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What are Metaverses



Metaverses are a completely new word in the world of cryptocurrency, which only continues to gain popularity every year. Already, it has managed to partially capture the economic market, moved into the real world, and began to tightly enter the direction of clothing, PC components, fashion, and art.

All this allows us to say unequivocally that very soon the metaverses will affect traffic arbitrage and millions of webmasters will have the opportunity to earn quite solid money from their capabilities. In today's article, we will tell you what the metaverses are, what kind of opportunities we are talking about, and through what channels any arbitrageur can already earn money. 

What are Metaverses 

It's funny, but this term was first coined by the writer in the science fiction novel “Avalanche”. Nevertheless, its meaning was extremely clear - the metaverse means the virtual world in which people spend their entire lives.

Now the world is gradually rebuilding precisely to this concept, and the first released virtual reality glasses were a vivid example of this. This was followed by the birth of NFT tokens, Web 3.0, and many other interesting technologies, which we will talk about in more detail a little later. 

Now webmasters are faced with a much more interesting question - when can you start earning from the metaverses and how much income should you expect? We answer with confidence - you can start earning even now.

The possibilities of the metaverses, even at the moment, are enormous and pass through billions of dollars every day. Moreover, over time, these figures will only expand, because more and more new ambitious projects are constantly popping up in the news, the success of which cannot be doubted.

At the same time, absolutely anyone can create one, because the Universe of any world is huge, whether it is reality or a virtual projection. And yet - let's move from abstraction to what already exists at the moment and analyze it. 


Now it is the brightest representative of the metauniverse - non-fungible tokens, where each coin is unique and has no analogs. At the same time, almost any photo or video, any document, digital product, or right to something can act as an NFT.

For example, clothing stores are increasingly using QR codes with links to product NFT pages, proving their authenticity and uniqueness.

It is due to the fact that each token is unique and inimitable, due to the fact that only one person can be its owner at the same time - this gives NFT a crazy value. That is, it opens up unlimited earning opportunities for the webmaster.

At the moment, there are several ways to pay: 

1. Start creating NFTs on your own. To do this, you do not need to be an artist, designer, or even a specialist in at least some industry. For example, you can put up for sale the right to own your family album, and even some people can freely buy it for thousands of dollars.

2. Start reselling NFTs. Of course, companies that are professionally engaged in the creation of tokens have the greatest popularity. Their creations can cost as much as $10,000-$15,000, while the price rate continues to rise. That is, if you invest and buy tokens for $200, in a week they will cost under $2000-5000. Naturally, such large earnings are always associated with risks, and you can either make a lot of money on NFTs or lose several times more than you invest.

3. Start promoting crypto platforms. This is more like traffic arbitrage and there is no need to explain the principle of earning here. Another question is who to cooperate with. Even now, this is hardly worth worrying about - many affiliate programs themselves will offer many intriguing offers. Otherwise, you can negotiate with large trading platforms and promote them through referral links. In return, you will receive a percentage of earnings or a fixed amount of money. 

Web 3 

The term "web" refers to the level of development of Internet technologies. If we talk about web 1, then there were no social networks. At most, people could use mail to exchange information, but otherwise, they were search browsers without fancy functionality. That is, during the action of web 1.0, there was only the opportunity to receive the so-called "values". Basically, they meant information.

With the advent of web 2.0, the era of social networks was marked, where we could not only store values but also share them. Services for ordering a taxi, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of other platforms have appeared. Here people exchanged money, things, information, and so on.

And finally, things are gradually moving to web 3.0 - a technology that allows not only to store or receive but also to fully own the values. A striking example of this is the previously considered NFT tokens, which secure the right of a person to be the sole owner of something.

Free or decentralized organizations are also beginning to enter this era of Internet technology. Already now they are starting to create, for example, social networks or games. Decentralization refers to the almost complete lack of power of product developers. All important issues will now be subject to voting, in which ordinary users will participate.

For example, if a person’s profile on the same Facebook would have been blocked for a long time for unwanted content, then this is purely the decision of the moderators. Here, no one's post or profile will be deleted until a sufficiently large number of users consider them undesirable.

As for the possibilities of earning on web 3.0, first of all, a webmaster can promote other people's social networks or companies. Every day more and more organizations are moving into the metaverses or founding them right there, and even the very fact of this already attracts an audience with which you can receive a percentage of the profits. 

NFT games

Surely everyone has already tried or at least seen games that involve earning money for performing actions or just spending time in the game. With the help of such developments, of course, you won’t earn much, but the balance of the phone is quite enough for yourself.

With the help of the metaverses, they have reached a completely new level, allowing them to earn hundreds of dollars every day. Naturally, not everything here is so simple, and for a normal profit, you first need to invest in an NFT game with your own money.

For example, in a game known to many, a person can combine sports and earnings. To do this, he downloads the application, buys virtual sneakers for a few hundred bucks, and runs in real life. The more runs and the steeper the purchased sneakers are, the higher the earnings. And although this project is now only at the launch stage, it already has a multimillion-dollar fan base that can't wait to try the game.

Just imagine how much you can earn from people even with an elementary referral link, not to mention renting/ buying/ developing your own such application.

Virtual worlds 

Every day, virtual worlds are becoming denser in the physical world of millions of people. First, compared to previous years, the number of buyers of VR helmets and AR glasses has increased significantly. People are really interested in virtual worlds, and they are willing to spend money on them.

Secondly, already now there are several virtual worlds in which you can build your own housing for money, where you can go to the cinema or shop. And although now it's all just a collection of codes and pixels, in the future everything ordered in digital reality can be received physically. That is, these are huge opportunities for the product vertical and cooperation with the developers of virtual worlds.

Cryptocurrency industry

In the metaverse, absolutely all transactions occur with the help of cryptocurrency. It is a fundamental element of any virtual world and digital product. Moreover, cryptocurrencies have already captured a huge chunk of the entire global economy and are being recognized as the official currency in more and more countries every day.

Already now you can find hundreds of crypto offers in any affiliate program, and most of them will have favorable conditions for the bay. That is, this vertical is fully entrenched in traffic arbitrage and there is enough space for every webmaster. Promote crypto casinos, platforms for selling/ buying cryptocurrency, mining platforms, and so on. The competition for such products, albeit considerable, is not so difficult to promote even for Tier-1 GEO, and the work is carried out with a wealthy audience, which in itself implies a good profit.


As has been said throughout today's article, the possibilities of the metaverses are enormous, and every day they only continue to expand. Even at the moment, the arbitrator has where and what to work with, and in the near future, there will only be more such cases.

In any case, now we recommend gradually studying the industry and gaining experience working with it. Who knows how quickly webmasters will fill this market.

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