Aivix provides an excellent platform for affiliates, with exclusive direct offers, unique custom tracking system, immediate client support and extremely high payouts.
Unique Direct Offers
We have unique offers for our own Nutra/Finance products, that can not be found anywhere else on the web. So you get the best payouts, the best terms and a direct line of communication with the advertiser for these offers.
Worldwide GEO
Our wide range of smart-link supporting offers covers the entire globe. We also have multilingual native speakers on our staff to help with promotional materials and all your other needs.
Best conversions
We will be able to sort and filter your traffic, redirecting it to the best highest-converting offers, according to meta data. A minimum of 4 attempts will be made to get feedback and convert the lead.
Unique tracking system with full transparency
You will get access to our unique system, which we developed and continue to improve and support. This system provides complete information for every single lead action, amongst other benefits.
High and frequent paybacks
By utilising our exclusive direct offers and platform to better filter and convert your traffic, you will be able to reliably receive extremely high payouts. The platform allows for quick withdrawals through numerous payment systems.
Global presence and VIP parties
We strive to be a part of the global affiliate community. The Aivix team attends all the major conferences and exhibitions in this field, and we frequently host our own private parties and get togethers with our affiliates.

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