Earn MORE with Aivix!
+$1 or +$2 to offer payout based on lead count!
$100 for every 5 confirmed deposits!
$100 bonus for every 100 leads!
$50 bonus for every 50 leads!

How It Works?

Starting May 15th the bonus system comes into play, and all you have to do to participate is to work with us! All Nutra, Finance, Dating and Sweepstake offers are game, so just do what you do best - send us your traffic!

What are The Bonuses for Each Vertical?

  • Nutra offers

    When you generate 20+ leads from the same GEO in a single day, the payout for all of them goes up by $1. If you generate 40+ leads, the payout is increased by $2.

  • Finance offers

    We will add a flat $100 bonus to your account for every 5 confirmed deposits.

  • Dating offers

    We will add a $100 bonus to your account for every 100 confirmed registrations.

  • Sweepstake offers

    We will add $50 to your account for every 50 confirmed registrations!

  • How Long will This Last?

    We intend to keep this going for a few months and will let all of our affiliates know before this bonus campaign stops and a new one begins.

  • What if I have More Questions?

    The easiest way to clarify any details is to speak to your affiliate manager after you sign up!

  • Great, How do I Start?

    Easy - just SIGN UP here!