Aivix will build a bridge between your products and services and the entire world that might not be aware of them. The path ahead has been paved and we stand ready to be your guide.
We generate high quality leads for you
There are motivated and eager customers out there searching for a product to suit their needs, for a solution to their problem. Your products and services will become that solution.
You receive only the traffic you want
Aivix has accurate targeting filters that can distinguish people by sex, age, interests and choices that they make online. With these filters we single out the leads for your offers and direct them to you.
Cultural adaptation of promo materials
We employ a multilingual team, which allows us to transfer cultural meaning between languages and promotional materials by adding local idioms, cultural notes and appealing to a local way of life.
Deep traffic analysis and statistics
We know that statistics and analysis matter. That is why we analyse all traffic and gather stats based on conversions, click throughs, lead generation and other factors. It is all readily available to you.
Heavy focus on security
We constantly monitor and filter our channels, allowing only safe and trusted traffic to go through. We do not allow any bad, illegal or fraudulent traffic that may hurt our clients’ statistics or received data.
Your privacy is guaranteed
Aivix never works with 3rd party companies that could potentially gather, store and sell customer, user and company information. We own our own exclusive ad server tracker.

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