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Popunder traffic in 2022



In recent years, traffic arbitrage has been seriously changing in terms of the target audience, offers approaches to the client, and of course in terms of traffic sources.

Some of them are no longer relevant for work, some are only gaining popularity on a mind-blowing scale. Nevertheless, there are those options that have begun to be forgotten, although you can still get a solid profit from them. One of these is the popunder format.

It would seem that this is the last century and it is time to forget about such announcements. At first, we also thought so, but we figured out the issue in more detail and we will show you what we could find out.

What is pop traffic?

This block is mainly needed for beginners who are just choosing directions for the profit and stumbled upon this article.

Pop traffic refers to pop-up ads that can be seen both on your phone and on your computer on almost any site. Most often, this format is divided into two types of ads - pop-up and pop-under. The first option pops up before the open tab, and the second after.

It is easy to guess that in any case, the advertising format is quite aggressive and for the same reason has gradually ceased to be popular. Tritely appeared blockers of unwanted ads and now it is more difficult for even heated customers to get to the offer, and there the desire to buy completely disappeared.

And yes, the irritability of ads is indeed a serious disadvantage of such ads. Gradually, even the webmasters themselves began to refuse them, for whom it simply became unprofitable to place pop songs. The trust of the site suffered from this, and its pages were indexed worse, and the reach and popularity of the resource fell.

Bot traffic played an equally important role in this because not every network chosen by an affiliate is of high quality, you need to be able to select them.

At the same time, pop traffic still has a lot of advantages:

1. Simplicity of the format. For beginners, this is a great option to start in traffic arbitrage. Large budgets are not needed here, and even with a relatively small investment, you can achieve a good profit.

2. Pay for impressions. One of the cheapest options, with proper study of the advertising campaign and a successful choice of offer, can be promoted for good amounts.

3. Huge reach. Most often, pop traffic is found on entertainment resources, which can be dedicated to films, comics, buying goods, and so on.

4. Adaptability for any device. Pop-up notifications can be easily customized for laptops, tablets, or smartphones, due to which the webmaster will reach a larger number of potential customers.

As for the fall season of 2022, there are now a lot of options for making money on a popunder. A couple of recommendations for the profitable launch of the AC are in this format below.

How to work with a popunder right now?

First of all, the emphasis should be on the simplicity and clarity of the advertising offer. You have literally a few seconds to intrigue the attention of a potential client. You can do this in several ways:

1. By the offer. Firstly, if we were talking about food, then we would present it in the most beautiful serving, here we need to do no worse. The client should want to study the offer in more detail. Secondly, you can show the effect of using the product. For example, if we are spreading nutra, we can show the before/ after effect.

2. Engage the pains of the target audience. There is no money? Problem age? Little time? Do you want to start a family but can't? Even one of these slogans can be enough to get the user interested - use it.

3. Do not forget about the direct benefit of the client. The effect of using the offer is, of course, good, but if you can provide some benefits right now, this will significantly increase the person’s interest. For example, if we are talking about financial offers, then you can offer a bonus for buying a currency on the advertiser's platform. It can even be banal bonuses for registration.

4. Call to action. They lured them with a beautiful picture, and got interested in a good style - it's time to invite them to the landing page. Do not forget about the CTA, because it is the very lever that squeezes the audience and finally motivates them to click on the advertising banner.

In addition to the ad, pay attention to the landing page - this is another important step in preparing an advertising campaign. Even if a person becomes interested in an offer in 3 seconds, after going to the site, the same period of time will be enough for him to close it.

And of course, do not forget about choosing a high-quality popunder mesh. It should provide an affiliate with a decent amount of traffic, and offer at least a couple of tools for selecting bots.

Also, several built-in utilities for advanced targeting of the target audience, optimization of the advertising campaign, and subsequent analysis of the work done will not hurt.

Final promotion strategy

So, what do you need to do in order to successfully launch an advertising campaign with a popunder?

To begin with, we choose a promotion strategy - you can start with a standard variation. It includes blacks and whites, all possible sources that you select are tested at once, then the AC is launched.

If you already have enough experience and budget, we recommend launching with the Source Sampling feature. It allows you to still select a large number of sources for work, but with a limited number of impressions. As a result, at the output, the webmaster receives a list of the most profitable platforms for posting content.

Next, set up conversion tracking. It is important to understand where the leads come from and which sources should be discarded later, and which, on the contrary, should be allocated more budget. Postbacks, pixels, or images do an excellent job with the task - choose any option to your taste.

The next step is to choose a bid depending on the desired GEO and promotion strategy. Everyone makes a choice differently, so focus on the goals of the advertising campaign and try.

Next, set the targeting parameters. Each platform offers its own options regarding filters, but from the main ones we can recommend GEO up to the city and region, the user's device, his operating system, and browser. Don't forget the local language and connection type.

And finally, it remains to deal with the frequency of impressions. Ideally, stop at the option of one visit per day so that the advertising is not too intrusive and attracts unique customers. Someone puts up impressions once a week specifically for this, but it depends on the offer and coverage.

This completes the setting up of the advertising campaign and all that remains is to optimize the promotion along the way. Filter out sources in time and monitor conversions at least once every few days. During this time after the launch, enough data will be collected to update white and blacklists.


In today's article, we have analyzed in detail the popunder format in traffic arbitration. Although some webmasters have already completely abandoned it, pops continue to live. This is a really cheap source of traffic, where you can earn solid money and wide coverage.

We not only once again reminded you of this but also gave a couple of useful recommendations so that the current autumn season turned out to be really profitable for you. Use our tips, follow the top offers and wait for more information!


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