After reading the book, you will learn how to properly build and grow your startup, relying on specific data.


Perennial Seller — Ryan Holiday

The author teaches that you should not get involved in the race for momentary popularity and likes on social networks; instead, you should focus on eternal values. He recommends being sincere in your work, creating worthy projects, and thinking about long-term success. You will learn how to create something that will be consumed (and sold) for many years, that will go into the canons of the industry, what will form the basis of other works, will make money and have an impact while we sleep, and even after how we switch to new projects.


The Everything Store — Brad Stone

This book is a story of success and an investigation at the same time. It is a story about how, having survived the collapse of the dot-com bubble, Amazon managed to outflank its competitors and begin its unprecedented expansion across countries and industries. It is an investigation into the structure of one of the most unusual companies on the planet today. 


Your First Year in Network Marketing — Mark Yarnell, Rene Reid Yarnell

This extremely useful book contains over 200 specific guidelines to help a first-year network marketing newbie survive, make a profit, and create a foundation for prospects. The authors' formula for success is simple and ruthless. It involves tremendous work and inhuman perseverance. But the one who can realize it will become a truly financially independent person.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding — Al Ries, Laura Ries  

Smart and accessible, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding is the definitive text on branding, pairing anecdotes about some of the best brands in the world, like Rolex, Volvo, and Heineken, with the signature savvy of marketing gurus Al and Laura Ries. Combining The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding, this book proclaims that the only way to stand out in today's marketplace is to build your product or service into a brand—and provides the step-by-step instructions you need to do so.


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