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Top 10 Workspace Design Books




The Other Office 3: Creative Workplace Design — Ana Martins

This book looks at international trends in creative workplace design. At the heart of the book are 100 pioneering design projects drawn from practices all over the world. Featured offices include ad agencies, media outfits, and technology firms, among others. The projects range from compact offices and design hubs to large workplaces.


Future Office: Next-generation Workplace Design — Nicola Gillen

The office is dead. Long live the office. Despite decades of predictions that the office is on the verge of extinction, it is surviving and thriving. Of course, things are changing. And changing fast. Digital technologies are transforming not only the work we do, but also the ways our workplaces are designed, built, and operated. Automation and AI mean that some jobs will no longer exist whilst others will be created.


Planning Office Spaces — Juriaan Van Meel,Yuri Martens, Hermen Jan van Ree

When planning a new office, designers and their clients are faced with many challenges and questions. They have to think about practical issues such as spatial needs, proximity relations, IT infrastructure, and furniture, but also more strategic issues such as occupancy costs, the effectiveness of the working environment, and environmental impact. One of the most fundamental questions during the briefing stage concerns the office concept: what kind of office design best suits the working processes and culture of the organization? Should all employees have their own workstation or are they going to share desks? Would enclosed offices or a more open working environment be better? How many and what kind of meeting spaces do we need? 


Office Design Sourcebook — Rockport Publishers

As a result of the recent and dramatic changes in the world of business, the traditional workspace is no longer recognizable. Office space designers have been forced to evolve their designs to meet the demands of new technologies, new management and operational manifestos, and new job descriptions, as well as the new expectations of the twenty-first-century employee. All of these factors have had a huge impact on the direction of workspace design and the challenges that are presented to commercial space designers. Whether it's an open loft space for a new high-tech firm or a redesign for an old banking firm, this book showcases the best in today's office space design. 


Create a Thriving Workspace —  Anetta Pizag

Create a Thriving Workspace speaks to business owners and decision-makers who would like to make work a more fulfilling, rewarding, and profitable experience in a positive, high-performance environment. This book is also a resource for anyone who wants to create a better work environment for themselves, their teams, or their clients - whether they are looking into improving a current workspace or planning a relocation.


Where We Work —  Ana Martins

Departing from Frame's successful The Other Office series, this book will explore the many different iterations of today's workspaces through an in-depth exploration of 50+ projects worldwide. From co-works and corporate offices to work cafes and transit spaces, and everything in between, a curated selection of projects will highlight today's varied and bold interpretations of the workplace.


Global Corporate Workplaces —  Martin Hodulak

This book is about the currently evolving global standardization of corporate workplace models and the challenges this poses for their implementation in a local context. In recent years, multinational corporations were increasingly engaged in the development of standardized global workplace models. For their implementation and feasibility, it is decisive as to how these standards fit the diverse regional workplace cultures. This topic was pursued in the course of a research project, comparing established workplaces in Germany, USA, and Japan against global workplace standards of multinational corporations.


Space for Creative Thinking — Christine Kohlert 

Businesses and schools today are looking for ways to spur the kind of creative thinking that leads employees and students to generate innovative ideas. Many are finding that the physical spaces in which people work and learn can provide a strong impetus to follow a creative train of thought.

Spaces for Innovation — Kursty Groves Knight, Oliver Marlow

Investigating the impact of physical surroundings on workplace behavior, this book explains the relationship between the design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation. Based on the available evidence, Spaces for Innovation identifies the physical characteristics of workspaces that are associated with high innovation potential and determines why they have an effect. Providing a basic framework for the design of innovative environments, this research-based book can be used in analyzing ways to enhance physical space in the pursuit of innovation. It is a pattern guide, providing context, examples, inspiration, and direction to help you explore and understand your organizational challenges.

The Elemental Workplace — Neil Usher

You may well be reading this at work. Look around you—I am sure you will agree your workplace could be significantly better. Do you tolerate a mediocre, uninspiring, and dysfunctional environment, because that’s the way it’s always been? It doesn’t have to be. Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace—a positive environment in which to live, learn, grow, share and contribute. Yet it need not be difficult to create if you follow this simple and intuitive framework. An Elemental Workplace is a standard that everyone can attain, not an elite pipedream for the privileged few.


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