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Traffic arbitrage on Snapсhat



At first glance, Snapchat appears to be an outdated traffic source. The company was founded back in 2011 and, although the social network was very popular then, in 2018 the platform experienced a strong decline and little by little the source began to lose relevance.

Nevertheless, in 2020, the developers returned to their audience with major site updates and presented a lot of interesting features and new content. In just one year, the company's stock has risen by 350% and over time, Snapchat only grows its potential.

That is why we will analyze this source of traffic and think about how to make a profit from the social network. Go!

Key Benefits of Snapchat

First of all, the platform can boast a huge audience and it’s no less solid growth every year. As for the total number of users, now there are more than 340 million.

At the same time, the audience of the project increases by about 25% every year. Moreover, all these statistics refer specifically to active users who, on average, log into the application 15-20 times a day.

The second no less pleasant advantage is the absence of standard metrics for social networks. Messages in Snapchat are deleted immediately after they are read by the recipient, there are no likes or comments, and therefore any profile, regardless of popularity, will receive its share of attention.

Features of the traffic source

Before starting to work, the social network should be studied in detail and we will start with the users who use it. According to official statistics, more than 70% of the local target audience is women.

As for the age distinction, about 60% of users are under 24 years old, another 26% are over 25 and under 34 years old. Only 14% of the remaining mass is over 35 years old.

Separately, we also note the distribution of Snapchat users by GEO. The most popular social network has won in the United States, in second place is India, followed by France, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia. As you can see, all these are very advanced GEOs with a secured target audience.

Naturally, this partially formed the cost of advertising on the platform. Gradually, the tariffs only continue to grow, but in fairness, we note that advertising can be purchased for a few dollars, and for several thousand forever green.

If you collect averaged data, then you will pay about $5 for a one-day GEO filter, and you can pay up to $15 for promotion around one small GEO tag for two days. Naturally, if you scale up to a whole city or an entire state, then we are talking about thousands of dollars.

And finally, let's talk about Snapchat moderation. Although social network tries to be free from all restrictions and frameworks, things are very serious with advertising. This is especially true for the gambling business, Nutra, and those goods for which it would be better to have a license.

To avoid problems, we recommend you to follow these tips:

1. Buy only high-quality accounts, without bans. Also, when uploading to several accounts, make sure that you cannot go from one profile to another, otherwise all pages will fly with the blocking of one.

2. Position yourself as an official company. For example, if you add a company or product logo to your ad, it will increase your chances of passing moderation. If desired, you can come up with it right on the go.

3. Avoid phrases that may raise questions. If you are not sure how this or that option is acceptable, then simply replace it with something neutral. For example, words related to the topic of erotica can be replaced with "the best site for men" or something like that. Obscene language and discrimination of the audience on any grounds are also prohibited.

Ad types

At the moment, 6 different ad formats are available on the social network at once, and we will consider each in more detail below.

Standard picture/ video

Typical advertising, like in any other social network. Represents a video or static image that a potential customer will be able to see when viewing content on the platform.

You can use this type for anything, from increasing brand awareness to drawing attention to the offer. An advertisement can last up to three minutes, but the recommended duration is 3-5 seconds.


Filters are masks that users can activate along with the camera by simply swiping left or right.

Depending on the use of certain filters, the webmaster can offer the user various types of advertising, simultaneously filtering out non-targeted clients with targeting settings.


Here, product advertising is carried out using augmented reality technologies. You can activate them with a regular camera, but the very opportunity to see the product as real, to examine it from all sides, is unusual and attracts the target audience.

This is especially true for those offers that attract with their visual component.


Another typical social media format that offers the user ads between the main content.

Here it is important to intrigue the target audience in a matter of seconds and quickly describe the essence of the offer and its main advantages. We also recommend using interactive advertising elements, namely CTA buttons.


Quite a simple and good way to convey your ad to the user. By placing an ad in this section, you can quickly and easily present the product to the user.

Along with this, it is worth using forms for quick registration on the site, additional options for a quick purchase, or at least just to go to the advertiser's landing page.


In fact, this is an ordinary video creative, but you won’t be able to skip it instantly. For 6 seconds, the user must watch the ad, and during this time you need to have time to interest him in the offer.

Of course, if you wish, you can prolong the video up to three minutes, but there is little sense in this - after 6 seconds, Snapchat will offer the potential client to skip the rest of the video.

Working guide on Snapchat

Before starting an advertising campaign, we need to set the profile to the desired GEO. To do this, you need to use a VPN with the desired country, along with this, turn off GPS and replace your location with the desired GEO.

Next, with these settings, download SnapChat, after deleting cookies from the app store. We indicate the GEO of interest in the social network and be sure to use tags for it.

The next step is at least a minimal warm-up of the account. With the help of thematic communities, cheating or third-party advertising, we fill ourselves with good statistics, fill out the profile with information and start pouring first on a white offer.

As soon as the account more or less gains trust among moderation, then it will be monitored less carefully and you can start dirty business. Before that, of course, you need to prepare creatives. If these are static images, then you should stick to a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and the JPEG / PNG format.

With video, the resolution is the same. Still, in both cases, we do not recommend placing the text component of the advertisement at the bottom, because there is usually a swipe button.

Another important point is that you should not promote gray/black offers directly. To do this, use a cloaca, or place a link to a real product through a white pre-lander.

As for the process of launching an advertising campaign, everything is stereotyped here. We select the type of advertising, determine the desired goal, select a page for a promotion, compose an ad, and specify the target settings. If necessary, we set individual settings for the target audience, determine the budget and wait for moderation.


As you can see, Snapchat is quite suitable for traffic arbitrage. There is a large active audience, many opportunities for advertising distribution, and all this at relatively affordable rates.

Today we have analyzed the main advantages of the site, and also given some tips for launching. Use them and we guarantee that the start on the platform will go as smoothly as possible.

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