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Landing and pre-landing: own vs partners



Basically, pre-landers are an integral part of any advertising campaign, a link between the user, the product, and the advertiser's website. In a good way, each such site takes a substantial amount of time, effort, nerves, and sometimes money.

In this regard, many webmasters began to think about how much it is necessary to develop landing pages on their own when they can use partner materials. Especially for you, we figured out the issue and now we will explain everything in an accessible way.


Benefits of using your own landing pages

First of all, a fresh pre-lander helps to overcome banner blindness and once again draws the user's attention to the product. When it comes to affiliate materials, in 99% of cases such sites will already be squeezed far and wide.

Each client has already seen it and from this loyalty to the product falls, as well as the general interest in buying. Moreover, speaking of adaptability to the audience, in the case of your own landing page, it is possible to change some of its components and try new techniques or formats.

This way you will achieve the maximum ROI and be able to move away from standard templates. In the case of partner materials, most often they use public templates that were pressed dozens of times years ago. Well, even if the guys bring something new, it’s not at all a fact that it will convert for everyone, and equally well. We all understand that the success of the bundle lies precisely in its uniqueness and individual approach to the client.

Well, also do not forget about the life of your own bundle. It consists not only of the pre-lander, and the use of a hackneyed site hits the rest of the components of the advertising campaign, reducing your overall profit and the life of the bundle.


Benefits of using affiliate pre-landers

The most important point is saving either time or money. In the first case, you need to have a fairly solid knowledge of programming to create a truly high-quality site. And even if you are a master of your craft with a full hand, it will still take time normally. This is especially true in situations where several ads are launched at once, possibly even from different verticals with completely different offers.

As for the second case, as you could understand from the explanation of the first situation, it takes a lot of time to develop, which means that it will cost accordingly. And so far we are only talking about the development of the site. Next, you will need to stick a text component to it in the desired language (+ translation services), and before that, it must be compiled by a copywriter, who also needs to be paid.

Well, as another point of partner pre-landers - sometimes it is necessary to use partner materials for work. That is, either the affiliate itself or the advertiser is ready to cooperate only when using their promotional materials.

Thus, based on the previously identified advantages of own and partner pre-landers, it can be said that it is much better to use in-house developed sites. Only they can fully recoup your bundle and interest the target audience. At the same time, here we encounter the problem of the envelope of this bundle itself.

To recoup the cost of creating a site, you need to clearly understand what the audience wants, understand GEO and masterfully be able to create intriguing ads that capture the user's attention. Naturally, if you are new to this area, then it is unlikely that everything will work out the first time, and especially for those in the next section, we will give a couple of useful recommendations.

How to make a pre-lander convert?

Let's start with the fundamental points that significantly increase the chances of an advertising campaign to success:

1. Adaptation to the hype. You should always be on the wave of the latest news, and if you can adapt your site to them, you will noticeably increase its popularity. For example, if we are talking about financial offers, then these are changes in the global economy, the stock market, and similar newsworthy events.

2. Competent copywriting. Very often, pre-landers include fictional stories that the audience is supposed to believe. For this to happen, you must write it well and properly present it to the reader.

3. General design of the site. Here we immediately go with a more or less illustrative example. Let's say we want to talk about a girl who raised a couple of million dollars in a few days. Such a story will be much more credible if it is presented in the form of a news channel, and photo or video evidence is attached.

4. Reviews of "real people". As soon as a potential client examines all the information given to him, he will be interested in the offer, but will not yet trust him 100%. In this case, the reviews of other people will help to finish this moment, who, of course, will praise the product and advise it to buy.

5. Adaptation to the audience. Before starting development, always pay attention to competitors who are already working with your type of audience. Look at which ligaments they have do well, and which do not so much. Along with this, pay attention to the features of the GEO and the offer. All this allows you to set the main points that must be included in the pre-lander. Then it remains to include a couple more details in this template and now you are ready for the bay.

6. Don't forget about tests. Even without a pre-lander, you can understand what will convert well. For example, by launching ads with explosive creatives, bold headlines, and at the same time calmer advertising slogans, you will be able to understand what works most effectively. Depending on this, you will build your promotion strategy and select the right preland for it.

Also, do not forget about the pain of the TA. This is a fundamental factor, depending on which the client will either close the pain with the purchase of a product or simply leave the site. Moreover, it is better to do this in compliance with the specific structure of the site.

First, we introduce the potential client to the product and associate the product with the pains of the target audience. Further, it is important to emphasize that the presented option is the only correct solution to the problem and it must be used.

Then the client should learn with interest about the benefits of the offer, perhaps study the authoritative opinion of a blogger/ specialist in this industry. Well, when the audience is already more or less warmed up, it remains only to sum up with good reviews. It is desirable that these were not just empty words, but also screenshots or other material “evidence”.


We analyzed in detail two options for pre-landers, discussed the advantages of each case, and found out that using your own one-page sites is much more effective than affiliate materials. At the same time, we gave a couple of tips for beginners and not only affiliate marketers on how to create a converting landing page. Use the tips given here and definitely improve the performance of your advertising campaign.

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