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Free traffic arbitrage



Traffic arbitrage is an eternal direction for making money that will never cease to be relevant. Everyday people see hundreds of advertisements, use tens of thousands of products, and everything that surrounds us is products. It is their advertising that is constantly distributed on the Internet and this happens due to traffic arbitrage.

Over time, this direction begins to interest more and more people, but a significant part of them lose interest in the profession even at the first stages of their study. The reason for this is the high cost of software and consumables for each advertising campaign, and the budgets here really need to be solid.

On the other hand, it is not at all necessary to prepare mountains of gold for a start, and with a strong desire to unwind the first earnings, you can even out of thin air. Or, more precisely, to start promoting the first advertising campaign without investments and how to do it right - we will tell you further.

Earnings on traffic arbitrage without investments. Is it possible?

As we said earlier, even the simplest consumables for launching a decent advertising campaign cost substantial amounts that a beginner in traffic arbitrage simply may not have. In this case, it remains either to look for another job or still take a chance and try to earn money at minimal cost, which is more than possible.

Let's say right away that this will be a very difficult path because often the process of promoting an advertising campaign is carried out by a whole team of professionals, where everyone is strong in one particular area. Making money on traffic arbitrage is a very large-scale process where you need to create visually attractive creatives, create selling texts and posts on social networks, and create dozens of accounts for advertising and sending letters. And this is even an incomplete list of duties that will have to be performed solo.

On the other hand, this option has several advantages:

1. Increased trust of the target audience. Since basically, free traffic implies independent maintenance of websites and blogs, you will surely be able to know the interests of your target audience, and in return, they will trust you more than ordinary advertising posts. However, do not forget that much depends on the implementation of this idea.

2. There are chances of success, and they are quite large. At first, it will undoubtedly be difficult, but as soon as the first milestones are passed, you get the first experience of working with traffic and learn how to competently conduct advertising campaigns, then all that remains is to develop these abilities and receive a profit commensurate with the invested forces.

If you are ready to invest a lot of time and effort into traffic arbitrage, then we will not delay and start discussing free sources for your traffic.

How to start traffic arbitrage without investments

So, when it became clear that the profession of a webmaster can still be mastered with a minimum of investment, then let's discuss how to start arbitrating traffic in this format.

First of all, we will divide all the ways to get customers into two types. The first involves the creation of our own thematic platforms, to which we will attract the audience with the help of content published in the future. It can be an ordinary blog about cosmetics, a serious channel in messengers with forecasts regarding the cryptocurrency direction, or simply “a diary about the life of a typical representative of the gambling direction”.

The principle of work here is simple - we recruit a client base and gradually introduce it into our circle of trust, publishing more and more useful and valuable materials. Then we gradually attract the attention of the audience to the offer and get leads.

The second method is rather indirect and involves spam mailings and similar options, which, of course, can bring a certain share of the profit, but you should not choose them as the main ones for work. Now let's move on to the analysis of specific options.


SEO promotion means creating your site for certain requests that are pre-set after choosing a vertical for the bay. Often, in order to achieve fast and good results, arbitrageurs use doorways or spam sites as such sites.

They are filled to the top with search queries for a certain direction, which is why they very quickly get to the top of the search results. Of course, the site will receive its share of popularity, but at the same time, it will not live long, because search robots will find that the site does not meet the rules and will be blocked for this.

If you wish, you can get by with more harmless options that relate to maintaining the same blog. Of course, you should not think that creating content for the site, hosting and domain will cost you for free, but it is definitely cheaper than advertising that you will run through advertising platforms on the same sites. 

If you want to minimize costs, there are a lot of free website builders, which, in addition, will give, if not the most beautiful, but quite working domains. Well, when filling out such sites, do not forget to use Yandex Wordstat and other services to search for keys that will help you adapt pages for a product, dating, betting, gambling, adult nutrition, and just nutrition, as well as dozens of other verticals.


The second method is as similar as possible to the previous one, but to some extent, it is much simpler than creating your own website. As you probably already guessed, this is the creation of a blog on ready-made platforms. There are dozens of resources all over the Internet where there is already a large active audience and you just need to warm it up for your offer and attract the target audience to your profile.

Also, you will not need to pay for hosting services or buy a domain, because it will all be ready, all you have to do is register an account and start posting content. The only disadvantage of the option is a lot of competition because there are also a lot of content creators and you will have to somehow bypass them on the way to popularity.

There are two ways to drive traffic here - either promote the profile with really useful information and gradually introduce native advertising into the materials, or aggressively promote any offers, including gray and black advertising.

The first method will allow the created account to live as long as possible, as well as to gather an audience devoted to you around it.

The second option also has a place to be, especially when you have chosen gray or black traffic as the main one. The only thing is, to be prepared for constant blocking, because. any such site has rules and by such behavior, you will undoubtedly break them.


This is a very promising platform for traffic arbitrage, which is similar to the previous direction, but with some additional privileges. Here you can also not pay for hosting and domain, because. all this is provided by the platform, there is also a convenient interface for promoting your profile and analytics of the growth of its popularity.

Among the distinguishing features from regular blogs, we also highlight the reduced competition and the possibility of earning income from monetization.

The first implies a special principle of operation of algorithms that promote interesting and useful content, regardless of the promotion of the profile.

Well, the second is a kind of way to encourage the publication of quality material. The more views and reads an article have the more ads will be viewed by users, which means the more money you get for it.

Unfortunately, this option also has disadvantages - search robots can both promote useful materials and block them, without any explanation at all. Nothing can be done about this, and when flooding traffic through Yandex.Zen, you will have to stack with this service problem.

Social media

Basically, the mention of this source of customers is attributed to paid methods, because not everyone dares to try to find them by promoting their own profile in a free format.

However, on the other hand, every day there are millions or even billions of users with their own interests and problems, which you can easily close with the help of a promoted offer. Just create a regular page, for example, on Facebook, and start posting something interesting there. Over time, he will definitely have an audience interested in your chosen direction.

In the case of promotion through Instagram, it will not be difficult to leave due to excellent visuals or simply attractive thematic photos. Well, if we add high-quality text in a selling style to this, then this will definitely bring decent coverage and high ROI to the affiliate marketer.

We also note the use of Twitter or VK - these are also very good sources of traffic with a solvent audience interested in advertising. Just imagine, even if 0.01% of the total number of users of any social network become your clients, then you will already get rich enough that you can invest huge budgets in several PC at the same time and multiply this money exponentially.


As the latest idea for free lead generation, we note messengers - Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and other equally popular options. Most people use them to communicate or make calls, but over time, traffic arbitrage has also reached here, and therefore it is now possible to distribute offers even in such unusual places for advertising.

The main advantage of instant messengers lies in their prevalence in any GEO, because all people communicate and correspond with each other by phone, and therefore these services will be popular in almost any state. In the case of TA, it is completely possible to create full-fledged channels and groups with users interested in your offer, and then offer them the necessary products and make a profit from it.

Earnings on traffic arbitrage without investments - summarizing

As you can see, even if you are a beginner in the direction of advertising, you can easily start making money on traffic arbitrage without investment. To do this, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, gain experience and understand at least the basics of the bay of offers, but as soon as you achieve this, it will become noticeably easier to work, and profit will flow like water.

We wish you good luck on this path, use the recommendations above and be sure to try the presented ways to get traffic for free - you will definitely succeed!

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