The most popular affiliate marketing scams

The most popular affiliate marketing scams



Fake affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing networks are intermediaries between an advertiser and a webmaster. The scheme is mutually beneficial for all three agents. Therefore, it is crucial to find a proven affiliate program.

The main alarming call is pre-paid registration. Registration is always free with verified APs! Do not be tricked by offers that ask to pay the deposit and beat it off by running traffic. Also, avoid affiliate programs that hide in the shadows and sneakily offer big profits, excellent conditions, etc.

Always check the company's background! Take some time to browse forums and read some reviews about it. Make sure the company is listed in the search engine and presented on various resources.

Phishing sites

Phishing is a type of online fraud when attackers try obtaining your confidential information, such as logins, passwords, bank card details.

In simple terms, phishing is a tactic of sending out fraudulent emails and trying to trick them into clicking a malicious link or downloading malware to steal their personal information. These messages may look trustworthy, mimicking some sources like trading companies, partnerships, and famous individuals or teams.

Typically, during a phishing attack, several tricks are used to deceive the victim. For example, it is not uncommon for fraudsters to use link manipulation and website spoofing, which, in combination, make their actions as convincing as possible.


In affiliate marketing, fraud means providing low-quality or prohibited traffic, fake accounts, and fake applications. Affiliate programs lose their money because of this. If AP managers detect affiliates participating in fraudulent activities, they issue a lifetime ban or prosecute scammers.


Cookie stuffing

It is another scam that any affiliate marketer should keep in mind. When visiting a page, the script downloads two pages to the user at once. The second one is the page on which the user would have gotten in the case of clicking on the referral link. Cookies are saved and force sellers to share earnings with scammers since the webpage link with the desired affiliate address is already in the buyer's browser.

Tip: clean your cookies regularly!


In affiliate marketing, the term "resell" refers to the reselling of offers between partners. In this scheme, a webmaster receives a bid much less than its cost. Beyond these basic types of scams, remember that there are others. For example, do not trust those whose conditions are too ideal or who promise some get-rich-quick schemes. Also, be careful with training courses. It is a scam because the information you buy is usually available open-source.

Fake accounts

Scammers create fake pages on behalf of affiliate program representatives or other famous CPA individuals. Such pages promote fraudulent resources or distribute questionable files.


Fraudsters who provide services to scam users, mailing services to messengers, or offering fake services. They try to sell bots, cases, schemes, cloakers, and other services. Check the authenticity of the sites and do not send your data to dubious persons.


We hope our brief overview will help you prevent hurtful, sometimes fatal, mistakes in your work. Be careful!


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