Top 10 facts about GEOs

Top 10 facts about GEOs

The homeland of Joulupukki is 65% forested, but this does not prevent it from being a country with one of the best Internet coverage in the world. Find out many more interesting things about this country.

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. But what else do you know about this country? For a more precise ad campaign setting, read these 10 interesting facts.

Sweden, which gave us IKEA and Volvo, is one of the most comfortable countries to live in Europe. Read 10 more facts about how life works there.

Here you will find a lot of useful information about the country included in the Tier-1 GEO. Use it to customize your advertising campaigns.

Hello, future billionaires!

We have prepared for the article the TOP 10 FACTS of GEO - who wants to get more results from advertising campaigns.

A large% of conversions from registrations to deposit can be triggered by the following factors.

Learn more about GEO and how some facts can affect the advertising campaign in this location.

We have prepared an article with basic facts about Germany that will help you to setting up your ads.

Example: Between 2020 and 2021, the number of internet users in Germany increased by 1.0 million (+ 1.3%). The Internet user’s activity rate in Germany in January 2021 was 94.0%.

To conduct a successful advertising campaign, it is necessary to take into account all its parameters. These are both the creation of creatives and their placement.

All these characteristics are crucial for getting the desired result from an advertising campaign: population mentality, spoken language, working days, and so forth.

Ireland occupies a leading position in the TOP GEO by envelope, therefore this country is popular among our partners. How effectively work with men who wear kilts and make one of the best whiskey? For this, we have prepared an article in the BLOG, where we talk about the peculiarities of the mentality of the population. Meanwhile, we took cold ale and will save ourselves from the heat! Go to BLOG and read the article

t's time to test the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark is a post-industrial country with a high level of development. The Danish economy is a modern market system that includes a high-tech economy, modern small and large industrial enterprises, extensive government support measures, a high standard of living, as well as a high dependence on foreign trade.

Driving traffic to financial offers in Belgium today. A large % of conversions from registrations to deposits can be triggered by the following factors, for example: 1) Set up precisely targeted advertising by taking into account the GEO mentality 2) Indicate at what time of the day to advertise by knowing the public holidays of a given country 3) Find out which color schemes cannot be used 4) Use the national language

Let's talk in more detail about GEO and how some facts can affect the advertising campaign in this location, consider: 1️⃣ Language. What % of the population speaks this language? 2️⃣ Local holidays. For example, May 5 is the day of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. Use this knowledge to your advantage. 3️⃣ Time zone GMT +01:00/ +02:00 and also working hours. 4️⃣ Economic situation of the population. 5️⃣ Features of the local mentality for this location.

🗺What’s the fastest growing country in terms of crypto-offers in Africa? This is South Africa. We are going to tell the TOP 10 facts about this region. Check it out! Africa is 3 times larger than Europe. Don't underestimate such a colossal market. In the field of affiliate marketing, everything is changing very quickly! The African continent in current form provides ample opportunities for traffic arbitrage and, most importantly, with less financial risk. And the profit can be higher. Often much more!

Asian traffic has many subtleties, fortunately, you are reading this article right now and it means that most of the difficulties will not touch you. Pouring traffic to the bourgeois without knowing the basics of the mentality of the country guarantees a drain on the budget and a loss of time. Misunderstanding the culture and characteristics of this GEO can make your advertising campaign unsuccessful.

Are you looking for an affiliate program with new offers, big bids and high approval? Aivix is a leading partner network dedicated to maximize partner’s results. Every Wednesday we are going to tell you how to make an effective advertising campaign with different GEOs. Today we talk about Romania. Romania is a country full of surprises: The richest country in Europe in terms of resources The largest civil administration building in the world The most mysterious region - Transylvania: land of Dracula, vampires and werewolves The most beautiful and pompous cemeteries in the world The most profitable GEO for a number of our partners ...

Hello, future Millionaires! Simple, accessible and understandable articles about the TOP 10 GEO FACTS are suitable even for those who do not understand this direction at all and want to start from scratch. What features of GEO can affect the advertising campaign: 📝 Consider holidays 📝 Define languages for advertising campaign 📝 Remember working hours 📝 Knowledge about the level of wealth of the population 📝 Consider all traffic sources and how they are used

Each day newbies come to us to achieve results. Our managers make every effort working for you. Because your result = our result. In order to save your time, we decided to collect information about GEO where you can stream and get the maximum! Mexico is a huge state in the south of North America with eternal summer. What kind of people live there, what do they love, what do they laugh at? You will find all this in our article as well as the prospects for the development of financial offers in Mexico today.

Let's optimize your traffic! How to drive traffic in Peru to get the most out of it? By the history it was a country where llamas and alpacas live, where the Incas ruled, a tribe from the Cusco valley. Today Latin America has a very good potential for the development of crypto-verticals, crypto and financial offers rule here. Research results have shown that lately financial offers are in great demand among Latin Americans. Also, traffic is purchased very cheaply.

The country of kangaroos, koalas and surfers or how people live in the other hemisphere of the earth. According to the latest statistics, Australians, regardless of age, are actively using the Internet. Web and affiliate marketers are very interested in such progressive population and many tend to work with this particular country. We have collected TOP 10 facts about Australia, where we described in details all the individual characteristics of the national mentality, for your effective setup of an advertising campaign.

Nowadays advertising is intertwined with the culture of the country, which exerts its influence. Each country strives to preserve its cultural identity, which is clearly appeared in advertising. In this article we’ll make an analyze of the peculiarities of the UK population and tell you where you should pay attention to build your advertising campaign properly

Bonjour à, the land of romance, lights and baguettes! How to stream an effective advertising campaign instead of tears from French melodramas? How to choose creative links? To get the maximum final ROI, you need to know the country from the inside first.

We are writing these Spanish features to help and encourage you to look for an approach for effective advertising campaigns. We are going to tell you in the article how to make a successful campaign in this colorful country by taking into account the mentality of Spain.

Poland is one of the most developed countries in Europe. You need know it to make your advertising campaign more effective. Based on the peculiarities of the mentality of this country, you will significantly increase the final conversion.

We talk about the TOP 10 facts about Canada here to help making more effective advertising campaign. This information will help you achieve the best result for your crypto envelope. We will try to update regularly our knowledge base on the Top GEOs we recommend to work with.

Here we talk about the TOP 10 facts about this country to help making more effective advertising campaign. This information will help you achieve the best result for your crypto envelope. We will try to update regularly our knowledge base on the Top GEOs we recommend to work with. Our personal manager will provide you more information and more possible connections by your request.

Brazil made a strong presence in the crypto world in the second half of 2020. An excellent payment for registration, a stable pay for deposit, fairly high payouts, with inexpensive traffic. As a result Brazil regularly gets into the Top-10 GEOs, which are worth to know right now. In order to make it easier for you the AIVIX team has prepared for you a full GEO information about Brazil. The main points that are worth knowing and which you should pay special attention we have described in our article.

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