Aivix Store - the first gift shop among partner program

Aivix Store - the first gift shop among partner program

Aivix Store - the first gift shop among partner programs with financial offers!
In addition to the usual cash payments for advertising, you will also receive bonus points - for which you can buy any gifts in the Aivix Store.

WHAT IS AivixCoin?

AivixCoin’s - are not digital currency, they are bonus points that are credited to your balance for advertising automatically.
The number of points awarded for each GEO is different. You can find out how many points you will be credited for advertising on a particular GEO by looking at the offer tab.



Choose the product you like and having accumulated a sufficient number of aivixcoins, you can exchange them for the product you choose. After that, you will be contacted by your personal manager, who will specify your delivery address and the recipient's contacts. After that, we will send you the same gift, we will try to do it in the shortest possible time.


Of course! In the gift shop, new items will constantly appear. If you do not find the desired gift, you can write to your personal manager and ask them to add the gift you want. In the shortest possible time, the gift will appear in the assortment of #AivixStore and you will be able to order it.

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