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TikTok for traffic arbitrage



As we know, traffic arbitrage is constantly evolving and updated with new methods of earning and platforms for traffic distribution. In the new 2022, such a service is TikTok, the most popular social network, which was originally created for teenagers, but eventually grew into something more.

The audience of the project in Russia from 18 to 24 years old has crossed the threshold of 22 million users, and this is just the beginning, which means that now it's time to start pouring traffic into TikTok. How can I do this without getting banned? We will tell further on the example of financial offers.

What are financial offers?

Financial offers are one of the most profitable verticals in traffic arbitrage, which is why a lot of newcomers come here and only professionals in the direction work carefully because they understand all the nuances of making a profit.

The main advantage of such offers is a high rate for each user brought, but for good money, you will have to work hard. At a minimum, complex setup and constant testing will meet you at the beginning of the journey, and if you manage to reach the end and get a well-deserved payment, you will have to wait up to 60 days for a hold.

In more detail, financial offers include microfinance organizations, consumer loans, deposits, insurance, loan products from banks, and investment services. The most interesting options are MFIs and credit cards.

Their advantage is in the obviousness of the pain of such a target audience - often we are dealing with middle-aged people without registration or with a bad credit history, or with a small amount of money or guarantors. Sometimes it occurs altogether, but the essence is clear - a person does not have money and only our partner can help him, applying for loans from 5 to 30 thousand rubles online with only one passport.

Another benefit is relevance. At any time of the day or night, the direction will be relevant, and on holidays the demand will generally increase to 40%, which will make it possible to earn even more profit. By the way, if you give examples of rates for one issued loan, the webmaster receives from 900 to 1200 rubles (statistics for 4 different affiliate programs, i.e. your option may be more expensive or cheaper). Sometimes such money can be obtained even simply for an application from a client with a good credit history.

Tik Tok traffic arbitrage basics

Traffic arbitrage in TikTok can be called partially free because any user can interest millions of other people with his content and his videos will be distributed by the internal algorithms of the system, bringing them to the top.

As we mentioned earlier, in Russia the application is used by more than 22 million aged 18 to 24, which is perfect as a target audience that is just interested in banking products.

However, before we get started, let's discuss the main rules, the observance of which will allow you to avoid a shadowban, after which the video materials will reach the audience less and less. First of all, this is adult content, drugs, propaganda of terrorism or violence, the use of cheats on their videos, or spam comments. We also do not recommend directly advertising specific links and masking them, since the platform periodically blocks such content.

Tik Tok traffic arbitrage - how to start?

There are only two options - paid and free. The first is correspondingly faster, but in case you have too little budget, consider the second method as well.

The beginning is extremely simple - we create an account, fill in Creo and start liking other bloggers from our thematic circle, subscribing to them. From these same people, you can spy on trending ideas that will definitely go to the audience, which means they can quickly gain popularity and go into trends.

At the same time, we note that leaving more than 500 likes and 200 subscriptions per day is prohibited, but if you somehow went beyond this limit, then you can try spamming comments. An old and stupid method that works great at the same time, because people look at your profile and begin to study the content in it.

So, above we have analyzed the free method, in the case of paid traffic arbitrage in TikTok, everything is much faster and easier. The social network has its own affiliate platform - TikTok Ads. In it, you have to set up your advertising account, which can be easily connected to the RK in Yandex, from where advertising will directly go to the TikTok feed.

Moreover, in Yandex. Direct you can create a full-fledged commercial, to which you will then add an audio track and video. Moderation still cannot be avoided, but if the offer contains prohibited content, then the laying site easily solves this problem.

Additionally, do not forget to indicate advertising exclusively on TikTok and set up the GEO, under which we send the creo. The same will need to be done if we work directly through the application's advertising account, but here there are 3 formats to choose from - classic video, full-screen creative, or hashtags.

You can also effectively distribute advertising through other bloggers by placing campaigns in the video itself or its description, or even in the profile of your partner. The disadvantage of the method is the need to pay for the service, regardless of whether such a promotion brings profit to you personally or not.

Examples of creatives for financial offers

With a more detailed study of the issue, you begin to understand that moderation here is much more loyal to advertising and you can quite safely publish open campaigns for the design of credit products and other services from banks. Many people simply use the creatives that the companies themselves issue and get a good profit from it.

Among the popular options, we note Monobank (Ukraine), Tinkoff for Russia, and the universal AlfaBank for the two previously named countries at once. Let's take one of these profiles as an example:

The header immediately contains a link to the advertising product, and each video somehow contains campaigning for a bank card. Despite the lack of useful content, users actively like the profile and even subscribe to it. It is impossible to exclude the presence of cheating, but suppose that the moderation of the service watches over every violator and does not allow this (no).

As a second example, let's imagine a video where the blogger himself talks for 30 seconds about the advantages of a Tinkoff card and also receives a good response from users:

Как лить на финансы из TikTok: примеры подходов и креативов

You may have already noticed the pattern. Both examples contain calls in the video to go to the profile, where there will be a coveted link to the design of the card. Links in the videos themselves usually do not appear, because for this you can catch a block, and therefore we try to act directly, but not too impudent.


Finally, let's concentrate all of the above into one small checklist for starting your earnings on TikTok:

  1. We register in the bank's affiliate program or select a CPA-grid with suitable conditions for you and allow Tik Tok.

  2. Just in case, we make a gasket for a landing page or a tg-channel. If you are sure that you can do without it, then just throw in a link to the bank.

  3. Create or buy an account on a social network. When creating, do not forget about the limit of 5 accounts, and when buying, be sure to check the account statistics for spam or theft, otherwise, you will quickly fly either to the block or the account will return to the owner.

  4. We set up the advertising flow in one of the three previously described ways, fill out the profile, fill in the creo and start getting profit. If the content is elaborated enough, then in the future the algorithms themselves will begin to promote such videos, which will increase your profile coverage and income from your advertising campaign quite well.

The method seems unrealistically simple, but remember to be careful to avoid a shadowban. Also, do not neglect Creo tests if you have several of them. Try each option on a small budget, identify the most effective of them, and only then conduct a full-fledged advertising campaign.


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